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    You know, I've been playing this on and off for ages and I've introduced the game to several friends since the introduction of legacy mode. It's incredibly frustrating and the attempt to refine the design elements to look more 'modern', unfortunately, make it look incredibly dated as well muddiness that makes it difficult to look at.

    The menu interfaces are just ginormous for the amount of information they give. Map states are difficult to survey at a glance and it seems like they always have a really hard time getting their units to land in the cities.

    I'm pretty sure some of the people I invited would probably still play, at least once in a while, if they had access to the mode they've seen me playing.

    The slick interface has an application for y'all's new game. I didn't even play through the tutorial because I just wouldn't want to play a game this long if that's what I have to deal with.

    What's the deal, some executive insist this was the way of the future and now they can't acknowledge the egg on their face?

    I'm kidding, but it really is unfortunate and disappointing that I have to direct my friends to what they will feel is a gimped version.

    So what you basically want is for another sovereign country to just suck it up as you invade their territory, murder their men-at-arms and force your reign upon its citizens and leave you alone? Would you do that?

    Of course. If a superior force were to gain a foothold and I had little realistic chance of regaining it, I would be foolish to expend precious resources to be wasted as a matter of pride, especially if that was the one thing they were interested in. Their suit for peace afterward would communicate they have other plans and, therefore, offer me some negotiating leverage and provide time for me to strengthen my position while they, we can infer, weaken theirs.

    If the worst thing to result from your leadership is 'looking bad', you've done well.

    Anyway, I'm spun. Sorry for the Necro (I'm doing it anyway, yes), I'm gonna go back to puzzling over how reputation is figured.

    Hey love, thanks for getting back to me.

    I did end up finding it with the error reporting stuff; probably just didn't really look there because I was like 'oh it's nothing that serious' and they got it solved for me in a jiffy. Cool to know about mobile, though! Thanks again.

    So, I've been playing this game for a long time off and on and... I don't know. I have badges and stats and stuff that I like.

    Anyway, when I started playing this it didn't exactly occur to me that I'd start taking hormones and live my life as a woman and I've really gotten into it with a friend I met since then. We've been playing a lot lately, but it sorta sucks to see my dead name any time I start a new game or glance up at the welcome page.

    So, I'm tired enough of looking at it to ask if that's a thing that can be fixed?

    Anyway, thanks either way.
    Really enjoy this game.