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    Empty 500P Landswap Map by Unknown Member of the Polish Roleplay Community, supplied by Razo:

    500p Landswap Map with Starting Countries Filled In, Supplied by Snarblac, Made by That1Guy:

    500p Landswap Map of Europa Universalis 4, Designed by TheLightningTurk, Filled out by Myself (TheClassyCouchPotato/Uncanny):


    If you view the source Image they are HD so they can be filled out precisely for use.

    Just wanted to do a quick update, we had some complications with needing 250 players (there was a mix-up), however, we have resolved this. I spoke with Ikkeenniem and he managed to do some sort of vote to have the limit lowered to 150 roleplayers to get the round started. So big thanks to Ikkeenniem, Mr Dutch and Mr Fleming for helping the RPU resolve this issue. Now it is up to us to muster together 50 more people who love and are interested in RP. If you are one of these individuals jump onto the discord, check out the map and the country lists and ask me any questions you have. I should be able to respond with a fair amount of haste.


    P.s. Here is the discord:

    Fill this out to apply:

    Application Template

    In-Game Name:
    Discord name & number:
    Have you read the relevant game information (Yes/No):
    Do you understand and accept all rules? (Yes/No):
    Are you sure you read the rules?!? (Yes/No):
    Do you promise to be respectful of your fellow Roleplayers, and to be respected in turn? (Yes/No):

    Top 3 Nations Requested:

    Roleplay Sample:

    It is HIGHLY recommended that you check out and apply on the discord, as we often conduct ic-discussions there including group papacy discussions and discussions among the HRE, mandate of Heaven, Japan Shogunates etc.


    This also makes it 100x easier for us to admin and handle the full 150 roleplayers.

    British Isles

    Kingdom of England {97 Provinces}- Jeck [England]

    Kingdom of Scotland {43 Provinces}- @CaptainCud [Kingdom of Scotland]
    Kingdom of Tyrone {8 Provinces}- @1stcaptain [Tyrone]
    Kingdom of Connaught {4 Provinces}-
    Kingdom of Munster {8 Provinces}- @Nathaniel DeLeon [Munster]

    Western Europe

    Duchy of Brittany {8 Provinces}- @Soldier Kim[Bruh Brittanny]
    Kingdom of France {82 Provinces}- @Hankpim [France]
    Duchy of Burgundy [French Vassal] {35 Provinces}- @Rollan Bornaparte [Burgundy]
    Kingdom of Provence {14 Provinces}- Chris Brittain [Provence]

    Southern Europe

    Kingdom of Portugal {22 Provinces}- @Matthew.T.Long [Portugal]
    Crown of Castile {73 Provinces}- Home Zero [Crown of Castile]
    Kingdom of Aragon {53 Provinces}- LethalLegume [Aragon]
    Emirate of Granada {8 Provinces}-
    State of the Church {12 Provinces}- Uncanny [Papal State]
    Kingdom of Naples [Aragonese Vassal] {37 Provinces}- @Comrade Corbynchov [Naples]
    Republic of Venice {15 Provinces}- Carthy [Merchant of Benis]


    Kingdom of Denmark {39 Provinces}- @Xevli [Denmark] [Denmark]
    Kingdom of Norway [Danish Vassal] {53 Provinces}- @Mort [Norway] [Norway]
    Kingdom of Sweden [Danish Vassal] {67 Provinces}- @Incorporated States [Sweden]

    Duchy of Finland [Swedish Vassal] {34 Provinces}- Golden_Armada [Finland]
    Saami Tribal Federation {34 Provinces}- @børk børk [Saami Tribe]

