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    First of all, there is 17 unit price or something for the resources we want to buy in the game, and if we want to sell, it is 1.2 or 1.6. This is very unfair and even though we put offers on the market, it doesn't sell much.

    Many people in the game are uncomfortable with this. These unit prices destroy our economy and spoil our taste of playing. It needs a little lowering

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    No laboratory is required for warships. A laboratory is needed to create and research: a heavy bomber, a heavy tank, a battleship and a railway gun.

    Plus, you missed a lot of important units. For example, chemical weapons. It works great and has several secret functions that make it a powerful unit regardless of its level.

    In this game, there are only a few "extra" units, which are rarely used by anyone. Otherwise, the player must have all the necessary units for the normal conduct of hostilities.

    I said these units for the beginning days. Between 1-10 days


    We have a lot of new friends and I know they don't know how or what to act with.

    The game has new and unusual mechanics and I want to explain them.

    First, let's start with the Offensive Tactics.

    The first mistake made is that we usually collect and dive what we have, but we attack directly, without understanding whether these units are offensive or defensive, by looking at the number and without paying attention to geographical patterns, but this is a wrong tactic.

    First, let's stop doing this and learn the offensive and defense units.

    I will now briefly show you the attack units to be used at first.

    Attack Units

    Cavalry: We can define them as mounted soldiers. With 16 damage to the infantry, it's a perfect unit to start with and enough barracks to craft.

    Mortar Infantry: These soldiers throwing mortars can be an ideal unit until artillery is produced and can be used to break armored units' defenses.

    Assault Infantry: We can also say it as mechanized infantry. It's not too difficult to produce, research and build a factory. You can then produce it. It's fast and powerful, my favorite for attack. As he levels up, he returns to the Terminator. You can hunt militia and infantry with this unit. It can hunt tanks as it evolves.

    Flamethrower: These fire-breathing soldiers are a tank! They are very powerful and infantry killers. As you level up, it becomes a complete crazy tank.

    Tanks: You know tanks, but there are day locks that you can press forward.

    Fighter Plane: Unlike many bytro games these planes can hunt infantry :)

    Warships: You can craft and improve after the day is unlocked :) Weapons lab is required to craft. (only for warship)

    I briefly summarized you, now let's come to our tactics.

    Artillery Tactic

    If you want to take a city without losses, deploy your artillery within range of the city and put a few units of defensive army in front of it, consisting of militia and armored vehicles. So if the country is a bot, it will send an army to you and the army will be damaged by the artillery and will be destroyed when it attacks you. If you are an online person, make sure that the defense units you put in front of your artillery are solid and unified if you have a plane :)

    Thus, while the other person loses, you will be waiting in ambush.

    Destruction tactic with Attack Units

    With the infantry killer units in the places I mentioned above, you can destroy the initial militia and move forward quickly. But do not do this with defense units, you will waste your army.

    Air-powered attack

    I suggest you attack with level 2 and higher fighter planes. The militia can't hit planes anyway, so you can easily make clean progress. Attack with attack units again! Not with defense units just because there are planes!

    Bombardment from the sea

    If you have established a strong navy and the opponent's navy is weak, you can destroy the opponent's navy and destroy the cities with bombardment, but the ships you will produce at first will not hit the cities much.

    I tried to summarize you briefly. And please review the geographical features of the units in the information section! Follow those instructions! And play well :!: :)

    It's not a problem for me, but my circle was always asking this and I decided to write here.

    The same thing happens in Supremasy 1914. This is hardly a bug. If you are a beginner, you are credited with experience once every few days. When you already have a high level, the level will be awarded to you every day

    There is an error in the statistics part of the game, our statistics are loaded after 2-3 days and this is very strange.
    I don't know if this is a bug or the mechanics of the game, but I think it's a bit annoying.

    Some of my friends are very upset because they think their statistics are lost.

    why is this so?