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    Paoer is basically useless now. I was trying to find out how a country went from 5th most dreaded to completely gone by his teammate Florida overnight but alas no mention in the paper at all about war with Florida or how it disappeared. Strangely two days after he disappeared he somehow made 6th most dreaded list even though he was dead lol. Lots missing from the paper, data showing up days later, data missing, etc.

    I’ve had that happen too. Did you try targeting the prov instead of the army? Sometimes that works but with all of the bugs right now it certainly could just be a glitch. Also, does the enemy stack show the total troops or is it still a question mark?

    I’m still waiting for my pile of gold to make up for what was lost rushing numerous artillery that all got sniped by enemies who casually walk past my defenses. Instead I just keep being told to be patient, they will fix the bug, only for new updates to come out and alas it’s still broken. I haven’t seen an official acknowledgment of this bug that makes the game unplayable.