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    Having read in the other forum *(1914) that there is a technique where you break your stack down to single units, put them on delay and allow the enemy to attack you and you can defeat 10 times or more the attackers, I was stunned. also that this technique which clearly works on a flaw in the combat algorithim is present in S-0ne. I was just tempted to join an S-one game (*would be my 3rd) when I read this.

    This is absurd and not something I want in a game that I may be tempted to put my time into let alone a few bucks to keep the progamers paid.:cursing:

    I would disagree on the implication that Fighter skill as seen in 1 vs 1 is superior to others, especially the Diplomat.

    It all depends on the make up of the players.

    A Diplomat can make up for their own lack of tactical skill by allying with a tactical player and listening to his advice.

    Likewise the Diplomat can sometimes make up for an economic deficiency by pooling and trading within an alliance or outside of it.

    Again it all depends on the make up of the players in the game.

    In a undeclared war/surprise attack your popularity with other AI countries drops significantly.

    A Declared War especially if first you go to an Embargo, reduces the amount of the negative drop but there is still a drop.

    There is a hint in the rules that the larger the stack the less efficient it is.

    There is a similar thing in Call of War (*CoW) and it is know what the optimal break points are, for example in Rocket planes and Battleships it is 3 in the group.

    What is it in 1914 and how many units are the optimal?:?: