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    The best defense in these cases is to have the cities that attack you at least level 2, then (also depending on your iron production, you should make as many cars as you can, the more the better, also like this after an attack if you have to move them the speed is excellent.

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    buenas queria comentarte, en su dia estaba de operador del chat y foro, se me dio de baja por que por motivos personales tube que dejar de jugar pero como puedes ver volvi de nuevo, si fuera posible me gustaria retomar el tema del chat para ayudar a los nuevos jugadores y sus dudas, en su dia los gestione con Histo.gracais y un saludo

    1. Well, I wanted to comment on problems with the new (current interface) after having eliminated the legacy, it is impossible to play, it slows down the browser, the scroll is horrible since it goes to jumps (I have reduced graphics) it is difficult to select different at the same time Units, in addition to the scroll during the selection and orders given to the units, the game stops and then jumps in the game, it is a shame but after 10 years playing I am considering leaving the game since instead of improving the gameplay has worsened of this one, better graphics but worse game mode, it annoys me because I have invested a lot of GM in the games (I am playing 8 simultaneously) and it is impossible to control them all, since each order that I try to give takes me minutes due to the slowdown of the browser, I do not see the change well and I daoy for fact lost the used GMs and the ones I have, but it has become impossible to play in an active way, and already in a mobile way, the games of 100 and 500 better or opting of the possibility of e play.

    Fools. No point in complaining. Removing this outdated mode just improves the game even more, you guys just have to adapt. Legacy took too many resources for 5%. You guys should be happy Bytro is attempting to improve the game by cutting off this obsolete mode. My desktop from 2010 can handle it, yours should too.

    Indeed, maybe only a small percentage of players used the legacy mode, but Bytro has to take into account that the vast majority of these players have been playing for years and it is these that in a large part buy assiduously GM and high command and with it those who contribute to the maintenance of the game, this will suppose a reduction at least in the short term of the income of resources for said maintenance.

    First of all, sorry if there is a mistake in the writing, I write with Google translator. I have been playing supremacy for many years and I did it almost always in legacy mode, except when I was playing on mobile. The reason for using legacy mode is because the scroll is better since the new interface gives me many problems on the computer, it takes me a long time to load and the scroll is worse and more difficult to use and it is also more difficult for me to control the territories when they are extensive, like the games of 100 and 500, but well I imagine that if I want to continue playing I will have to adapt to the new interface. Then I also wanted to expose the problem with the disintegration of the armies, tricks learned with games and games played, for example when you are attacked with a bomber you can digest the army by leaving one loose to avoid the attack (this implies being connected assiduously) But with the new interface it is impossible since the accumulation of armies in the same point makes it impossible to select them later, so from my point of view the interface has improved the view to the eye of this but to the detriment of the strategy and then in this. greetings and thanks for your time