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    I am a regular player of this game, but the recent developments have made the game run slowly on my computer, and also has introduced lags and glitches, something I am not a fan of.

    I wish to switch back to the old (legacy) version of the game, which evidently had less glitches and was more balanced and without lags as shown in various video recordings of the game available on the internet.

    However, I am not an old player of this game (started playing on 1/1/19), and hence do not have any access to legacy mode.

    I would be really happy if you can somehow send me a link or make a button available on my end of the game to give me an option to play the legacy mode. It would really be a very great help to me.

    I play this game regularly and always want to come back to the game at the end of the day. But because of lags and glitches, my experience is hampered. Obviously, such things take me away from the game and make me repulsive to even try to login and play this game everyday.

    Again, I sincerely do hope you can somehow make legacy mode available to me. Something that I will be really thankful to you for.


    In the Mobile version of the game shop, HC for 1 month (31 days) is sold at 480 INR. But in PC version of the shop for 25 days is sold at 250 INR. This is a major discrepancy in prices, and I feel that this must be eliminated, as this doesn't give proper value to the Buyer. BTW 480 INR is a big deal for me. So my request to Bytro is that please equalise the prices in both your shops. I have to stick with Mobile version for payments because I do not have credit card of my own and pay money through my phone bill on Google play.

    There are quite a few things S1914 is missing on. I am listing them down.

    1) Over-world sprites of tanks aren't accurate, with every nation using French made light tanks and Mark V English heavy tanks. My suggestion is that the tanks sprites should be researched on and new tanks pertaining to that era of variety of nations should be added. Ten the smaller nations should implement the tank designs of the nearby great power. e.g. Romania and Ukraine should use Russian tank designs, Austria should use German designs, Italy and Belgium should use French designs and so on.

    2) Similarly the soldiers which are hidden in the new update, with no labels on them, should have some kind of uniform difference so that their nation can be recognised. E.g. if a French soldier is on Italian lands via right of way, but is hidden to Austria due to not being in the Fog of War, at-least there will be some way for the Austrian player to know that that is indeed a French troop.

    3) Once a player reaches a particular level, he must be given a certificate, which enables him to get a trial on the High Command feature for couple of days. After his trial ends, he should be given a choice to buy a High Command or not. This will not only increase the sales of High Command feature for Bytro, but will also let the players to stick around for longer while. You see, there have been many case in which players at level 7-8-9 go inactive and do not return to the game.

    I bet adding new feature won't be a trouble once this game comes on steam.


    Hi everyone. Does anybody know if "invite a friend this round" feature is broken for this game? I try to push the button but nothing happened. I have tried it from the Diplomacy section and also from the Daily European when there is a Coup d'état. Is it a Bug or is it that I am doing something wrong?