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    Yeah something like Total War did with Assembly Kit . You can download it and make your own battles, factions,scenarios, battle maps, even storytelling.

    Opening on the creativity of the community payed off many times. Probably there are dangers and problems that devs see, which we cannot see - that is why I would be more than happy to listen to their opinion in this topic and better understand their position and policy.

    Just to add info to what Mopp2 said- U need to know when and how to use GMs.

    Sometimes buying one railway or one bomber is worth more than creating 50 golden artillery piece.

    When I was fighting guy who has spent over 6 000 000 GMs solely on the war with me I was forced to use gold recon as he was creating stacks of 30- 50 x every equipment out of nothing and it was impossible to rely solely on the spies. I was also forced to rebuild airfields GMbombed by him. And to keep advantage in the air against his golden fighters I had to repair my machines.

    Same with 100 uboots made out of thin air and sinking your fleet of 500 LCs because he GMed you route and produced 100 uboots out of one empty province. Even if you are the best player in a whole gamee- you will not be able to do a thing against such a trick. Well you can hide in the middle of the ocean and stop using your fleet- but does it make any sense?

    So in general I had spent around 220 000 GMs against his 6 000 000+. Without them I would not stand a chance even though I crushed him time after time. basically because he GMed other wars too from what I saw and heard and finished having 2000 provinces against my 400 and army 10 times bigger.

    So I am not sure if balance that Mopp2 talks about is real - but in my experience it is not.

    You can outmaneuver account (I do not believe you can have players who can sit that long) which sits 24h/day with superior knowledge,experience and skills but against millions of GMs they will mean nothing.

    As I see it - using GMs forces opponent to use GMs, quit a map or become the best player in the whole game.

    It is good model for seeling GMs but I would be more happy if experience and skills could rival GM gameplay on an even terms as they rival activity based gameplay.

    I would be even more happy if free GMs (moderator GMs, tombola GMs, map winning GMs, ) would be used only in economy - not in a war ,spying activity or building/repairing units. This would make sense from both ends as you would know straight away that the guy who just build 50 BBses paid for them 10 dollars and it is now up to you if you will invest any dollars to win a war. Same for devs- if someone wants to win a map - she/he needs to invest money in the map, not randomly received free GMs.

    I believe crating scenarios instead of just maps will boost Supre community even more. Pre set countries, economy, diplomatic relations, units

    hec, If I can rename units ie. call HT - elephants, artillery - archers, cars- chariots and so on I can bulit scenarios in different histrical periods using same engine.

    I have example from another game where 95% of maps and scenarios are created by users and game is real fun

    i am not sure if I can post it here as this is another game product so I will stop here.


    I just wanted to point out one thing when it comes to use of GMs in Supremacy

    In most of the games GMs allows you to boost troops 10-50%

    Now it is slightly different in Supremacy.

    You can have army with 10% of morale/stance and you boost it to 100% in a matter of seconds that makes difference of 1000% in couple of seconds.

    So my thinking is - why no to block repairing of units -if they will die players using GMs will have to spend more GMs to build them once more.

    Players not using GMs will have bigger chance to win encounters when they will finally catch enemy army out of morale.

    I met a guy lately who was able to spend 6 mln GMs just on the war with me. He was buidling fac lvl 4 in a destroyed province, building couple of stacks made of 50 arts, 40 tanks, 40 cars, 50 cavs and was atacking on speed march healing units after every encounter against my planes. I do not have to say that railways were also build to speed up march. Gold Rush in a finest form.

    Then he decided to build 90 planes and repair them instantly to get rid of my planes. I do not have to say how much time, skills and GMs it cost me to finally stop him.

    So yeah, if he was not able to repair units I would kill more of his units while he would spend more gold on producing them. Because it is cheaper to heal a unit than to buy gold resources and speed up unit production.

    Small idea but may be helpful.