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    To be quite blunt, this update and several others prior to it seem to be either the handiwork of utterly ignorant delusion or a concentrated effort at putting the final blow amongst many to the already half rotted corpse of the only MMO I've played for years and continuously without fail since when I started it.

    I can (barely) tolerate the gradually shift to (Even more) Emphasis on pay-to-win mechanics, the deletion of the old forums and all the awesome memories it contained, the introduction of the new graphics and all the various annoyances playing with or trying to introduce someone new to game using the different version brings and even the general poor state of community spirit.

    But between the fire at will update and this one I along with many others have reached the breaking point, whatever the reason unless this slew of viruses disguised as updates are re-addressed by hopefully taking into account the many in-depth suggestions sprinkled in this thread amongst the rage or even simply rolled back I frankly cant see any reason to continue the effort of playing.

    There's sadly really no worthwhile depth left to what was already the shallow core, or what were core mechanics of Supremacy since diplomacy is basically pointless now beyond coalitions and we are left with can basically be described as "In the grim darkness of this new era, there can be war and only war". Which in turn is basically the death of the Roleplaying community as I know it and have been a member of almost since the beginning of my tenure in Supremacy.

    I and everyone else pretty much already realize that at this point Bytro dosn't actually hold any care for what the roleplayers or any other part of its playerbase thinks about the products it creates, and with being said. Frankly even if this does get fixed I'm not sure if its worth continuing to play these games if the devs or whoever is responsible for the direction of Supremacy and the rest of the Bytro family of games is this out of touch with the gamers who actually put in the effort of playing said games.


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    Failed Revolutions II is a sequel to the previous Failed Revolutions: 1793 Rp developed and run by Lightning Turk and Chris Britain, that much like with the Victoria series of roleplays will try and build off of and expand upon the various national histories and lore's established by the players during its namesake prequel roleplay

                      Map of the World Anno 1836

    As civilization now stands to enter the middle of the decade 1830, the nations of the world are at a turning point, the period of terrible conflicts and upheaval such as the Great Turkish wars, the Prussian crisis and the Anglo civil war that defined and indeed ravaged the old order of the western world in the early 19th century may have been brought to an end in 1825 with the conference of Vienna that allowed to the victorious powers of the day to redrew the map and called for the establishment of the concert of Europe that created the current balance of power.

    But can that newly forged balance and the absolute rule of those proud Monarchs that made it withstand the ambitions of the defeated, the downtrodden sand the still simmering dreams of liberty, nationhood and empire that was crushed but not destroyed in the creation of that new European order?

    After all, in an era of industrialization, exploration of the unknown and new ideas about humanity and the world the age of revolutions has only just begun; And only time will tell who will be strong enough to rise to the occasion and who will fall to ruin.

    Ladies and Gentlemen, now is the time! Will you be the one to lead the people of your nation to glory?



    List of Nations:


    1. United Anglo States: AlecDeEius
    2. Mexican Empire: TheRhodester13

    3. Californian Imperial Republic {Mexican Vassal}: Zews2004

    4. Canadian Free State: Devinator84

    5. Gran Colombia: Uncanny

    6. Ecuador: Sigmar

    7. Peru-Bolivia: Th3 Legend

    8. Paraguay: Egor Krakov

    9. Argentina: Niats

    10. Chile: LethalLegume

    61. Iron Confederacy: Charles_Edwards

    11. Uruguay: Princess Ella Glup

    Western Europe:

    12. Great Britain Great Britain: Mory

    13. Ireland {British Vassal}: Harmant

    14. United Netherlands: Kurast

    15. Kingdom of France: Carthy

    16. Spanish Empire: Matthausen

    17. Kingdom of Portugal and Brazil: Commander Bow

    18. Kingdom of Italy: Michael Westerdahl

    Central Europe:

    19. Swiss Confederation: Franklin Blitz

    20. Kingdom of Westphalia-Rhineland: A-Kommunist-Bear

    21. Kingdom of Bavaria: Donn21

    22. Kingdom of Saxony: AlbanianMaster

    23. Brandenburg-Prussia: Atlasgodofwar09

    24. Austrian Empire: ImraelBlitz

    Eastern Europe:

    25. Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth: Tuhvel1

    26. Kingdom of Romania {Austrian Vassal}: King Nate1

    27. Kingdom of the Serbs {Ottoman Vassal}: RisingPhoenix

    28. Principality of Greece {Ottoman Vassal}: Scr3ming 3agle

    29. Western Russian Empire: Marshal Johan

    Northern Europe:

    30. Kingdom of Denmark: InYourDomix

    31. Kingdom of Sweden: RandomVirginian

    32. Kingdom of Norway {Swedish Vassal}: Konde_Empire


    33. Sultanate of Morocco: Darknader

    34. Beylik of Algiers {Ottoman Vassal}: Jeck

    35. Beylik of Tripolitania {Ottoman Vassal}

    36. Governate of Egypt {Ottoman Vassal}: Qazwsxedcrfv1234

    37. Abyssinian Empire: Forest_Dog

    62. Kingdom of Luanda

    63. Zulu Empire and tributaries: Jon1345

    64. Sokoto Empire

    65. Ashanti Empire

    Asia, Central Asia and Siberia:

    47. Kingdom of Burma: Reserved by BlackUmbrella

    48. Kingdom of Siam General List

    49. Dai Nam

    50. Qing Empire: Home Zero

    51. Princes of Altishahr {Qing Vassal}

    52. Kingdom of Korea: Nnomtnert

    53. Principality of Manchuria {Eastern Russian Empire Vassal}: Soldier Kim

    54. Eastern Russian Empire: Vladicore

    55. Russian Nobles Republic: Chris Greene

    56. Bukhara

    57. Khiva

    58. Shogunate of Japan: Chris Britain

    59. Mongolia

    60. Kingdom of Hawaii: Wapole

    66. Sultanate of Brunei: STG

    67. Kalimantan: Vykar

    Near East and India:

    38. Ottoman Empire: UMER

    39. Khanate of Nogai {Nobles Russia Vassal}

    40. Arabian Tribal Confederation

    41. Sultanate of Oman

    42. Shahdom of Persia: 1stCaptain

    43. Sikh Empire: Super 1942

    44. Mughal Empire: Pizzakingz22

    45. Maratha Confederacy

    46. Tibet: EE 64

    Rule sets:…WWUc2J0c/edit?usp=sharing…8Igee0x4/edit?usp=sharing

    Tech Tree's:…mlNNBpTk/edit?usp=sharing

    Sounds interesting and have interest in joining? We would be more then happy to have you join us if your anyone from a newcomer to the roleplay scene or the most oldie but goldie roleplayer.

    With that being said, you can apply either through discord on our server by clicking on the link aforementioned link a bit ways up or by filling out the following in a post on this thread:

    Application template

    In-Game Name: (Your supremacy account name so you can be notified when/if the game starts)

    Have you read the relevant game information(Yes/No):

    Do you understand and accept all rules? (Yes/No):

    Are you sure you read the rules?!? (Yes/No):

    Do you promise to be respectful of your fellow Roleplayers, and to be respected in turn? (Yes/No)

    Lore Passage: (Basically just a quick sentence in your own words describing something that happened in the lore)

    Roleplay sample: Your sample article (A basic sample of what you would post either in the DE or in PM's as part of your roleplay)

    Top 3 Nations Requested (Note: First listed nations will be given priority over the two listed after it so be sure to list your primary pick first!)