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    To Lord Dragos - Greetings!

    Think of the combat in this game in two forms - knife fight inside a telephone booth and ranged combat.

    All knife fights are resolved to the death - one side or the other will win. With ranged combat, you have can withdraw after shooting. Call it shoot and scoot. Cruisers have the shortest range so you have to be careful with them. The enemy closed in, your cruiser fired at range and then he closed into knife fighting range and picture 1600's pirates pulling up alongside your ship and boarding it...

    How to kill subs - air patrols with fighters with bombers waiting at closeby aerodromes ready to launch once a sub has been found. Otherwise 20 inf at sea can engage one sub at 1-1 odds.

    Sub has a strength at sea of 4 = almost a battleship or 2 cruisers.

    2 subs can sink a battleship. So attach some cruisers with battleships to act as escorts and provide additional anti-aircraft and anti-surface/sub defense.

    Hope this helps. :)

    Ladies and gentlemen, recommend we do not attack (using words) each other over our views. They are our respective views but instead focus on the problem at hand.

    Issue - the latest patch removed free trade from all but coalitions. We the few (sidebar - looking at the total population of current players, those that have posted on this thread are a minority in total voices).

    We need more people to speak up. If more people complain, Bytro and the developers might listen.

    My input is and I am doing this in my games, my alliance, and here is to shed light on this issue and get more people to complain.

    If this is not done the the end results will be to either accept the patches and be done with it or to leave the game altogether. Personally I have invested way to much time to just walk away - yet. From the comments I have read since the beginning of this thread on page 1, all of you have invested time and money in Bytro - some more than me.

    Post on your games newspaper and talk about this with your alliances. We cannot be the only ones unhappy. If we are, Bytro would gladly like to see us go to be rid of "the problem at hand".

    Thank you for your time.

    We should take a step back and look at the latest patches and see this from a war game stand point. In any war game, be it an old fashioned board-game (Risk, Chess etc) or Supremacy, we are all looking at what are the moves of our opponent.

    These are the facts in this "game" we are playing with "the company" (Bytro does not like it's name mentioned in a derogatory sense or tone. This can lead to repercussions...)

    1. "The Company" likes it when people buy gold marks. It pays the bills pure and simple. I will not go into gold mark abuse in many of the games but the few (key word) that spend lavishly help them economically.

    a. Financial types in the company can easily track each player and divide them into those who buy gold marks and those who don't.

    b. A financial decision must have been made by the powers that be to turn Supremacy and other games into a pay to play. They tease players to play for free but in the end the free persons get steam rolled and eventually give up or break out the credit card

    2. "The Company" is easily tracking who is complaining and who is not. They can use their computers and report to the powers that be that on any given day they have X amount of players playing in Y games. From this, how many are complaining about an update and how may are complacent about the changes. Point summary - if we are the minority, there will be no changes.

    3. If the people that are complaining are also those who spend lavishly, then "the company" will listen as they do not want their gravy train/s to go away.

    4. In the meantime, just like the main cell phone manufacturers, they do not want you to buy a cell phone and keep it that way for life. They want you to buy a new one every 2-3 years (read pay to play...) "The company" is going down the same path.

    Point Summary - we all wish for the earlier versions of Supremacy, but sadly I feel those days are in the past. We can vote with our feet but we will be replaced by newer players who never knew what the game was like in it's heyday.

    We need an additional naval unit called a destroyer flotilla.


    Cost: 5,000 silver, 1,000 iron, 500 coal, 500 oil.

    Speed of a cruiser. When escorting a convoy, it's speed will match that of the troop ships.

    No ranged combat. Will "attack" a naval unit when it occupies the same space.

    Surface attack of 1, anti-air defense of .5, submarine attack of 2.

    Good at acting as picket ships, escorting convoys, and forming anti-sub groups that can race in to attack subs found by aircraft or when the subs attacked a convoy.

    Thank you for your time and consideration of this unit .:)

    Short version - return the ability to trade resources to the players. We are in control of our own countries and to whom we choose to trade with.

    Long version - Bytro's inability to deal with the multi-account persons has lead to to a rule which impacts everyone negatively. All of us should not be punished. The ability to trade openly or not trade at all should rest solely with the players. The wording I have read is that this will be a good thing. I whole heartedly disagree. It only positively effects those constant groups of three to seven players who move from match to match because for them, there is no change except when their members want more of a resource that none of them are willing to trade to each other.

    Trade and commerce is communication. Restrict trade, you restrict the way players can intereact.

    Undo the fix, and allow us to trade freely.

    Restrict trade and the results are simple - either the players try and take it if they cannot afford it through silver marks or it forces them to use gold marks to buy the things they need. We all know the company that runs these games (cannot mention them by name...) loves gold mark purchasers.