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    im still trying to figure this out myself.

    Agrees with the basic principles as stated above

    1) Invest in energy. Focus on those double energy resources if you got em.

    2) Use your sliders. Gas and Coal are needed but are used for very specific things. you can use your sliders to increase consumption and minimize the stockpiling of those two unless you need them and let your Oil resources fill up.

    I would add a few other things to that

    3) Increase morale. Production is affected by Morale. Low moral = low output. It is easy to over look. Get your moral in those provinces to 100% or as high as you can.

    4) guard against spies. Bah! ive had games that my economy has gone from humming to shambles by enemies focusing on sending agents into my nation and mucking about with my morale and resources. Even causing revolts in newly conquered high resource territories that i had counted on.

    5) Be aware of the consumption of your units. High tier units use oil some use a lot of it. If your struggling with oil you may want to postpone building more units that consume or have a high oil upkeep until you have that issue straightend out.

    I've only been playing for a couple of months now and still feel like there is stuff here i dont quite understand fully, so perhaps you should take my advise with a grain of salt.

    oh... and to answer your question.... I dont think you can "lower the upkeep of population" unless you do lose territories,,,,which is kinda counter productive.

    .... would be nice if they at least sent out a message when someone spent GM in a game, and how much. At least then the rest of us would know if we were losing due to someone with superior strategy or mana from heaven.

    But they wont. They make money off of Gold Marks. The more people think its the key to winning the more people will buy them. It is counter to thier business model to do anything that may discourage people from buying gold mark.

    They have a right to make money from their efforts. Its just annoying that i feel the rules are super vague so im constantly wondering if something happens or another nation jumps ahead because im missing a fundemental item on how to play, or they are dumping real cash into the game.

    I am not saying to get rid of the current model.

    The above idea is a seperate mode of the game that people would CHOOSE to join. So you could continue enjoying the game as is.

    i agree, the majority of player prolly dont want to pay and never will pay to play. This idea is for those who dont mind paying and having the flexibility of additional "credits" to spend, but want to avoid the run away spenders.

    I've been thinking a lot about Gold Marks and how annoying it can be to run into people who dump tons of gold into the game and while they may not win can still ruin the experiance for someone who is looking to try to match tactical wits with someone and not have a war of wallets. Now, before people break out the flame throwers, i understnad GM is how the game is "free to play" so i am not compaining about the concept of gold marks, i am just proposing a different way to use them, perhaps as a different mode of play. Granted this would require the creators to put new systems in place but as i have seen different versions of Supremacy roll our and different maps i dont think my suggestion is out of the realm of possibilities. Finally, this is just a suggustion.. a thought experiment. Perhaps other games have tried it or there is some flaw i am over looking. Its just an idea. Ok, so now after i doused myself with flame retardent... here is is

    Gold Bonds

    A Gold Bond game is a game that does not allow in game purchase of Gold Marks. Period. Once the game has started you are NOT allowed to purchase any additional Gold Marks. However, to join the game you need to buy "Gold Bonds". Its a buy in cost. EVERYONE needs to pay in to join. Everyone who wants to play pays the same amount and gets GOLD BONDS. Gold Bonds are only good for the game you buy them for. Use them or lose them. But you can spend them anytime you wish, and exactly the same way you would spend gold marks.

    The designers could figure out the **average GM** players buy during a game. I have no idea what that amount would be. But lets assume for the moment the average amount spent by ALL the players in a game is $20, then that would be the buy in price. The desginers would still get thier $$ and everyone would need to chip in who wanted to play.

    The game wouldnt start until all spots were filled, and if the game didnt launch/was cancelled the Gold Bonds would be turned into Gold Marks. I think that may be the the biggest caveat. I am not sure if people would buy into this, i think it really would be what the buy in cost was.

    Anyway, its just a thought experiment. Perhaps this sort of thing has been already discussed ad nauseum. But its new to me.

    What do YOU think?

    Look i dont know if your joking, hard to tell if thats sarcasm or not.

    But i dont understand what is so hard about putting a toggle in the settings where i can turn on and off one click gold marks.

    That way the people who want to fast spend can, And those that dont can opt out.

    Like if i spend $50 and want to mass produce stuff, i can toggle the confirm off. Buy Buy Buy. Then when i get to my last 5K gold marks turn on the cofirm again so i can "bank" my remaining gold and not worry about a stray thumb movement from wasting it.

    This really is perhaps more of an issue for those of us playing on mobile apps like iPhones.

    I AM NOT complaining about people using gold marks. I think they are a valid part of the game. I just think it sucks that the layout on mobile apps leads to accidental spending of GM, when there are such easy (generally speaking) fixes.

    Your anger is understandable and I will pass it on. The main reason such button does not exist is actually because according to our game designers and marketing guys such pop up would annoy more then that accidently spending annoys.

