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    Ok, I can agree speed matters, especially in a game that is 2-3x faster than CoW or old Supre. (I've never been in favor of playing faster because it's not for me)

    I think the heavy tank is still stuck. In pvp bigger than in the fight against bots.

    maybe one day we will find out, but I will not say the first impression from the statistics, vs AI, overpower LT is insane

    Forgive me for replying every few days, watching only this game, I stopped playing because of the lack of people and the bad mechanics morale province

    you do not look kat speed Oktan

    so I am guessing you excel in smashing big stacks against big stack

    off players look for quick units to utilize breakthrough , severe logistic lines, destroy reinforcements and conquer factories. LT is 2 * better at that.

    If anyone allows themselves to break the front line and seize factories, cites they are long past him. For this even a cavalry is enough.

    I think on the front against another player. From experience from the old supre and Cow, I know that artillery, and especially here, can handle the LT slightly.


    so I am guessing you excel in smashing big stacks against big stack

    what do you mean exactly?

    You only look at simple statistics and level 1.

    Heavy tanks

    + heavy armor (hard to smash at the beginning, look at the flamethrower how hard it is to overcome)

    + universal. Can easily be used for defense.

    + artillery is not scary for him. (only howitzer)

    - smaller hp, slower

    Light tanks

    + somehow has a lot of hp.

    + good damage against light armor, that's all

    + fast

    - the same problems as cavalry. It will eventually lose so much hp that it's easy to turn it off

    - a great target for artillery and bombers.

    I don't associate modifiers for terrain, but it seems to be heavy it works better in different areas.

    All of yours and even my experience is related to beating bots. if the 84-person map has at least 5 active players after 5 days it is good (even on English servers) Therefore, unfortunately, I do not play, but I watch development.

    Plus the player didn't let (smarter) drive the tank, and experience with old supre and CoW provides great forces on artillery and flying units.

    At first glance, it seems a OP units, but in practice ... meh

    it's not as strong as it seems on paper. Yes, maybe 3 times better than cavalry, but it has the same disadvantages as her. I still stay heavy.

    Artillery is a serious enemy for them, and many units that easily counter light armor.

    heavy tanks are good versus light, as they are a universal (good for def and atack) unit and have massive damage vs light armor.

    entry to the game closes after 3 days, but I write in the chat to join who wants.. Unfortunately I won't have time to play myself :(

    This system totally dont working.

    I did not attack anyone for 5 days, I occupied two additional provinces that belonged to the insurgents of neighboring countries. My punishment was probably from -10.

    And my popularity dropped from 77% to 10%. gg I'm in danger by bots.

    I do not know if I would like to send expensive, important to me units send for death. For me, mechanics makes sense (although the ratio of the dead will be the least clear)

    Including units for several days is a very interesting mechanic. In total, everything will be explained in truth PVP, not fighting bots. Now we have a good pve game :)

    Were these "neutral areas" provinces owned by other players or the AI?


    Hey Oktan, I would recommend that you use the "relation view mode" (you can turn it on and off in the settings in the top right). This colors all enemies in red, all allies in blue, yourself in green and neutrals in yellow. This could help you in distinguishing friend and foe better.

    I know the features in the game, I have been playing your games since 2011. despite my blindness, many people complain about the totally illegible map. Its not only me opinion.


    I agree with you. the game is overwhelming with information, the guide doesn't explain much. I started writing my own, but I can't finish it because I leave for work for a few long weeks.

    does not explain that your country will fall apart at 60 provinces if you do not spaming bilions with offices.

    We tested the spy behaviour and couldn't verify the issue you described.
    What might have happend there is that the enemy had a scout in the stack in the province in question. In that case the spy was visible to the stack and the stack would have attacked the spy.

    Another possibility is that the spy was spoted by an enemy scout. Scouts have a slightly bigger view range then spies, meaning it is possible that the spy was spotted without you even notecing. However, even in that case the spy would just walk through enemy lines, unless the other player is actively attacking the spotted spy.

    I don't have any screenshots, so I can't confirm it now, but I checked and went through neutral areas.

    Next things @Arcorian

    1. The colors on the map are totally unreadable. You have such a mosaic in front of your eyes that it is not able to determine who is where and who has breached front.

    im color-blind, but I've never had such problems in any Bystro game. and most players will agree with that.


    Sometimes it is difficult to assess where the center of the province is.

    Ok Ok i have name and icon of cloth, but when i turn off this i dont know wher its it. Particularly annoying in some cities where you have several stacks

    2. Reports from lost armies are totally unreliable. You can't tell what exactly you died if you don't remember it right. Will they be able to expand it, e.g. by clicking on the report, would show the place and exactly what units were killed.


    things that are repeated in each of our production. This is just an example but shows how there is no visibility in the field. In the 5 vs 5 stacks battle in the city, visibility is totally zero, that you can't even guide the artillery well.

    4. bridges and rivers

    There is no transition between sections of the river that have been crossed by roads. A flowing army must leave and return to the water.

    And patrol boats cannot watch rivers, so there is no real and direct defense or capture.

    @Oktan: Yes, with Elite AI it poses quite a challenge to know that you will be at war with the entire AI world regardless what you do.

    Further, the game lacks tools to improve your reputation. In the old stand alone 'Making History', you could do a bunch of things to improve relations, like send gifts (goods or troops or provinces to the AI. I mentioned the old 'Making History; , bc this game and the other Bytro war games are much alike.

    Yes, I agree, without additional options from the deal with AI, we only have eternal wars. This game is about conquering and fighting. fighting with AI is boring after 3 days with the desire to throw a map into the archive.

    If they wanted to introduce additional elements from AI they must take into account, give players tools that will allow us to act.

    On this large map for 84 pp. I gave all bots the right to walk. From 55% of the starting value it increased to 75%. But one war and i have almost 1%. For me it's the most bugged thing in this game. Domino effect. 1-2 days and you have a war with 10 bots. With such a system, these maps will be practically unplayable, because even in the old supre and CoW, large maps are sometimes empty. And the scenarios also have the same reason. You can't play team games if half of the players become inactive.

    Hello there,

    Hmn looking at the monstrous number of conscripts after a few days of play, and even a small expansion. I think the limit function of these units can help.

    The reason is the cost of maintaining them. It is only 15 units of each raw material, but with their number it increases to astronomical numbers.

    I propose 3 variants.

    1. Limit X per province in your possession.

    2. Limit set by the player. With minimum and maximum. That someone would not use the fact of their absence.

    3. or two variants together.


    in addition, management becomes terrible for such a quantity



    I think this is the biggest mistake of this game. They are totally useless. You can't go deeper into enemy territory because one conscript will stop you in the center of the province.

    If it is supposed to look like this and they are so invisible. Let it be all the time that no unit is able to attack or discover them except scouts.

    Or I'm doing something wrong with them

    I can feel you on the Mortar Infantry and Grenadiers. I like the idea of there being a variety of units to have, but grenadiers seem kinda pointless if you think about it. Calvary are strong fast attack units, and Infantry are good defense units, both Infantry. Grenadiers are meant more against Light Armored units, but I think most people later in the game shift to Artillery or Howitzers, which do a lot against Light Armored units but at a range. It's more of an early-game unit I suppose. I'm completely for more units, but I don't think Grenadiers are at the point of use

    Exactly, artillery pushes these two units to the trash.

    Hmn as to the roads I agree with this (post on another topic) that they are an interesting challenge.

    I am an old player from old supre and CoW and this is a new strange mechanic for me.