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    Thank you for that Golden Buddha. I had a feeling there had been changes to morale in combat and to combat against small units because I noticed that small units seemed to be hanging on more tenaciously than they used to.

    I can't say I'm a fan of either of these changes though. The morale drop during combat was a fun addition that I thought worked well, it just doesn't make sense that units hardly lose morale even though they are taking losses round after round. And IMO small units were already hanging on a little too tenaciously before these changes.

    But Bytro seems to make a lot of changes I'm not keen on. I actually quit playing several years ago because I thought the cav and AC bonuses were ridiculously ahistorical - coming back to the game now, I think they definitely add extra flavour - if you ignore the ahistorical element.

    Where is this Supremacy 1 game? Is it a beta or something? Because none of those features are apparent in the game I'm playing, which is basically Supremacy 1914 with a new skin.

    Edit: Oh wait, I see there are two forums now, one for Supremacy 1 and one for Supremacy 1914 - looks like I've posted this in the wrong forum, sorry.

    Okay, I see there's been a game added called "Supremacy 1" since I've been away, which is presumably the game we are all playing now as Supremacy 1914?

    Anyhow, it looks like I last played near the end of 2016, so I've been away for probably about three years. And certainly the combat results look a lot more random than I remember, I'm simply asking if the combat results have been altered since I've been away?

    I just came back to this game after a couple of years away, and I think I've noticed a change in the combat, namely, that units fighting a long battle don't seem to drop in morale the way they used to. I've been watching two countries pounding away at each other for hours in a large battle and losing large amounts of troops, yet the morale of both sides looks unchanged. Do armies no longer lose morale when they take losses?

    The other thing is anomalous combat results - they seem worse to me than they used to. For example, in one battle I watched, an army with 80 inf and 2 cav was attacking an army of 16 inf, and in two consecutive rounds, the larger army lost 10 units per round while the smaller lost only 3, so total losses for the two rounds were 20 to 6. Both armies with similar morale and neither with fortress bonuses etc. Are battles more unpredictable than they used to be, or was this just an unusually bad result for the larger army? Because results as lopsided as that would seem to make battles a real lottery.