    Holy Roman Empire

    County of Holland [Burgundian Vassal] {8 Provinces}- @STG [Holland]
    Duchy of Hanover {8 Provinces}- @Scanty Chunk [Hanover]
    Duchy of Mecklenburg-Schwerin {8 Provinces}- Donn21 [Mecklenburg]
    Electorate of Cologne {8 Provinces}- niats [Cologne]
    Duchy of Lorraine {8 Provinces}- @1stcaptain [Tyrone]
    Principality of Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel {8 Provinces}- @Alcoolamus [Brunswick]
    Margraviate of Brandenburg {8 Provinces}- Forgotten_Marshal [Brandenburg]
    Duchy of Cleves [Westphalia] {8 Provinces}-
    Duchy of Pomerania {8 Provinces}- Bubayayga [Pomerania]
    Duchy of Silesia [Bohemian Vassal] {9 Provinces}- @Iron Bone [Silesia]
    Kingdom of Bohemia {15 Provinces}- @Ludwig Wittlesbach [Bohemia]
    Duchy of Württemberg {8 Provinces}-
    Duchy of Bavaria {8 Provinces}-

    Old Swiss Confederacy {8 Provinces}- TsarNicholasIII [Switzerland]
    Duchy of Savoy {11 Provinces}- amar02 [Savoy]
    Duchy of Milan {8 Provinces}- @The Superior Country [Milan]
    Duchy of Modena {8 Provinces}-
    Republic of Genoa {9 Provinces}- Tom The Turtle [Genoa]
    Republic of Florence {8 Provinces}- @King Bog Tots ykcej[Florence]
    Archduchy of Austria {25 Provinces}- Jakob von Binnyworth [Austria]

    Eastern Europe

    Teutonic Order {16 Provinces}- Yossaran [Teutonic Order]
    Livonian Confederation [Teutonic Vassal] {12 Provinces}- @ComradeOli [Livonian Order]
    Kingdom of Poland {24 Provinces}- @RisingPhoenix2587 [Poland]
    Grand Duchy of Lithuania [Polish Vassal] {54 Provinces}- @Kaisler [Lithuania]
    Crimean Khanate {14 Provinces}- @Cpt. Haze [Crimean Khanate]
    Principality of Moldavia {12 Provinces}-


    Kingdom of Hungary {45 Provinces}- @John Hunyadi [Hungary]
    Kingdom of Croatia [Hungarian Vassal] {15 Provinces}-
    Principality of Wallachia {5 Provinces}-
    Kingdom of Bosnia {8 Provinces}- @Scef [Bosnia]
    Kingdom of Serbia {8 Provinces}- @Come at me Turkish Horde| Serbia
    Byzantine Empire {5 Provinces}- @Zews2004 [Byzantium]

    The Ottoman Empire {61 Provinces}-
    Beylik of Karaman {13 Provinces}-

    Russian Steppes

    Novogrod Republic {49 Provinces}-
    Grand Duchy of Muscovy {38 Provinces}- @Commander_Bow [Muscovy]
    Principality of Great Perm [Muscovite Vassal] {17 Provinces}-
    Khanate of Kazan {18 Provinces}-
    Golden Horde {33 Provinces}- @Elfen Kin [Kipchak Khanate]

    North Africa

    Kingdom of Morocco {16 Provinces}-
    Kingdom of Tlemcen {9 Provinces}-
    Sultanate of Tunis {16 Provinces}-
    Sultanate of Fezzan {18 Provinces}-
    Mamluk Sultanate {47 Provinces}- @Yijx2 [Mamluks]

    Western Asia

    Ak Koyunlu Tribal Confederation {20 Provinces}- @Eliminator1402[Ak Koyunlu]
    Kara Koyunlu Tribal Confederation {42 Provinces}- @bubala999 [Kara Koyunlu]
    Kingdom of Georgia {10 Provinces}-
    Chobanid Kingdom of Shirvan {11 Provinces}-


