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    Another feature that would be a great addition would be the ability to retreat when in close contact All die if you try.

    It would be nice if you had tacticle withdrawl feature where some troops could hold off the attack while the majority could escape. (This recomendation has come from several players I talked to as well as myself)

    Ally: you can give ROW or share map to players before you are in a coalition and keep the map blue all game long. Also

    most players use this in Domination Mesopotamia, that's where I had the issue. This way you can work with several players . It would be nice to have a safety feature so you dont hit them by accident.

    It showed 0 gold for me on game statistics and 5000 gold (est) for my ally. I did not get any rewards and game ended several days ago.

    I have played this game for several month most games have gone smoothly. Some issues I have found that I recommend changes.

    1) when attacking with an ally the target or enemy can get very close. The game does have an attack feature that shows who you are attacking but it is difficult to see on phone compared to computer screen. recommend adding " did you intend to attack ally" feature any time an ally is attacked. I have attacked an ally twice over a couple months by accident.

    2) Game 7,813,181 I finished second individually and 1st in coalition per the newspaper, There were only two players left and I was asked by the game if I want to retire. Since the other player was an ally I accepted. I did not get any gold for individuad 2nd place or 1st place coalition finish. Bug? I would add "no gold will be rewarded" if that was games intention or it might have been a reward bug?