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    I would never pay for a game. I do not even enter games that you have to pay GMs to enter.

    I have no idea how this problem could be fixed. I think that if there where pay for play matches, they would need to have several things to make sure that the player knows what they are about to get into.

    It is a little unfair that the GM users can just pay for GMs to win a game. But the way me and other players get back at the GM users is try to make it the most expensive game for them. After all, no one would empty their bank account just to win a game.

    However, think of it this way, the GM users made supremacy1 happen by buying GMs from supremacy1914.

    Okay, maybe it is a glitch but it is happening. As you can see there are pictures in color.

    Nether I, nor the other person has High Command. So how is it happening?

    Ive been seeing some coloured pictures in some newspaper articles, but mine are black and white. Can anybody elaborate on this

    They are from when a player changes the nation's profile pictures. That is my best guess. I could be wrong, but why else would the same pictures from the nation's profile be in the news?

    Yeah, on 500 player maps, when a player has uploaded a pictures to their nations profile, sometimes you see the pictures on the news in color. I think it only happens on 500 player maps, though I might be wrong. I am in a 500 p now and, though I did not put any pictures in the news, every time I post to the news there is a picture that goes in with it. I see it happen with other players too. The one I am in now, every time a certain person post in the news, a picture of a dog also get put in the news.