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    Hiho folks,

    As many of you may already know I am the current Community Coordinator for Supremacy 1914. I have held this role for the past few months 8o =O I have been on the volunteer support team since (across bytro games since about 2015 (I am feeling older every line I write ;( ) and being playing S1914 since back in the before time, the age of java :P

    Today I would like to invite you to my Office where you can grab me at any time for any issues you have, any questions, etc.

    Where is my Office, it is at the end of the Discord rainbow by joining this server you should then be able to send me direct PMs on Discord with any issues you are having.

    (OFC: as I am but a chán I may be late in reply but will always reply to any issue)

    All the best

    Greetings Generals,

    As the sun rises on a new day your government has been informed of crimes of treason and many local governments are abandoning your rule for that of another nation.

    As many of you know having low morale on a province can lead to a revolt (below 30%). When the province revolts it declares itself as part of another country.

    Daily consumption is quite important as failing to fill it leads to a drop of morale. Running out of resources (especially food) can start a decline in morale, as will declaring war with multiple countries.

    To raise morale in a province you can either use Goldmarks or fill their daily consumption and the morale will raise slowly at daychange or station troops with high morale to suppress rebellions. Also, building fortifications and placing your capitol close to provinces can help.

    Conquered provinces are set to 25% morale at the time of capture, this increases the chance of rebellion for these provinces at the day change. At each day change the morale will rise slowly in good conditions, or with poor conditions the morale could remain stable or fall. Factors that reduce morale include the number of wars, distance from capital, and the morale of neighboring provinces.

    REMEMBER: Garrison troops left inside the province center will reduce the revolt risk in your new province. A strong enough force will completely suppress a rebellion, while a weak force of just one or two units generally have a chance to be overcome by the rebellion, or to join the rebellion.

    There is a complete guide to this mechanic on our forum:…overning-your-country-en/

    Note: Rebellions/revolts will be reported at daychange at the end of the newspaper in your round.

    Recently it looks like chaos has run rampant throughout your nation as rebellions seem more frequent, I assure you this is not the case. The current behaviour is indeed intended. There was a bug since at least August last year that suppressed revolts in most of the cases, which is now fixed. So revolts should now happen again more frequently. Also the displayed revolt chance got corrected, since it also showed wrong values.

    Don't forget that if you are playing S1 TGW to increase resources recapture your land occupied by insurgents and;

    1. To increase resource production build and upgrade infrastructure in resource producing provinces.
    2. You can also use Weapons Labs to slightly increase resource production in resource producing provinces.
    3. To increase cash production build and upgrade your Propaganda Office.

    S1: The Great War FAQ


    Greetings Generals,

    This thread has been made to answer some of the most asked questions in S1: TGW. Please allow this post to address some of the most asked questions that players have.

    (Please Note: As the game changes and improves this section should be updated. Also this section will be updated as often as possible)

    Q. Does this game have a manual?

    1. Yes, the manual is ingame and is the blue book icon.

    Q. How do I increase resource and cash production?

    1. To increase resource production build and upgrade infrastructure in resource producing provinces.
    2. You can also use Weapons Labs to slightly increase resource production in resource producing provinces.
    3. To increase cash production build and upgrade your Propaganda Office.

    Q. How do I increase my province Morale?

    1. Instant morale increase you can use Gold (
    2. Build and upgrade Propaganda Offices and once built morale will increase at daychange.
    3. Build and upgrade your province.
    4. If possible build your capital in the vicinity of the provinces with low morale.
    5. Station units of high morale in your province.
    6. Distance to capital and enemy neighbours will also influence province morale.

    Q. Is Province Morale important?

    1. Yes! A high morale will keep rebellions/revolts away from your nation. It also impacts your resource production, recruitment speed and construction speed, so the lower the morale the lower the production, higher the construction/recruitment times (red time/ numbers in province pop up).

    Q. What is the “Expansion” penalty?

    1. This is a morale penalty for conquering provinces, you need to consolidate your new land before expanding.

    Q. Do your units consume resources?

    1. Yes both your units and your population consume resources so you need to ensure you have the economy to hold a large army and feed your people.

