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    I like most aspects of the game, and enjoyed several games on the 19-player map, but when I moved to the next larger map, I found the morale regime so severe that it became a total bore to play, because instead of actually playing a wargame I found myself just having to manage province morale most of the time.

    I ended up having to adopt really silly, gamey solutions, like attacking a country and then immediately relinquishing most of its provinces once I had conquered it in order to avoid the almost impossible-to-avoid downward spiral caused by multiple low morale provinces adjacent to one another dragging each other down. Later, I just attacked high VP provinces, ie capitals, and tried to ignore the rest of the country.

    It was a horrible schemozzle and in the end the three leading players including myself all agreed to form a coalition just so we could leave the game with a win, because we were ALL sick of struggling with province morale.

    I told myself I would go back one more time on the second largest map to try and do everything right from the outset to see if one could avoid the downward morale spiral that way, but just haven't been able to bring myself to try again yet. But given that I'm a veteran of Bytro games and it's difficult and offputting even for me, one wonders how Bytro imagines this degree of difficulty is going to be accepted by noobs.

    Good grief I don't believe this - morale has dropped again -for the second day in a row .The provinces I conquered two days ago, that I have dutifully kept fully garrisoned, have now dropped to a mere 5% morale! And now I am going to have to increase the garrisons just to stop them rebelling! On top of that, the province morale arrows are still red, meaning that morale is set to get worse yet again tomorrow.

    How does anybody even manage to play the game or conduct any conquest at all with such draconian morale conditions? This is probably the last game of S1 on a large map I will bother with.

    Well heck, that's a huge disincentive to keep playing - especially when you no longer get a morale boost from taking capitals (it says you do in the in-game manual, but you don't).

    They really need to do a major rethink of the way war affects morale, because it's never made much sense, even in S1914, and now you are telling me it's even worse in S1.

    I would really like an explanation for this, as there is no point in playing if your province morale is just going to plummet for no apparent reason.

    I thought maybe it was spies (still haven't figured out what use these units are) but it's only day 2 and you can't build spies until day 4.

    The first 3 games of S1 I have played were all on the 19-player map, and at the end of every day, morale in newly conquered provinces went up, as it always has in games of both S1914 and S1 in my experience when you have a big enough garrison to prevent uprisings.

    But for the first time, I am playing on the 30-player map, and to my astonishment, on the new day all the morale in my newly conquered provinces has plummeted - to between 8% and 11% - so that instead of being able to reduce the size of my garrisons, I can't do so, in fact I am now having to increase some of them because their garrisons are no longer strong enough to prevent uprisings. Also, even in the provinces where I have made improvements, morale has either barely budged - from 50% to only 51%, for example, in a province where I built a vehicle factory - or has also decreased, from 50% to 49% in a province where I built a barracks.

    Now if I had some clue as to why morale has plummeted across the board, I might be able to do something about it, but since there's no hint in the province morale tooltip, I have no idea what is causing it.

    It might also be easier to stomach a harsh morale regime like this if you actually got a boost of morale the way you used to for conquering capitals - but this appears to no longer be a game feature, at least not in any of the games I have played, and not in this one either as I already conquered one capital and got no morale boost. But regardless, it's ruined my strategy, and I am now thinking of quitting the game because if your morale is just going to plummet turn after turn for no apparent reason, there is no hope of getting anywhere.

    Hey Joe B,

    thanks for taking the time to share your ideas. I've also taken note of these and will relay them to the Game Developers. I can't guarentee every good idea will make it into the game but we try our best to constantly improve.


    Thank you Slyx! Much appreciated :)

    Having had a little more experience with the game, I agree that as the game goes on, AI-controlled nations offer more of a challenge, especially if they have some infrastructure to build stuff. All the same, I think they are too weak in the early game - little more than one conscript per province makes AI countries a real pushover early.

    No, province morale moves toward the high morale point you have established with your buildings incrementally, it doesn't just leap there in one day. I don't know how big the increments are exactly.

    The listing of resources captured when taking a province is a very welcome feature, thank you!

    There is still plenty more to be fixed in the game though. One bug I recently noticed is that the icon for resources is not appearing for many provinces in the province overview screen. This means you cannot tell whether it is a single or double resource province when checking to see how many resource units you have. Also, the double resource provinces are not listed first anymore when you select to list provinces by type, instead they are randomly scattered.

    Ah yes, that seems to be it :)

    I didn't understand Petruz's post, but yours makes sense and checking the values in my provinces, it appears to be correct. I'm still not sure what the value is supposed to achieve, but at least now I know how it is calculated, thanks :)

    WTF another of my enemies also has level 2 flamethrowers on day 1!

    I think this must be some sort of boost for noobs - I also noticed that they are getting a maximum of 10k resources per province, whereas I only get 7k.

    I just joined a "Europe 1914" scenario, the game is literally an hour old, I checked the newspaper to find that my next door neighbour Austria-Hungary just joined only five minutes before me - and yet he's already on my border with 2 ACs, 2 infantry - and two level 2 flamethrower units???

    How is it even POSSIBLE to have flamethrower units on day 1? They are not even researchable until day 7!

    And how could he possibly march an army of 7 troops to my border when the game is only an hour old and he only joined five minutes before I did?