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    Gas were important starting day 10 or 20 start building airforce will need airfield in your lands:) I general start day 20 I have 6/8 factory 4 to build fighter slow in they building queue . Depend situation map you will need them and with gas build or move them to the location need. On my last 500 I hold solo they front from Siberia down to Afganistan with airforce against 5 enemy players. I let my ally focus other parts holding them on my front decimading there army. I had 1400 fighter with 500 bombers:D good luck brake they defend:D , From 750 city I had 725 airfields

    at point in they past like 2 years a go saw biggest coalition in a 500 they 57 ppl in it.

    Second coalition on that map had 43 ppl.

    3 coalition 37 ppl in it.

    Then later change smaller numbers and 7 for 500 is enough.

    get but not give more like a dictator. If want that of Vassal I go play Multiplayer online round in Europa Universalis 4 and have it. I don't see it in supremacy because here speaking WW 1 . But well good luck with it!.

    It all depends on player that play it. Of course is harder for Central Power but can win it. Strategy is the key to victory and coordination. If ally useless you lose been the Entente with advantage from they start.

    There can be a lot combination play it. It depend team that are on it. I had play 2 time both time with Germany been ally to Britain in 1 and 1 standard one with Austria. Both were funny but first with Britain most funny since have indeed 2 enemy/s till Britain is there need to be to invade France and end it. You need plan steps up and know what give if need . I alwalys lands are important the enemy can have it kill it there army or make easy to retaken in a counter attack.

    As of now my 2 soon to be 3 victories came by playing morocco once and east algeria twice.I have greatly benefited from the oil distribution but it also feels like nobody else has a chance if they dont rush you in early game.As an african country the only thing you need is to survive 5-6 days and then conquer spain who has 2 double iron provinces and bam round might as well close the game that very moment because the rest is just time dragging

    hm someone think a great player if come to conquer Spain player will kill you in your landing and take over your lands. On that map a lot great starting lands I won Arabia 2 times and 3 times with Romania have 0 oil. O damn 0 oil? is a big deal plan how to expand.

    tbh I care less about the exact Kilometers but I'd dlike to see the province distribution and borders more accurate, e.g. a South Tirol, ALsace Lorrain, Polish Corridor, ... more realistically with WWI and the interbellum

    agree on this one

    let call A for Russia . B for Romania . C for your Country and let's add to the mix D and E for Bulgaria and Otoman.

    A kills B.

    Then let's see 5 days next war all they taken city from B are know 75% or over.

    A getting Attack by D and E.

    D get they city's 5 of them all 75% and more moral from A.

    E get all rest B starting lands from A.

    Then C us ally take city back from D his moral will 25% because take them.

    Then come E and take from C still 25%.

    Know A has troops again and laughing a reconquering all lost city and get all city back after killing all enemy armys.

    What know important factory to have all .reconquering is that none C/D/E had a province that went to 75% or over it.

    good luck fix it. I can tell 2 think won't be fix this game because they are need to make go on.

    1. The spender off gm and I mean spend I don't that spend or 1/2 to win against like 100 EUR. I mean real spender I got a lot in the past spend to win that map around 3/4 k EUR that give other ppl don't a free account.

    In the early game face is mostly imposibel to win against them playing solo so I played with friend and won it yes we did.

    For a big spender you need spend like 5/6 ppl around 25-50 EUR and with skill survive they early and kill him in late.

    That make second problem you put **friends**.

    2 friends I played max number 1 map I amazed every happen was 17 in the same map all around they world.

    Generally I play with 4 friend so that border day 1 are free can expand 1 direction.

    If are solo players ofcourse in early game if close both I garanty you won't survive because gm will spend a lot I saw day 8 worst map 1 50 arty stack , good luck win against that. If go and complain about or his gm safe they you get warning worst case a ban. ( 1 map I was banned because it I know it).

    Late game is both ways acceptabil to fight.

    And yes with 4 ppl I played we won together from 15 500 map I joined we won 10!.

    And there was in past coalition that join . 1 test round I don't have the pic anymore we were 56 ppl in the same coalition.

    Anyways this all past for me since I not game a damn about the game anymore .

    But still I wish good luck!