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    Okay, so, I am in the game that Mr.Dutch made a thread about in the community section (game number 2862815). And I am having a lot of problems in it.

    1st. Transportation ships are going on to roads. For some reason, units are being loaded on to the transportation ships to use roads. I do not know how it is possible but it is happening. Also, they have the values of transportation ships.

    2nd. I gave orders to my units, but they are just saying in one place. I also tried to build more units, but nothing is being built.

    3ed. I tried posting to the news paper to see if anyone else is having this problem, but after I pushed the send bottom nothing happened. The timer is still running, other players' units are moving, and units are still fighting.

    Can someone tell me what is going on?

    I know, and at least have it so that if people on inactive they can rejoin the coalition they were in. For example, in the 4 times speed match I am in, a person can go inactive by not being online for one day, which is 4 days in game. Yet if you return to the game, you cannot get back in a coalition for 3 real days.

    Is "leaving a coalition" the same as going inactive? No, it is not.

    While we are on the subject of 4 times speed matches, I think it would be nice if players would not be marked as inactive for missing a day.

    Some may say that this thread does not belong here, but I think that it does. While I was playing a 4 times speed map, I fell inactive, and my coalition fell apart. When I tried to make a new coalition, it said that I have to wait 2 and half more real days. Which, on a 4 times map, it is 10 days in game. Now because all trading can only be done through coalitions, I have allies that need things that I have and they have things that I need, but we cannot trade because we are not in a coalition.

    What I would suggest is that, on 4 times speed maps, shorten the time to which you can join or rejoin a coalition. If it could just be shortened to one day, it would be very nice. I am not saying shorten all coalition cool down times, just in the 4 times speed maps.

    Players, tell me what you think. Have you been in a 4 times speed map and have the same thing happen to you?

    Supremacy 1914, Supremacy1, Call of War 1942, Conflict of Nations World War 3, and New World Empires. Basically all of Bytro Lab's games. Although, I have not tried Mars Tomorrow.

    I also play Rule the Waves 2. It is a game where you are an admiral of a nations navy. I like it because you can create your own ships in it.

    That is about it.

    Players who try the game and then abandon it are only abandoning the tutorial map as they don't even join a second map,

    That is not true to the point of new players just join the tutorial. I have seen in many matches on CoW, S1914, and other Bytro Lab's games, where new players join the tutorial, get bored, join a new match, get bored with that match, and then join another new match to finally stop playing the game without ever playing for more than a day.

    The percentage of players already going inactive - even with so few players - in the Great War map (as in CoW and old s914) is already simply shocking.

    I think that is why they made the elite AI for all. If you think about it, all the players that have gone inactive do not put up a good fight if the AI is a push over.

    However, I think that the not enough players and inactives problems will not be problems once more people hear about the game. After all, there are only about 10k players in the game. Intel then, I think a good way to get more active player in one match is to post the game number to the forum. That way the players that want a good game with many other players in it can have what they want.

    Well if that is the case, then I think that the people who do not mind paying would probably would like to see something like that happen.

    It is a good idea for the players who pay in small amounts and do not like the "big spenders". You would get support from those type of players. I think that it is a good idea if, like you said, it is a separate mode of the game. If it is like that, I have no objections. Good luck.

    I would never pay for a game. I do not even enter games that you have to pay GMs to enter.

    I have no idea how this problem could be fixed. I think that if there where pay for play matches, they would need to have several things to make sure that the player knows what they are about to get into.

    It is a little unfair that the GM users can just pay for GMs to win a game. But the way me and other players get back at the GM users is try to make it the most expensive game for them. After all, no one would empty their bank account just to win a game.

    However, think of it this way, the GM users made supremacy1 happen by buying GMs from supremacy1914.

    Okay, maybe it is a glitch but it is happening. As you can see there are pictures in color.

    Nether I, nor the other person has High Command. So how is it happening?

    Ive been seeing some coloured pictures in some newspaper articles, but mine are black and white. Can anybody elaborate on this

    They are from when a player changes the nation's profile pictures. That is my best guess. I could be wrong, but why else would the same pictures from the nation's profile be in the news?

    Okay, I have looked into whither the empty (non-resource) provinces produce a tax output in the map "The Great War", and...

    They do not. I looked at the tax output of every province but the empty and added them up, and I got the same amount the top of the screen says I am producing. You would think that the cities would have a greater tax output, but they do not have anything.

    Yeah, on 500 player maps, when a player has uploaded a pictures to their nations profile, sometimes you see the pictures on the news in color. I think it only happens on 500 player maps, though I might be wrong. I am in a 500 p now and, though I did not put any pictures in the news, every time I post to the news there is a picture that goes in with it. I see it happen with other players too. The one I am in now, every time a certain person post in the news, a picture of a dog also get put in the news.


    I think this is the biggest mistake of this game.

    Spies suck! There is no point to them. And most of all, they are talked about in several threads as being bad. I should say that we should to learn how to make the best use of them, but I cannot find a good use for them other than when you have too much resources and you think "what is the best way to waste resources?"

    Oh, that makes since, sorry. I would have to agree that not having those kind of spies makes the game different, and less about strategy and more about charging into the enemy.

    There are spies in the game, you just have to research and build them. The spies in the game range from level 1 to level 3. Level 1 is very weak, but level 3 has 300 hit points. All the spies in the game are stealthed units that can only be seen by scout units. I think you get the spies on day 3 or 4.

    As for the empty (non-resource) provinces that you cannot see the tax output, I have no idea. Maybe they do not produce tax because they have Victory Points. I do not know, but it is a great question that I did not even think of.