    Mazandaran Kingdom {10 Provinces}-
    Sultanate of Ajam {16 Provinces}-
    Sultanate of Fars {13 Provinces}-
    Timurid Empire {47 Provinces}- General List [Timurid Empire]
    Khorasani Kingdom [Timurid Vassal] {8 Provinces}-
    Mihrabanid dynasty of Afghanistan [Timurid Vassal] {12 Provinces}-
    Kingdom of Sistan [Timurid Vassal] {8 Provinces}-
    Transoxiana [Timurid Vassal] {24 Provinces}-
    Sultanate of Balochistan {28 Provinces}- @no video [Balochistan]

    Middle East

    Emirate of Jabal Shammar {11 Provinces}-
    Sultanate of Najd {11 Provinces}-
    Sultanate of Hejaz {21 Provinces}- j10211647 [Hejaz]
    The Mahra Sultanate of Yemen {15 Provinces}-
    Sultanate of Oman {12 Provinces}-

    Central Asian Steppes

    Nogai Horde {16 Provinces}-
    Kazakh Khanate {16 Provinces}-
    Uzbek Khanate {28 Provinces}-
    Khanate of Sibir {21 Provinces}-

    Indian Subcontinent

    Delhi Sultanate {24 Provinces}-
    Sultanate of Bengal {24 Provinces}- Donn21 [Mecklenburg]
    Sultanate of Multan {8 Provinces}-
    Jaunpur Sultanate {12 Provinces}-
    Kingdom of Mewar {8 Provinces}-
    Malwa Sultanate {8 Provinces}-
    Gujarat Sultanate {8 Provinces}-
    Gondwana Kingdom {8 Provinces} -
    Konkana Kingdom {8 Provinces}-
    Bahmani Sultanate {8 Provinces}-
    Gajapati Kingdom of Orissa {8 Provinces}-
    Golconda Sultanate {8 Provinces}-
    Vijayanagara Empire {8 Provinces}-

    Western China

    Shahdom of Kashmir {8 Provinces}-
    Khasa Kingdom [Nepal] {8 Provinces}-
    Tibet [U-Tsang] {30 Provinces}-
    Chagatai Khanate {16 Provinces}-
    Yarkand Horde [Chagatai Vassal] {16 Provinces}-
    Kingdom of Derge [Kham] {24 Provinces}-

    Mongolian Steppes

    Oirat Confederation {40 Provinces}- @DFH [Oirat Confederation]

    Northern Yuan Dynasty {27 Provinces}- @That1Gamer [North Yuan Dynasty]

    Haixi Jurchen Union {13 Provinces}-
    Jianzhou Horde [Manchu] {24 Provinces}-
    Kingdom of Great Joseon {11 Provinces}-

    Empire of China

    The Great Ming Dynasty {8 Provinces}- @Emperor Yingzong [Ming]
    Yue Kingdom [Ming Tributary] {8 Provinces}-
    Min Kingdom [Ming Tributary] {8 Provinces}-
    Wu Kingdom [Ming Tributary] {12 Provinces}- @Aurelius Wolf [Wu Kingdom]

    Ning Kingdom [Ming Tributary] {8 Provinces}-
    Tang Kingdom [Ming Tributary] {8 Provinces}-
    Zhou Kingdom [Ming Tributary] {8 Provinces}-
    Shu Kingdom [Ming Tributary] {12 Provinces}- @Derrick Allan [Shu Kingdom]
    Chu Kingdom [Ming Tributary] {8 Provinces}-
    Xi Kingdom [Ming Tributary] {8 Provinces}-
    Qi Kingdom [Ming Tributary] {10 Provinces}-
    Shun Kingdom [Ming Tributary] {11 Provinces}-
    Qin Kingdom [Ming Tributary] {8 Provinces}-
    Jin Kingdom [Ming Tributary] {11 Provinces}-
    Yan Kingdom [Ming Tributary] {10 Provinces}-

