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    We may be rivals Furry but don't delet your account,leave it for the history we need the memories.Maybe one day you'll feel like playing one round and find the game is playable again.

    Okay, I feel we're beating a dead horse and further discussion on how to change things to "allow" us to be able to play the game so we can still enjoy it will prove to be fruitless.

    This will probably be my final post because I'm going to hang around for another couple of weeks and if nothing has changed, I will be deleting my account.

    Alright since I think we need something to brighten up the mood after what happened recently and connect the community I have a fun idea.A few months ago (before my break due to real life)I started surffing the internet for some old Sup1914 content,tips and so on,ones that havent already been shared with the community i.e something like Hitchiker's guide I'm pretty sure most players are aware of it or the helpful Russian guide on the fourms.I wanted something more,something old,ancient knowledge you could say.Thats when I came upon the idea to see if there would be a way of accessing the Old Forums that like the Library of Alexandria in the real world became a Legend among us players,Legend of Knowledge that we lost that is.My idea was to use The WayBack Machine.

    I honestly had my doubts but to my surprise it a point.You arent able to surff the fourms jumping from link to link reliably,you need to use this selector to pick where you want to go.Now ocassionly on some pages you will be able to click topics and go into them or into player profiles,other times you'll just get kicked to TWB and need to re-load the page.I found some fun stuff there (but in my eternal wisdom I didn't save anything,if someone feels like it they can scroll on the screenshot channel on petruz server to find some shots8oThis is how the selector looks.Number one top tip is to always open link in a new tab.That way you save yourself time to constantly re-load the same page.Here some examples how it looks.

    The Idea

    So my idea is that we start looking through each year as a group,we search for interseting roleplays,stories and maybe we find some hidden tactics to spice up the gameplay ;)

    It be great to share the things each person finds and we could do this as a community and post our findings here to smile at.

    You can also get a nice guess on what topic you will open from the link


    No problem.Very likely you could appear I seen other team and non team members appear,if you need help I can guide you through the WayBackMachine.Number 1 top tip is to always open all links in new tabs as many didn't actually save and that saves you to constantly reload the same page.

    We actually have a good few minutes of footage from that version.All the screenshots are from the old bytro youtube channle,if you speak german you can go down a whole rabbit hole of a memoty lane following this link(don't worry its not a rickroll):

    And if you feel like reading old forums there is the WayBack machine,unfourtanly from my searcing and study nothing of value survived,but the old fourms and layout also bring a tear to the eye.There is still some readable role plays and a few tournaments here and there.Have a nice day/night

    Mhmm intersting point with the Java,I always belived that the older Legacy version was Java.But no I have now recalled these images I believe this is the Java version you are talking about South Paw yes? So since this is already an interesting thread lets compare all 3 version that we had.

    First Java(or so I believe)

    Then the final Legacy version we had

    Last the revamp pc version

    And just a small send off of our favourite version :*

    Oh dear, you know you messed up when rivaling players all join to say you messed up big time.

    I wont be writting paragraphs upon paragraphs, what I wanted to say about the new version was already said by Hastings,Golden Buddha,Baptised InVodka,Furry1, Zerok3005,Vinnie81 and many others.I am just putting my support to their statments on here.

    Also don't be suprised we have little trust in the devs,revamp has been around for a few years now and we keep giving back the same feedback on it yet nothing is done.You want us happy give us Legacy,it could be the low graphics mode or finally take our feedback into account and change something and not run after money.