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    i dont think it would really impact the speed of those who just want to dump cash. Tap... vs tap tap (or in your case. Tap tap vs tap tap tap tap.... isnt really that major of a time difference

    You are wrong.

    I was up against a big spender (who only joined thatgame to take revenge, because I beat him earlier) and was only minutes from taking his 2nd last factory site and 20 minutes from taking his last provinces.

    I owned everything from North Africa (southern end of the map) to Scandinavia (northern end of the map), except some Middle eastern parts and Russia, owned by my ally. The USA had a player, who remained rather neutral.

    My enemy owned onl 2 factories and 2 more provinces in Spain.

    You think I won?


    I lost :)))

    But he spend many, many millions of gold to stop me.

    Had he had to click confirm everytime he produced a missile (100's of 'm), he could not have produced a 3rd, maybe not a 1/4th even, alongside 10's of Tacs + fighters, HT's etc. andsoforth.

    Not forgetting that he sabotaged away all airfields up to deep in France, Italy and North Africa, to stop my bombings. Mind you, airfields level 3 in fully maxed out cities....

    His super fast production saved him and he would not have made it with only a 1/4th of what he so rapidly produced.

    Do I mind? No! I made the game very, very, very expensive for him :))) That is a kind of victory too.

    Ofc, I would rather have won, which I would have if he had gotten on 20 minutes later.

    So, yes, pls introduce that button. Not for the LD's of this game, but to slow down the enemy hahahaha.