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    The time has come. The manacles will be broken. No longer will the prosperity of the people be ignored, no longer will the Grand Vizor ignore our plight. It is time for the Intifada.

    There was once a time when Egypt was a nation to be reckoned with. The mighty pyramids represented something powerful- they represent the might of the Pharaohs. Across the Arab world, the mention of a Pharaoh would cause fear. They were almighty. Further afield they were known. Across the plains of Africa, tribes paid homage to the omniscient and omnipotent Pharaohs, and across the Medittarian the Roman Empire held great respect for the Egyptian Empire- till we fell. Like a hammer on an anvil, the spark was alive. Slaves rose up, the Romans invaded and the Arab princes of Syria rode into Sinai proclaiming their rule. That was a sad day.

    Ever since then we have fought with hardship after hardship. The Romans were just the beginning. And now that hardship, that enemy, is the Ottoman Empire. Our people live in poverty, and that is something that the Egyptians of Old will not allow.

    First came the boycotts. Workers dropped their sickles, scribes tore their papyrus parchments. The Nile was blocked by boats, and the streets of Cairo were filled with children, having been released from school. Then came the rioting. Ottoman legislative buildings were burnt, Ottoman overseers were strung up in trees. Every night would yield another angry mob at the doors of the Grand Vizor’s estate, and every night more were killed. This could not carry on forever though. More and more soldiers would arrive and more and more Egyptian patriots would die. We needed organisation- and that was what we got.

    Under one man, the nobility rose up and lead the way. No-one really knew for sure who that man was to begin with. Some say he was a simple shepherd, and some say he was an Ethiopian warlord. Such are rumours. What we knew was that he was someone to follow. People called him Menkauhor. Whether that was his real name, who knows. But it was the name that rallied us. With Menkauhor the Egyptian lords and great merchants marched, with all their private armies and slaves. People from villages and towns joined them in a bid to get freedom. Hitting city after city, town after town the army marched, destroying all signs of Ottoman occupation. After Bahariya was taken they turned their gaze of rebellion towards Cairo. However, The Grand Vizor was not unprepared. All remaining Ottoman forces in the North and in Sinai were collated into a vast detachment, living on the doorstep of Cairo. It was the make or break moment. Should the Grand Vizor put down this rebellion then all hope was lost- but should Menkauhor and his lords defeat this Ottoman manifestation then Egypt would never be the same again.

    And so Mankauhor and his legion of Egypt approached. They numbered 25,000 with hundreds of physicians and scholars in tow, and the Ottoman army numbered similar to that. And so the arena was set. It was the chance for this mystical man to prove his worth to rule Egypt- all he had to do was defeat the Grand Vizor and his general. The Great Battle of Awsim it would be known by for centuries after. That battle would define Egyptian history.


    The first skirmish with the Ottomans took place on the outer walls. They reached them quickly, and wild cries broke out, there were some clashes of arms, but it was brief. The Ottomans about these walls were few, and they were slain quickly. Two miles further before the host then reached the Northern gate that led into the plains around Cairo- Menhauhor drew up on his camel and his personal battalion also drew up around him and about him. Lord Ziyad kept close to the leader, though his detachments were way on the right. The chieftain Amenemhet turned aside and passed with his forces round to a great gap in the wall to peer eastward. Far away they could see a great burning- was the city alight? Between them and the burning was a great dark crescent. They could make out not much of the dark plain ahead of them- dark clouds covered the sun.

    Now silently the host of Menkauhor moved forward into the plains of Cairo, pouring in slowly but steadily, like the rising tide through breaches in a dyke that men thought secure. After a while Menkauhor led his men somewhat eastward, to come nearer to the city. Still, they were unchallenged and still, he gave no signal. The city of Cairo was nearer. A smell of burning and of death was in the air- what had the Grand Vizor done? The soldier’s mounts were uneasy. Time seemed poised in uncertainty. Menkauhor sat on his great steed at the front of the host and looked on. Then, at last, the host felt it, beyond doubt: a change. A wind blew, and light cracked through the clouds onto the burning city. At that Menkauhor turned to face his followers.

    He called out into the wind, his voice barely audible to each and every one of them- but they heard it.

    “Now my people, now we fight! Fire and slaughter await us, but we will overcome the final barrier! Our spears shall be shaken, our shields splintered! It is indeed a red day, but the sun rises! Ride now, sons of Egypt!”

    With that, he seized a great horn from his steed and he blew such a blast that the tormented people of Cairo heard it and had hope. And from that every other trumpet and horn throughout the host of freedom fighters was blown- then they charged towards the Ottoman army, with the glint of freedom in their eyes. Menkauhor led that charge, his dark hair flowing back behind him, his sceptre raised. The tremors were felt by the Ottomans and they quivered, fear now in their minds. The people inside the burning city of Cairo grew stronger and stronger, and they abandoned the fires and began pouring out behind the Ottoman army, armed with whatever they could.

    And then the Ottomans learnt why it was dangerous to imprison the Sons of Egypt.

    Egypt was free.


    I agree with all the rules of the rp, and I apply for Egypt.

    This should kick start the Egyptian storyline nicely. Haven't written an article since Vicky III though, so sorry if it is a little in-conjunct.

    Also does S1914 now look like a hideous mixture of CoN and CoW???


    I presume it is based off Discord?

    I wonder if Egypt could be made available for application.

    If it could, I will get an application article sorted out- alike Matt, the casual nature of this roleplay appeals to me.

    Presuming that Egypt is made available for a player by yourself and the application article that I will knock up is accepted, I will be able to log on but not post till the 6th of December, due to ongoing circumstances. I should however be able to 'open' my nation with a starting article, presuming I am accepted, as well as the application post. This new forum is perplexing.

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