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    I think they should create city maps. Every area of the city would have something special like factories, hospitals, railways, airports ... it would be very attractive for new players to play a team game in two hours maximum. (google translate)

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    I like that idea, and would like to expand it. I've always wanted to change city and country names, because as North Canada, for example, after you invade South Canada, you're the only Canada. I'm not sure how this would be implemented, but having an option to change country/city names for goldmark could be a good idea.

    I have also thought something similar, but I always wonder how it would be implemented.

    Perhaps adding new mechanics to the game will make it more viable to have new ways to use GM as long as it does not alter the game's balance.

    One thing I wish I had was a map editor. Who likes to play roleplaying would like this, even more so if it were possible to change the provinces, names and even adapt the units for the time you want, for example: a roleplaying that happens in 323 BC the warships will become triremes, the tanks on elephants, heavy tanks on armored elephants, the railway cannon would become the siege tower and among many other possibilities.

    I have no idea how it would generate money for Bytros, however it would attract enough players which would generate money because they would buy GM.

    At the end of last year I saw some news by accident. Among them was a Verdun 1915 map medal. Unfortunately I forgot to print because I believed they would add this map in a few weeks or months, but eventually removed this medal a few days later.

    Has anyone else seen this medal or even this map?

    I believe GM should exist, however should have the option of creating games that GM can not use.

    They should also limit the amount of GM used per game every 24 hours. Example: Day 1 the player uses 25k from GM and this is the limit. On Day 2 he can use GM again, however the daily limit will be 25k GM.

    But about other means of monetization ... I do not know if they ever thought of creating a virtual store that sells items related to the theme of World War I. It may seem like a ridiculous idea for a gaming company, as it would certainly be very complex to put this into practice. But a similar idea would be a store inside the S1914 that the player could buy skins for the avatars of the games. For example: in a certain map I'm with Germany and I would like to change the default photo of Kaiser for another photo of him only that colorized and for that it will be through a collection of images that the S1914 makes available, some free and others paid. Obviously you would have to remove the player's option to put any photo. It may also seem like a ridiculous idea, but it's something that does not affect the game's balance like GM, which can totally change the course of a game, while what I'm suggesting is just one of those common things in these popular games that love to sell "cute items" for players to spend their money, but that does not affect the game.

    I would like to hear other players' opinions on these ideas.