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    It's been 72 hours since I reported them. Still no action taken by mods. Kind of ridiculous and disheartening. They are currently swallowing up one of the few remaining active players who aren't one of their multi accounts. The moral of the story is that it's okay to cheat apparently. Or at least if you cheat, Bytro won't punish you until after you ruin the game.

    No, it is not ok to cheat and the punishment for doing so is expulsion from the game and deletion of the account with no chance to get it back. If Bytro has not done anything maybe it is because they are not multi-accounts, or maybe it is that they have not reviewed the case, do your best to report through the game and wait one more day to see.

    In the meantime I suggest you to place spies in intelligence mission in the countries that you suspect that they are multi-accounts, to see if they manage to intercept the communications, if there is communication between those countries through the game chat then they are not multi-accounts. On the other hand I also suggest that you contact the other players who are not your allies and explain the situation to them, suggest them to create an alliance between all of them to join forces and be able to face the multi-account, tell them that only by joining forces they will be able to defeat it.

    In such a situation, the surrender of the surrounded army depends only on the orders of the controlling player. I have flanked armies leaving them totally surrounded and with no chance to escape from such a situation, when I do it I usually give the enemy player the opportunity to withdraw his entire army from the zone where they are trapped, I publish an ultimatum in the newspaper addressed to him or I send him a note directly to his private chat, if the player decides to surrender I give him right of way for an instant so he can withdraw his army, escorted by my army obviously, and if he is a proud player he will prefer to lose his army making him fight to the last man, but the final decision on whether to surrender or fight to the last man depends only on the player, not on the game.

    And about the morale injection to the armies that obtain victories, there is already a bonus for this, if your army wins a battle you get a morale injection, but you must also take into account that battles reduce the morale of the armies, for example, your army has 80% morale and goes into battle, the battle rest 10% of morale but your army obtained the victory so the bonus will give you 5% of additional morale, leaving your army's morale, after the battle, in 75%. This is an example, they are not exact numbers, I don't know how much is the bonus for victory but I know it already exists.

    Hi, greetings!

    It's weird, because normally if you can create two tickets at the same time, it's probably a bug in the game and that's why it doesn't let you open another ticket. Look for an option that says "New Conversation", if you find it click there and it will open another ticket to make the report, but to report the player as "Multi Accounts" you must have evidence to prove that it is multi account, if you only have suspicions and have no evidence very difficult to attend you.

    In case you can't find the option to open another ticket I'll leave here an email address where you can also send the report...

    [email protected]

    If you are going to send the email you must explain well and in detail why you think it is a multi-account player, also be sure to include the following information:

    1 ) Name of the online game.

    2 ) The usernames of the players you wish to report.

    3 ) The game ID address.

    Lastly, you should keep in mind that it can take up to 72 hours for them to respond to the report, so good luck!;)

    Excellent now I understand better, I wasn't aware of this bug in the game, it's important to know about it in order to counter its negative effect on infantry recruitment. thanks for reporting it!:)

    What is your YouTube channel?

    Where do we post error messages?

    example: shattered America game that just ended my coalition did not get 2000 gold for being 2nd place.

    N. California and S. California.

    Go back to the main page of the forum, there you will find several sections, look for the one that says "Bugs and Problems", in that section all the bugs of the game are reported, there you can create your bug report, it should be a detailed report of what happened.

    Good luck!:)

    It's mainly an issue of when the unit is queued. If it is queued after the morale increase it will calculate the time based on the current morale. But if it is already queued, the time might not automatically update. Thus, disabling and reenabling RCs will update the production time for already queued infantry.

    Ok I understand, it is important to clarify, this should apply for units we build both in factories or barracks and infantry produced in recruiting centers?

    Or will it only apply to infantry?:/:/

    Looking at it from another perspective, maybe he means that when we take the capital of a country the morale of all the provinces that were of that country automatically increases by 10%, but the recruitment time in those provinces does not change until the end of the game day, but keeps the same recruitment time that was in those provinces before the 10% morale increase by the capital.

    Example: We are at war with a country of 10 provinces, we conquer 9 of its provinces and these have morale at 25%, at the middle of the game day we take the last province which is the capital and this will cause the morale of the 9 previously conquered provinces to increase by 10%, leaving the morale of the provinces at 35% after taking the capital, the morale of those 9 provinces will be updated from 25% to 35% automatically after taking the capital, without the need for the game day to end, but what is not updated automatically after taking the capital but is updated when the game day changes is the time it takes for those provinces to recruit a unit.

    Is this the case?

    Very good, I already knew about deactivating and activating the recruiting offices, but there is something that I did not understand well and it is the issue of the increase of morale in the provinces. It should be noted that when we take the capital of a country we get the bonus of +10% morale in all provinces conquered, of course that previously belonged to that country and are already under our control, but that increase of +10% morale does not come when changing the day, it comes automatically after taking the capital and he says otherwise, he says that the morale increase comes when changing the day of the game, that part confuses me.

    Normally the artillery should continue to attack the same target unless the stack id changes. If you have premium maybe keep it on "fire at will" to decrease the chance that it changes target. Or even, while online, "hold fire" and specify stack to target. In that case it shouldn't target another stack ever, but you would want to be online to manage it if the stack moves out of range, dies or otherwise changes id.

    If he has primium it is better to put his artillery in "OFFENSIVE" mode, because in "FIRE AT WILL" mode there is a possibility that the artillery will stop firing, change target or not react in time when an enemy enters its range, that has happened to me.

    A Scorched-earth policy is a military strategy of destroying everything that allows an enemy to be able to fight a war, including water, food, humans, animals, plants and any kind of tools and infrastructure. Its use is possible by a retreating army to leave nothing of value to the attacking force.

