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    I do acknowledge that there are indeed players willing to buy that much GM but really it is rare and usually very pitiful as that means they dropped a huge amount of money that not everyone is usually rolling in to spend on such a game. Sure it sucks if you lose to an otherwise terrible player spending hundreds of dollars just to compete, but such instances obviously are few and far between.

    Setting a GM spending limit seems the most logical solution. I mean, if they're willing to spend that much I'd imagine they'll immediately resume their spending after 24 hours, so its not that revenue for the devs is lost, it's just spaced out. He'll probably still buy 6 million GM , but over the course of a few weeks, not in a day or 2. Also, gives good players some breathing room from just being overwhelmed from an instant spam when they actually occur.

    I'd pay premium for a bare-bones editor where I can just set owners and make RP maps. It asks a lot of the devs to allow you to craft provinces entirely when simply being able to edit who owns what on maps that are already available is enough for me.

    I don't feel comfortable about commenting on GM as it is now, as (and I'm going to receive hate for this) I actually do feel it is balanced enough, just due to the fact that the amount you have to spend on a game to actually give yourself a ridiculous advantage costs a fortune.

    I have dropped 60 bucks on a game before where I was losing but it has never worked, ultimately just due to the fact that the attacker was the better player. GM has only helped either as convenience whenever I can't be bothered to wait 2 hours before building something else as I'll be AFK, or in bottleneck cases where i need to build a fort level or 2 quickly, or churn out a single battleship before someone else. Late game GM is entirely irrelevant, unless you're willing to drop hundreds of dollars.

    However, I do believe there is a more efficient model for for the devs to get money from the game and that would be more creative benefits for getting premium. I will would be extremely willing to pay monthly if I was granted tools to edit preset maps so I can craft RP scenarios., basic things like setting province owners, production and build level limits.

    That's one idea I have, but the gist of what I'm saying is that you need to find way's to encourage players to see the premium as worth it. It gives premium something that I believe is quite sought after by regular players, and grants the devs a more reliable source of income instead of sporadic GM spending.