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    It's been a week now and I haven't gotten those PVP kills yet, and it still keeps adding on the AI stats instead.

    Vinnie told me that he's already made aware of the CM about this issue. Hopefully, it gets fixed as soon as possible.

    I just noticed that upon building recruitment offices, it takes a day or so for it to recruit new inf units.

    Back then (if I remembered correctly) you used to be able to recruit 1 inf unit in less than an hour upon building a recruitment office, but now that's changed.

    Is this a bug or was there a change that I missed?

    I recently noticed that my pvp kills aren't registering on the pvp stats, but instead is registering on the AI stats even though I've been killing troops/units of real active players.

    I asked in chat if anyone else is having a similar issue, and a couple of players told me that they were having similar problems as I am.

    I already made a ticket and sent it to the support team. Hopefully, it gets attention and gets fixed soon. Thanks in advance!

    I believe a moderator/game operator aren't allowed to create a new 500p map for us.

    The system is the one responsible on making a new 500p map automatically whenever the old 500p map is full.

    The only thing weird about this is this is the first time I've seen the system create 3 500p maps at the same time instead of just one.

    I'm not sure if that's a bug or a new system.