    Southeast Asia

    Kingdom of Hanthawaddy Pegu {10 Provinces}-
    Dali Kingdom {11 Provinces}-
    Đại Việt {8 Provinces}- @Lê Nhân Tông [Dại Việt]
    Kingdom of Ayutthaya {10 Provinces}- @Devinator80
    [Ayutthaya] Kingdom of Champa {8 Provinces}-
    The Malay Sultanate of Malacca {11 Provinces}- @General Antonio Luna [Malacca]
    Sultanate of Aceh {8 Provinces}-
    Majapahit Empire {8 Provinces}-
    Empire of Brunei {8 Provinces}-
    Kutai Kartanegara Sultanate {8 Provinces}-
    Sultanate of Gowa [Makassar] {8 Provinces}-


    Ryukyu Kingdom [East Transbaikalia] {2 Provinces}-
    Ainu Tribal Federation {7 Provinces}- TAKEN

    Ashikaga Shogunate [North Honshu] {2 Provinces} - @Myth [Ashikaga Clan]
    Shimazu Clan [Ashikaga Vassal] [Shikoku and Kyushu] {3 Provinces}-
    Shoni Clan [Ashikaga Vassal] [Papua] {1 Province}-
    Otomo Clan [Ashikaga Vassal] [Kaiser Wilhelm’s Land] {1 Province}-
    Ouchi Clan [Ashikaga Vassal] [South Dutch Papua] {3 Provinces}-
    Hosokawa Clan [Ashikaga Vassal] [Dutch West Papua] {3 Provinces}-
    Yamana Clan [Ashikaga Vassal] [North Irkutsk] {1 Province}-
    Oda Clan [Ashikaga Vassal] [North Okhotsk] {1 Province}- Kaikirigaya [Oda Clan]
    Shiba Clan [Ashikaga Vassal] [South Yakutia] {1 Province}-
    Uesugi Clan [Ashikaga Vassal] [Amur] {1 Province}-
    Satake Clan [Ashikaga Vassal] [Mindanao] {1 Province}-
    Ando Clan [Ashikaga Vassal] [Luzon] {2 Provinces}-
    Date Clan [Ashikaga Vassal] [Okhotsk] {1 Province}- @Count [Date Clan]
    Nanbu Clan [Ashikaga Vassal] [Koryakia] {1 Province}-

    Hello fellow Role-players, I thought i would start with a quick update on the RPU and what has been going on recently.
    We recently wrapped up two 100 player RPs, the cold war roleplay and the failed revolutions 2 roleplay, they lasted 60 and 90 days respectively.
    We are about to start a 31 player roleplay based on failed revolutions part 3 on supremacy 1914 and a 100p roleplay on Call of War, called 1905 Concert of Europe.
    We are also looking to start a 150p roleplay on the 500p map.
    The RPU consists of 121 role-players. Turk is on a mini-hiatus and Carthy has been promoted to current leader.

    We are happy to announce our first (at least in a long while) 500p map roleplay. The map of this roleplay can be seen with the following link:

    https: //

    I couldn't fit it within the upload limits, rest in peace, so delete the space in the link and search it (I couldn't figure out how to do the image lol). For information and rules regarding the roleplay please check out this google document:…imWuNnVA/edit?usp=sharing

    We will be doing events within the roleplay and intend for it to last a long period of time (3+ months) with casual roleplay, 1-3 articles a week should suffice. We have rules on the papacy, the Holy Roman Empire, the Mandate of Heaven, War, Exploration, Country Technologies (based on ingame year), and great powers. The roleplay will include, colonisation, the Holy Roman Empire, Chinese Mandate of Heaven, The Papacy and (possible) Crusades, The Age of Islam, The Japanese Shogunates, and the Indian Subcontinent.