    Q. Is research important?

    1. Yes it can be as each new level increases the strength but it will mean more resources and time.

    Remember: When you finish research at the next level you can recruit units of old level and new).

    Q. Why can I not research some units (they are locked)?

    1. This is by design advanced units unlock for research at specific days in game.

    Q. What influences Unit strength?

    1. Unit level will influence its combat strength but so too does its health (Hitpoints).

    Q. I have an air unit on patrol. Will it damage my enemy?

    1. Yes! However it will only deal a quarter of the damage.

    Q. How is combat calculated?

    1. Combat depends on many factors. Terrain, level, composition, armour class. Damage is not inflicted to one unit at a time but all units together, the lower the health of your unit/stack the lower its strength. WHen your army health is low then your units begin to die. Units will deal the same amount of damage it states in their stats but sometimes there can be a +/-20% difference.

    Remember: Retreat your units back to your own lands to heal and give you time to prepare your strategy.

    Q. Can I retreat my units from battle?

    1. Yes some can, you can but remember they can not be retreated until they reach their target. Not all units can retreat. You can increase the chance of a successful retreat by increasing the units level.

    Q. If I attack insurgents will all insurgents on map be my enemy?

    1. No each insurgent is individual so if you are playing as France and you attack the French insurgents the Spanish insurgents will not attack you/

    Q. Who controls the main roads?

    1. These roads have no owner so anyone can use them, but you could blockade them to hinder your enemies advancement.

    Q. What units are stealth units?

    1. Spies and submarines are stealth units. Remember tho scouts can reveal as in the case of subs cruisers can reveal. Other units can only see them if they are attacked by them.

    Q. My balloon is a truck?

    1. This is normal, you will need to move the finished balloon to its location so as it can used.

    Q. Can I overstack my units?

    1. Yes, if you have too many units in a group/stack it can lower their strength. Full strength = 20 units anything more can reduce strength.

    Q. What happens when I lose/capture a capital?

    1. If you capture a capital your province morale will increase and your enemies will lower.
    2. If you lose your capital your moral will decrease and your enemies will increase.

    Q. What does Embargo Mean?

    1. Embargo means you cannot buy or sell with players on the Market that you have an Embargo on or they with you.

    Q. What are Rally Points?

    1. Rally points for units is a great feature once one has a larger empire. Once produced, the units will automatically set off for the predetermined destination (rally point) you set.

    Q. Why Can I not Build More than One Capital?

    1. A county only has ONE capital, you can build it in any province you want but you only have one.

    Q. Can I demolish buildings?

    1. No you cannot demolish unwanted buildings.

    Q. Can I delete my Game(s)?

    1. No. You can’t delete a game. If you are done with a game you send it to your Game Archive and eventually it will disappear. On the main screen, find the game you want to Archive. Press the “send to archive” folder (right hand panel). It will take some time but will eventually disappear from your game list.

    Q. How Can I increase my Gold Production?

    1. You cannot increase Gold production. You can only Purchase gold from the Bytro Shop or Win Gold from finishing a ranked game without being defeated. Gold is the games Premium Currency and get added to your war chest when purchased or won to use in your different TGW maps.

    Q. Can I change my Username?

    1. At the moment only our App users can change their name, click on More tab (bottom right), select account and use the change username option (1 time use)
    2. At the moment desktop users cannot however if you contact a member of the support team they can work with you to change your username.

    Q. Is there an App for S1: TGW?

    1. Simple answer, YES. TGW is playable on mobile devices via mobile web or app from Google play.

    Q. Can I turn off/on sound/game effects?

    1. Yes! If you want to play silent you can. Just go to Settings on your main account page, Game Settings and then choose the option you wish to use.

    Q. I made a report and I am still waiting for a reply?

    1. Typical report response time can take up to 3 days (72 hours), however the support team aims to reply to all reports as soon as possible.

    Hello folks,

    For this any user can add a line to this story. However, each post can only have 3 words (of course S1914 rules and ToS must be followed) smile.png

    I will begin;

    Once there was