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    I won a lot 500 with real gm spender in it and if speak spender I mean over 1000 dollar for that map he spend. is not impossible kill him depend how long map goes and we're your located in start. If next to him then indeed will die if far away can build up. Around day 50/60 you have army kill his army of gm. Of course will need use gm to but not 10% what he use. It. make server free other that no buy anything so I don't see problem real gm spammer. Other suggest play a group 4 ppl know and won't spend gm same around 50/60 day in game are ready kill him with some cost your part or sacrificed from 1 the group how take the hit for other 3 to destroy him.

    Demonaire do you even know what Customer support mean? because I feel like you don't or reading and writing down from a document. Example here is a list that you will need to if ask you this . Got it? and replay yes. The update is bad for every map and player base will go done . I think enjoy if join a 500 map and 10 ppl and rest AI I won't maybe you will, because that future for game how I see it. Know come we will get new player from we're? stream and negative comments definitive not. Also get one and see how game is he will leave because will lose to the AI. Elite AI are not easy:) first played them they surprised me attack 2 border city with fort 4 and 5:) ,give that a newbie that no clue and will leave good update. Next the coalition trades I personally played solo and join late a coalition to give a free win to others that help me with ressurses .All 4 x speed like that joining 11 coalition wins 10 and 1 lost fight half map every time. Trade Units in 500 I generally play 3-4 ppl and trade our units how on continue the bombarding we call it 24 h bombard of fighters and bombers not more possible. Also like we kill a lot heavy gm and if speak heavy I mean that game got from 40m to 200m gm from the spender:) make free others not possible again. Know tell how it help the game? you think I will spent this game if take all because fell like it definitive not. So good luck with the game make it even worse and worse and have 10 ppl in a 500 map gone be hilarious since then Bytro will lose a lot money or change only 10 map:).

    come on guys this best update so far for bytro you will spend to kill the gm.Example day 8 I gm factory I gm 10-25 arty have half the map soon since all leave or gm to:) how can be a good update then? stop complain and gm :) make bytro proud

    it all depends how playing that country how can win with Central Powers same can win with Entente. If the cooperation is there and you know your role and do it correct can win every country.

    I try in 4 different games on different days to. But before I did I had all 4 games ROW with AI so I put army in there lands, the other second was outside there city, 1 in the city from the AI and last one on the border. As soon put it on Aggressive it start war.

    So AI def you? why for if go to sleep park you army safe lose city no important to you and let enemy lose moral his army for it and come destroy him. I don't the point in a def AI.