    I to agree that you should be employ a Scorched-earth policy, and it is an historic part of war.

    You are referring to the "scorched earth" tactic applied during the 2 world wars.

    I have also suggested on previous occasions to make it possible to apply this tactic in the game, I have even given details on how it could work and the game mechanics, but they have not listened to me. I think the more players we ask for this feature to be added the more chances we have to be heard.

    Yes, a hospital is needed in the game! This is a topic that several players have already proposed and also discussed, I recommend you to organize your ideas for this hospital and create a post in the Missing Features section, so we can hear your ideas and also add more support for the proposal.


    In this case, what your enemy did can be considered strategy because it is a tactic of distraction and confusion, what is not strategy is the large army that is grouped there.

    To repel the attack I recommend you to destroy the artillery of the enemy, that must be your priority since the artillery is the one that will destroy your fortresses with the bombardments. If you have or can build bombers do it, and with them bomb all those divided units that are there, as long as they are divided as they are in the attached image the bombers can eliminate several units at the same time.

    On the other hand, if you don't have any, try to create other defensive lines, because if the province you are defending becomes indefensible you must retreat to the next position and it must also be heavily fortified. If you have rail guns use them, they have a longer range and with them you can bombard the enemy artillery that is destroying your fortresses.

    So English it is! ^^

    This is exactly my point. With that kind of “strategy”, the stops being about strategy and become something about how annoying and lifeless someone can be. The consequence is that the game itself become annoying.

    I say let us make Supremacy a game about coherent strategies always.

    In my opinion what is annoying are some players who get advantage over other players but not thanks to strategy or tactics, but they get the advantage through other methods little or no professional and very dishonorable, without honor, for example players who group large armies and sweep everything, that has nothing of strategy, and is quite annoying. The problem is not the game, the problem is those players without ethics and without honor, another example of those players are those who use Goldmarks for everything, their advantage is given by their pocket, not their strategic performance in the game.

    Ok, then it will be in English!😅😅

    Hi, Karl! I speak portugueses (Brasil)

    First it should be noted that artillery also causes damage per zone, not only per target, this means that not only the target that the artillery is attacking is suffering damage, but all units close to the main target are also suffering damage. Units close to the main target also suffer damage, but to a lesser extent than the main target.

    On the other hand, if you want to attack the main army you only have to give the order to the artillery, search and select the army you want to attack, order the attack and the artillery will automatically change its main target, even so the troops that are close to the army you order to attack will also take damage.

    This tactic serves more to cause distractions and confusion than anything else.

    Hi, greetings!

    That happens because of a bug that they have not yet corrected, it also happens with airplanes. As long as they do not correct the Bug you just have to be attentive to order the submarine to move to the next position where the target is, you must also take into account the speed of the submarine and the speed of the target to be attacked, if the target is faster than the submarine this will not be able to reach it, in this case it is better to intercept.

    9. I understand your point, I am not that kind of player and I find it annoying when those players group big armies and with them they take everything in their path, those players are not real strategists, they are not statesmen either, their economies and their human capital is thanks to their unbridled expansion, but that unbridled expansion can also lead them to lose total control over the occupied territories and also over their country.

    It is difficult to counter such large armies, but it is not impossible, my strategy against these huge armies is to go on the defensive, I let my opponent go on the offensive and attack directly my highest level fortresses, meanwhile I bombard his army from the rear with artillery, that will cause him great losses and although I also cause me losses these will not be comparable to those of my opponent as his losses will always be much higher than mine. In conclusion, go on the defensive and combine high level fortresses plus artillery, when you are on the defensive you will have a strategic advantage, when you go on the offensive and your opponent is on the defensive you will have a strategic disadvantage.

    As for the speed of the game you can choose whether to play a fast game (x2, x4 or x6) or a slow game where you can sleep peacefully, personally I like the games in real time, 1 day in the game = 24 real hours, these games seem to me more fun because they last longer and better because they let me do more time and better because they let me sleep haha^^

    Greetings! I the other way around, I first started playing Supremacy 1914 and then discovered Call of War, however the latter I didn't like so much as the interface is very faded which makes it look somewhat boring. On the other hand it lacks improvements to its game mechanics.

    I completely agree that they should add other units to Supremacy 1914, however we have to be coherent since as the name of the game indicates its events take place between 1914 and 1918. By this time there were not many models of aircraft, there were few models and very rudimentary as they were just beginning to be used for war purposes, although if you can add another model of aircraft with other purposes in the game, for example a plane that can launch incendiary rockets Le Prieur, these rockets were used to set fire to the spy balloons, barrage balloons and others. The barrage balloon can also be added as a new air unit, these were used to protect cities from aerial bombardment.

    2 ) Naval: Aircraft carriers cannot be added to Supremacy 1914 since the first aircraft carrier in history entered service in 1919, just after the end of World War I, so this ship was not used in this war.

    3 ) Terrestrial: In terrestrial units if it is necessary to add an anti-aircraft unit, these already existed in the first world war so it would be historically correct to add it to the game. Other land units that can add is the heavy artillery gun M Gerät 14 which was used to destroy the fortresses and had more destructive power than the Möser M10, they can also add mechanized infantry to carry out the Blitzcriegz with greater speed and effectiveness.

    Your proposal #6 I fully support it, constructions and maintenance of units should not be based only on oil, that should be fixed as it is unrealistic.

    Proposal #7, I agree with you!

    Proposal #8 no, personally I think Supremacy 1914 is fine without doctrines, this gives it the essence of being Supremacy 1914, also all players can access all the equipment the game provides.

    #9 I didn't understand, explain this point better.