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    Now this is assuming that the name for Supremacy 1 IS just a filler, because to be honest Supremacy 1 isn't the most marketable name out there. So how about some suggestions for new ones? Although since Supremacy 1 is meant to be alongside S1914, not replace it, it still has to have something relating to S1914 in there. My bookmark for S1 is Supremacy: To End All Wars, as a play on the contemporary name for WWI, the war to end all wars.

    On the Supremacy 1914 homescreen, along with Home, Games, Ranking, Alliance, and Forums, there should also be a link or something to Supremacy 1. It'd make it easier to switch back and forth between games on S1914 and S1, assuming a good chunk play both when S1 gets more fleshed out with moar maps.

    I hate it when my neighbours conquer my rightful land

    I wait for my neighbors to do that, b/c then I get twice as much land for a quarter of the cost. Especially when this happens:

    I'm playing as Japan, and I'm sending 40,000 down there to steamroll them lol.

    So, I'm bored, and I'm taking requests for flags. The flag maker I use, while better than my last one, is versatile, but is lacking on somethings (German Eagle, Great Seal of the United States, etc.) DM me, tell me what you're looking for, and give me an email to send the final product to. If you don't like it or want to tweak it, I can change it.

    Some previous flags:

    or instead of having a CIRCLE for flags, maybe we should have a rectangle

    I mean it sounds pretty damn logic to me

    It sounds pretty logic, but it's not so good in practice. People use different size images for their flags, so even if it was a rectangle, the image would still either be compressed or widened to fit the dimensions of the rectangle.

    Hell, some flag for real countries might not fit. Take the US and PRC flags for example.

    The United States Flag uses a 10:19 proportion, while the PRC flag uses 2:3 proportion. Other flags such as the German and Bulgarian flags use a 3:5 proportion.

    I have used an app to shrink photos, "pixels' for avatars in the past, should also work for this flag compression...example your flag is (816 x 408) and compressed is (62 x 51)... so I would try the windows shrink app to change size to (50 x 50) and save that to upload into game... then you would get your whole flag into the avatar space...

    1. ^^^This is app I have used in past ^^^

    Unfortunately, I have a chromebook that can't run the damn thing.;(

    So, when I'm playing a 100 man or just any game in general, I like to add a little bit of background to my country. Whether this means, going 'communist' or 'fascist', I always change my flag. However, due to the way flag customization works, my flag often gets squished to fit in the circle. So, my flag for nationalist Canada (see below) gets squished into a less inspiring version. Currently, ways to fix this are by getting in photoshop or whatever flag maker you use and compensating by making it really wide, or use a flag that is less susceptible to being squished. So, to fix this, I suggest adding a 'choose what portion of you image to be shown' option. I know this is in other games, I've seen it, but I forgot what games they're in to find it. Basically just a circle that the user can move around and expand/shrink to their liking.