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    I see it now. This game is obsolete and developed by people who live in fear of cheaters. The hosting and moderation system is horrible and broken. I don't think this game will receive any serious update. It will die eventually. I just found out that I can trade just 4 provincies per game, by the way. Horrible, just horrible!

    ```having manual removal lessens the chances of replacement cheaters```


    If only the host was active :(

    I propose a system that rewards/punishes hosts according to how active in moderating the game are.

    E.g. if the hosts logs in daily, it receives reputation +10. Host's reputation will be displayed at each game server.

    This way players can see if the server is moderated or not.

    If the host goes idle after 2 days, his reputation should decrease with 10 per idle day.

    A complete game with an average of 70% of players being active, should reward the host with an additional days x 10 reputation.

    A complete game with an average lower than 30% of players being active, should punish the host with an additional days x 10 reputation.

    Ye, allow wounded units to regenerate at hospital. E.g. a unit has 25% chance to be wounded instead of killed in an attack. If the wounded unit is not put in a hospital within 4 hours, it will die.

    Nothing wrong with whole continents traded between friends. I think limiting the trade options of a player is very dumb and self-righteous.

    This system should be automatic!

    >>Replace inactive player with AI in defensive position (will focus on building and guarding borders)

    >>Clear the player from the game, freeing the spot for a new player to come and control his lands.