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    Oh, wait, I'm an idiot. I meant to post a thing about allowing small AI to be playable, and with the 'all counties, all in" I though they had filled my request. I guess I never posted the thread... Oh well, it still happened, I'm still happy, sorry for the confusion.

    The idea makes sense, and a level 2 airport added to the game would make it a little more interesting, but I feel it would be unrealistic for the time period. Every regiment is 1,000 soldiers each (I believe it's 1,000, might be more.) and most planes at the time were one or two seaters. I simply don't think you would have the technology at the time to pull it off, and since a fighter planes are so expensive, it wouldn't make sense for them to be airborne at anytime. But for all I know, I could be 100% wrong. Either way, I like the idea, but so the same issue of stacking up infantry to destroy ships doesn't reach the air as well, they should be defenseless with basically no health.

    This idea would ruin the experience for free players. All free players know that gold users are already overpowered, and we often dogpile on them, then go back to a normal, fair game. This would cause the same issue, everyone would dogpile them because they're so much stronger than everyone else. In short, you're paying 50$ to get jumped, or steam roll through servers. Either way, the game would become a lot less fun, and a lot more unfair.

    I have a long and reasonable argument about this. I want this to get to the creators, and I'm not really sure how, and I was told to go here, so here I am. First off, I personally want this, because I feel that the game has a lot more to offer, but the maps limit this. If the everyday player can make their own maps using what the game already has, the gameplay could be endless. Bored of the maps? make your own! the players would be given the ability to change nearly everything in the game. They can either pick existing provinces, or make their own. They could also modify the existing provinces to make it easier. They should be able to edit the population, resource production, what kind of resource, what buildings they start with, what buildings they can make, and morale. They pick how many soldiers someone starts with, where they are, and what their morale is. They can make new nations, and edit existing nations. They would be able to change the flag, name, and what kind of units and buildings they can make and start with. You could also change the amount of resource someone starts with in relation to what nation they're making. They can change the amount of resources that it takes to build something. and change their upkeep. Obviously, most of theses game could either be unfair, or ridicules, so the games won't be ranked. But the option of being ranked should be available, but must be deemed ranked. I could go on about smaller details, but I think the idea is pretty clear, and having anything like this would add a whole new side of the game, even if it's simplified.