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    * alliances are ran by alliance officers not by Bytro volunteers

    You can accomplish your requests by creating a personal map and setting a pass code, assigning countries to each member of your alliance and have start of map set to start when full

    This option is to play with members of the alliance, it does not include the rest of the players. If I want to play on a conventional map with two players from my alliance, it becomes difficult.


    It would be nice to facilitate being able to join a game with members of your alliance, so we can enter at the same time and take the countries that we like. This is difficult due to having different schedules and not knowing when there are new games.

    I think the following would be good:

    1- Let new games be seen when they will be available so we can coordinate more easily.

    2- That in the alliance section, the moderators can highlight a specific game (that is started or that is scheduled to start), so the game we want to enter would be organized. PS: Let the featured game clarify the player who highlighted it, this way we differentiate it from others highlighted by another moderator who wants to play with other members. (You could even make a list of those who want to join, obviously 3 members being the maximum allowed).

    3- When the moderator highlights a game, he has the option of enabling the possibility that when the game is available and he enters it, he can first select the country he wants, and then select the country of the rest of the members who are present. on the list (1 or 2 players as clarified before). This way, if a player cannot enter when the game starts, the moderator could select the country to at least guarantee that the alliance players enter the game and have the country they previously agreed upon.

    Greetings. ~ MaximusPunisher ~

    Transport ships, if there are many of them, will have an advantage over a single submarine. Keep in mind that WWI submarines were not as effective in warfare, they were used to sink trading ships, for exploration, and to transport resources. Their use in conflicts was interesting but they were not extremely lethal. Yes, it is true that it would be nice if the submarine in the game had a little more damage or had the ability to be faster than a battleship. In addition, they are a psychological weapon, keep that in mind.

    With the last update they modified some of the troops hidden in the fortresses. I came across this bug in which the fortress is very close to the coast and when the troops embark they are still hidden as if they were inside the fortress. Observation: the troops do not have the defense of the fortress, they only remain hidden.