    Such pop ups would have to be used to frequently when doing stuff e.g. speeding up buildings you speed up 12hours at a time if you need to speed up 2 days you'd be met with 4 times this pop up. Making true spending annoying which they from a marketing perspective find a bad idea.

    This is the reasoning why such button does not exist and is not planned. I do however argue you could make a settings option whether or not you want such comfirmation button

    Ok Namer, I know your just toeing the line so im not actually upset with you trying to explain things. But come on. A simple double tap would ease the frustration, and i dont think it would really impact the speed of those who just want to dump cash. Tap... vs tap tap (or in your case. Tap tap vs tap tap tap tap.... isnt really that major of a time difference, not compared to having to deposit more money and how much time that takes after you spend a bunch on something you dont need totally by accident because your finger shifted on the screen. Or YES put it in the settings were you can turn off and on the confirmation button. Id leave confirmation off on my computer but turn it on on my cell, perhaps on on my iPad....but its not such a major issue there.

    The excuse of "we do it for you the customers" is like cook saying they never clean thier cooking equipment because "people wouldnt like it if they couldnt eat cause we were cleaning". FU!

    Its all about the money. They want it as fast as they can get it in any way they can. They run a business, i dont blame them for wanting to make money. I like money too. I just like having a choice where i spend my money. Heck, im gonna keep playing. i just wont be depositing any of my own money into thier game until they fix this.. and i will be vocul about my displeasure cause this sorta behavior against thier own fan base really irks me.

    i have spent thousands of gold marks by accident on my iphone. The buttons are huge, easy to press by accient and their is no confirmation.


    I will NEVER EVER BUY GOLD MARKS. EVER. until this is fixed. There is no reason to not have a confirmation when spend rl currency like this aside from either being too lazy to code it or just wanting to grift what ever extra cash they can.

    It really sucks. Why buy gold marks if there is a 50/50 chance they will just be wasted.

    I'm glad i hadn't voted on the iphone app yet. I love this game but its going from 5 stars to 3 because of this.

    And no, i shouldn't have to appeal for my money back. This shouldnt be how it works in the first place, spending gold marks to do things should be an exception.. not an accident. Its either a truely stupid game design or an brilliant game design, either way i am severely disappointed.

    #Kezikarp Grembeurgo, thanks for that comprehensive reply. I was really worried about fuel issues. Looks like my planes are powered by upsadasium ;), so i guess no worries. Ive tried my aircraft out and i gotta say i am very pleased by thier ability to scout. A bit worried about using bombers unless i have a massive fleet of them.

    #nemuritor98, heh good tip. i suppose that makes some sense. Not only do you need to move the aircraft but all the support organization that goes with it that was based at the first airfield. I guess i sorta see the planes as being an abstract. The plane icon itself only represents the sortie target. Planes are constantly leaving the airfield back and forth, you just dont see it. So when you "move" your base of operations to a new airfield it requires you to shift all the support organization and aircraft.

    I just got my first fighter and have no idea if im going to get it killed on its first sortie..

    Is there a comprehensive thread on balloons, fighters and bombers?

    The explanations i have found really are bad.

    How does patrol work?

    Do you need to just partol above your city? your own regions? How far out can a plane patrol?

    Does it spot everything in its view radius?

    what is the radius can it see?

    Does it run out of fuel or just return?

    If there is an existing thread please someone point me in the right direction....

    I think a 2 hour game would be worth trying, but it kinda ignores what makes S14 so awesome for me. If implemented i do not think it should, or would, be the only mode of play. I prefer the long 20+ day world wide slog fest i have been in. But "sitting down" with some friends for a super fast real time 1-2 hour game could be fascinating.

    Supremacy 1914 IS NOT and SHOULD NOT try to be the twitch fest most real time strategy games have become that cater to the streamers and podcasters. There is nothing wrong with a long version strategy campaign that requires strategy, diplomacy and a bit of subterfuge over days or weeks to play out. That is something that has been lacking, IMHO, in games for ages. This game is EPIC and i appreciate it for what it is.

    There are multiple modes of play with faster and slower clocks, no reason with some tweaks the twitch players can't get what they want....maybe.

    Ok, newbie player here.

    if someone is attacking your sub- move it a little bit to the right or left and you are save from any range attack

    OP mechanic

    I tried using a sub last game. Made one sub, attacked a stack of 72 transports, blew up 14 before the stack sunk my sub. I had thought id be able to retreat my sub out of combat before i lost it but the transports seemed to hold me in place.

    I am not sure what you mean by "move a little bit left or right" perhaps you just mean perspective ... i think "forward and back". It seems to me once you engage troops retreating is very hard if not impossible. The same event happened with one of my cruisers where the same player used a small stack of transports to hold my cruiser in place while he brought more units into the fray. I tried withdrawing my cruiser but it wouldnt budge.

    Should subs be able to strike and melt away? Is there a special way to use them?