    We currently have 87 roleplayers within the discord for the 150p roleplay, most of whom have applied. Thus, we require 63 more roleplayers (we need all the guys/gals we can get!). It would be highly recommended that you join the discord should you be interested in the roleplay. The Discord can be found here:

    Please drop into the discord to get the latest information on the rules, and available player countries. A list of currently playable countries can be seen below in next post (a little dodgy and maybe slightly inaccurate):

    I think this thread has perhaps become side-tracked, that being said I think the community has clearly expressed that they are not behind latest update regarding unit trading and the limitations to resource trading specifically. The primary advocate (and only from what i gather? at least here.) for the update is Demonaire, and although he is entitled to an opinion, and to the expression of said opinion. He is, however, still a member Byto's staff base and thus perhaps inclined to side with his employer, no offense or anything demon but you are a member of staff first before you are a member of the community. It is literally your job (also i'm low-key annoyed you didn't respond to my counter-argument, but it be like that sometimes.).

    Thus I suspect it is now up to Bytro as to whether they wish to implement any changes or revert any of the changes they have thus far put into place. Some of these include:

    - Alerting the community to possible changes 2-3 weeks prior to their implementation. Could include polling or other methods of feedback.
    - Reverting changes to unit and resource trading,

    - If this was done to resolve an exploit or other 'bug', I'm sure the community would be happy to brainstorm other solutions with you if only we are given the chance.

    - Implementation of a Map editor system to start one's own customised matches, could cost an equal or greater amount of money (in goldmark) required to run the server. I don't know how much server space it requires to run a game, but simply make this the cost with a 50% mark-up or something similar, thus making it profitable.

    Ultimately the community (by and large) does not approve of the two latest updates, and we do love this game, we just don't want to feel as though we are the enemy of some sort. When we should be working together for mutual benefit.



    You are operating under the belief that the trading of units is inherently unrealistic. I have supplied a reasonable explanation for the mechanic and posed real-life scenarios in which it has occurred (this explains the 20 grain upkeep as I have demonstrated twice, refer to prior posts.). This kind of explanation has occured for literally years among the roleplaying community, there are many things which are not present in the game that would have occurred in real life including logistic trains, the ability to move outside of predetermined nodes, and the training of mech crews. Implementing these things would detract from the simplicity of the game, which is a bad thing. You speak of Occam's Razor to explain that you are giving over an entire arty crew instead of just the arty pieces. But this is not the simplist solution as dictated by the principle . The simplest solution is to look at what the game is based around (WW1) and what the mechanic is based on (arms deals, lend-leases.) and say they are the same.

    In terms of the giving of troops to a better PVPer. You state that it is not teamwork because... It doesn't require coordination, the players are shirking there duties, and it denaturalises fighting? On coordination, both parties (contrater + merc) will still fight as only a small portion can be given away at a time (10%) and it really is not a good strat to dedicate your resource to economy when the easiest and fastest way to build an economy is through expansion (unless you really stuffed up early game). People act as though a small nation can survive against a big nation, but in reality this is not true, if both players are equal skill the small country will lose 90% of the time. On players shirking their duties, again they will fight, it is not feasible to leave out the armies of your friends simply because you are better. On it denaturalising fighting, I had to google denaturalisation lol, again if i have 50 provs and my pvp buddy has 50 provs, we will both have equal armies, even if i give him 10% of my army it is still advantageous for me to fight as well, or we will simply lose to a 100 prov country. I would also like to point out you ignored many of my points. i.e. the following (includes a few extra)

    - Only 10% of an army can be traded at any one time, limiting the ability for this to even be feasible.

    - Have you ever seen this tactic used in a public match? I haven't in my two years. Makes it a non-issue.

    - You are still fighting the same amount of men.
    - You are still fighting 2+ countries with the same amount of land.

    - Less mobilisation hurts.

    - Ultimately some may prefer the economic mechanics over the PVP mechanics (idk why but they may). Before you use this, it is okay to enjoy different mechanics of the same game, everyone has their own play-style lol. We don't want to discourage any one playstyle as that will merely push players form the game. This is more a general statement than anything else.

    Also low-key I've never seen you in an RP? If you want to join one hit me up lol.



