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    So I am proposing a discussion. An auto-retaliation feature that allows player to tell units how to react to an attack. I am not sure how a system like this could look but in order to keep with SP1914 systems, I'd suggest something like the artillery `Fire Control`

    Maybe something like:

    Reaction Control (shit name)

    () Immediate Counter-attack (troops march towards enemy)

    () Flee Area (flee artillery/railgun/enemy troops marching directly towards player)

    () Stand Ground (default)

    () Enter closest Fortress (find refuge in closest fortress?)

    So, I am not sure - it is not a great proposal. But the idea of an auto-retaliation feature I feel is a good discussion topic. Hopefully other people have ideas they want to add. I just attacked an AFK enemy after 2-3weeks and I feel bad that he is losing all his troops while probably working or doing whatever irl. Essentially I am proposing we give players a level of AI whilst the player is AFK.

    Thanks for reading.

    It would probably be an issue that big spenders, who spend GM multiple times in a row to boost troops/buildings, would have to click dozens of confirmation windows to spend their currency.

    A "disable confirmation window for 15 minutes" checkbox would solve that issue.

    I find it interesting i am being 'sold' the idea of GMs but if I buy GMs, they are not protected from user error and actually the system increases the likelihood of me wasting GMs (certain technical blips such as adding spies causes espionage window to scroll to the top - that is, if you accidentally double click, it can result in accidental GM wastage.)

    I think, reasonable people will not buy GMs if they feel they are being scammed. And the lack of honesty from Devs/designers turned me away absolutely. I don't like being seen as a cash cow and I don't like being treated so. A confirmation window would make me feel respected as a customer/player.

    That said, as long as a small minority of players spend shitloads on GMs - then the system works. And this is usually how these types of system operate. A small minority spend the most on the game. So In the end, I don't see the GM system as being aimed at me, so i don't really care if they fix it or not. I won't be buying GMs and that will not change.

    Recruiting recruiters, players and friends.

    Would you like to be part of a low-key, subtle, easy-to-work with alliance? That believe in teamwork and sharing common goals to defeat our enemies. Join up here by messaging myself or making yourself known by leaving a comment below.

    In teamwork we will triumph above our enemies.

    I would like to find players that both are willing to participate in shared missions but also to contribute to supporting the alliance to grow stronger with whatever contributions they may bring. (even if thats just a friendly face!)

    In the words of Sun Tzu , the ancient Chinese military strategies and philosopher; "In the midst of chaos, there is opportunity". So we too will find opportunity in whatever this game and our enemies has to throw at us!



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