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    Is there somewhere - that shows a list of all Booster Cards and maybe a brief description of what they do? I have not tried one yet, but assuming the xValue is the xAmount of times that card can be used.

    I am wondering how many and what is to be expected ? - So a list of would be nice.

    Yeah, totally agree. I am in private discussions now with DxC on the details for one or maybe more videos about it. I will post it in this thread when everything is official.

    Nice -I think that would be would be a great addition to your videos and think it is great that some one is publishing to promote the game.

    Levian - hope to play with you one day. But yes, your right - it is very good - there has only been a few time (i believe player influenced) changes the ratio fast - meaning GM.... but over all - if you fallow the layout and understand that there are some factors unseen - you can use this tool well.

    I am playing a Frontline game and am excited to do so.

    Question that i have and maybe missed this somewhere along the line - but

    Do we know or is this a specific feature we are testing ?

    Wanting to know what i am looking for -

    So far - being attacked with out "war acknowledgement" ( either declare or surprise) is the only thing i have pinned out.

    Oddly enough - even with this action a counter act shows as if i am declaring or surprise attacking.

    (personally think that is odd; i can be attacked with no change to status, but i can not in return)

    Second question is- does this reflect on my service record?

    Win/ Lost or Placement - do Frontline games count the same as normal games?

    Thank you in advance


    I will continue to beta this - or at least cross ref on real live time / game play ... Now that i understand that aspect of.

    Find it interesting

    Regardless - great work DxC... your awesome

    This is beyond a personal preference.

    This is game player - game play... each has their own and some actually (simply) play this way.

    It is hard to risk any ally status with a player out side of your alliance - yes, even coalitions can be this way or even worst "common relationships between multiple coalitions" ... etc....

    There are a lot of deceit plays to be and will be seen - some in the worst manor and some, simply play.

    How you act or react and choose to handle such game play is really based on you as a player.

    Don't get me wrong - i personally disagree with breaking a "gentlemen's handshake" and would not - but that does not mean the other truly does honor the same value - game or not.


    rebuild - Yes

    refocus - Yes

    revenge - .... well - idk... depends on the map / time and many factors... sometime - their own dacite kills them off long before it is worth your energy.

    My advice - is:

    Stay true to yourself as a player.

    Stay focused on how you actually win the game - VP's.

    Stay smart and humble - do not let one other player - play on emotional or reactive responses from you.

    Then given the chance... yeah - smash and take it all from them... lol... JK

    but take the lesson as it is - because it will happen and remember the world/ map/ game is small.

    Be a honest player first foremost and do what you feel/ think is best.

    This is interesting and have been playing with it to see if it matches in real time .

    Is there a max round?

    Meaning: Army X wins in 2 rounds or 4 rounds... is this rounds of X? Ex: 10, 100...?

    You can - Mobile or PC tap the location and see what the (-) % are from to have an idea on why the value is so low.

    But generally speaking:

    There are a few ways to help the back lash of expansion - that I have found.

    1. Presence - allowing your arms to rest in place and safe guard the new lands.

    2. Rebuilding - if this location had or has buildings in damage - rebuild to help rebuild moral.

    3. Resources - ever acquisition brings on a debt to you as you will now have to up keep this new land. This can and quickly change you resource abilities - monitor and adjust as needed.

    4. Time - Once the above are stable - give it time: I highly suggest (or found that even brief breaks between expansion) has maintained over all #/% far better then just sweeping land.

    Other factors to think of that may apply to one map/ war then another is:

    Capitals - Expanding will happen and a planning this can be very important - the more center you are; the better.

    Global Pop % - will create an impact on the % morale of territories based on the neighbors.

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