    I used the destroyer as an example last time, this time I will use artillery as the example as you have. If I sell another country an artillery piece I sell them the artillery equipment, normally my artllery crew would cost 20 grain to operate this. However once I sell the artillery I keep my arty crew and the other country uses one of their arty crew to man the artillery they just bought. Thus they pay the 20 grain for the use of there artillery crew. No transaction of soldiers or nationals have occured, only the transfer of the artillery pieces themselves. This is done literally all over the world in billion dollar arms deals. I don't know were you got the notion that you have to merge infantry with a mech in order to use it, perhaps you are saying that you need soldiers to man the artillery. However these crews are not infantry, they are simply trained artillery crews that do not show on the map as they are not used to fight.

    On the idea of giving men to someone in your group that is a better PVPer. This is simply teamwork and i can tell you right now this would never happen between randoms. Is it a bad thing, no, you are still playing against the same amount of men with the same amount of land as if you had fought them all when they were controlling there own soldiers. Could this even happen, not really, 10% of an army being slightly upskilled is not enough to turn the tide of war. I mean ultimately if they employ this tactic you were going to fight the two of them anyway as they are friends outside of the individual game and will fight for each other regardless. Really this does not occur commonly, I myself have literally never seen it in my 2 years of play, and the negatives clearly out-weigh the positives (particularly if this is your 'positive').



    When someone pays you to give them a destroyer or other vehicle, you buy it and then you man said vehicle with your own soldiers, thus costing you grain. When someone sells you guns, you buy them and give them to your people so that they can fight. Unit trading does not inherently require the transference of people but rather the transference of equipment. The trading of units can simply be explained in real-life terms as arm-trading as per my above examples.

    In terms of your last statement, I am unsure what it is you are referencing or complaining about. Is it working with your enemy's enemy that is bugging you, or is it turning a neutral player into your ally to counter a mutual threat? You use the word 'superplayer', I'm unsure what that means, this isn't superpositioning or something lol. The scenario you describe is also low-key just gonna kill the contractor as this 'super-player' is likely in it for themselves, unless they are friends in which case that's fine as well if they are in an alliance or whatever.



    I believe that we agree on both that the addition of Elite AI is a good thing and that the removal of resource trading is a bad thing (correct me if i'm wrong). However you believe that Unit trading should be removed for primary reason that it is unrealistic. Thus in order to counter your arguement one must prove that it is realistic? Let me give this a shot through reference to arms trading throughout history in the real world. In 2018, 25$bn worth of arms dealing occured, USA sold 10.5$bn worth. This included guns (infantry), aircraft (fighters, bombers), Tanks (tanks), IFVs (armoured cars), among other arms.

    Surely in World War 1 you have heard of Gallipoli? In Australia we have a whole national holiday based around the event from the sacrifice of ANZAC men. This campaign was in part coordinated to open up trade routes with the Russians in order to supply them with guns (infantry), and other arms and supplies (like oil) for their fight. Today you have probably heard of countries supplying the Saudis with arms.

    In WW2, America lend-leased a large amount of arms to the british and allies (as well as russia and china) when they themselves were not even in the war. This was totally almost 697$bn in todays currency. And included material supplies such as oil, as well as weaponry such as aircraft (fighters, bombers), warships (LCs, BBs) and guns (infantry).

    Anyway, It is realistic. Although there may be another argument in support of the removal of unit trading, this is not it.


    Thought I may as well chip in real quick.

    This update is largely good, however, I like many others am not a fan of the limitations placed on unit trading and resource trading. This is an easy fix, just revert back to the old system, afterall if it isn't broke why fix it? There seems to be limited interaction between the community and the developers, the forums seem largely void of any acknowledgement of feedback and the last update seems to be evidence of the community being ignored. Is there any other way in which we can deliver our feedback? Like the use of a voluntary poll in the update where members of the community can agree or disagree with certain changes that are to be implemented? Or like a discord to express this feedback, that an actual developer or 'higher-up' or community manager is a part of? Afterall people are less likely to spend money on a game they not as engaged in, it is a mutually beneficial system.

    Anyway, just my two cents.