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    Having read in the other forum *(1914) that there is a technique where you break your stack down to single units, put them on delay and allow the enemy to attack you and you can defeat 10 times or more the attackers, I was stunned. also that this technique which clearly works on a flaw in the combat algorithim is present in S-0ne. I was just tempted to join an S-one game (*would be my 3rd) when I read this.

    This is absurd and not something I want in a game that I may be tempted to put my time into let alone a few bucks to keep the progamers paid.:cursing:

    I would strongly recommend the following changes:

    1. if a player does not get a set of orders in the first 24 hours they are immediately replaced

    2. if a player drops on Day two (making orders on day one) but then has a 24 hour gap, replace them.

    3. you might give the replacement player a small bonus like 10% in all fields.

    With that I should say that the game S-one is vastly superior to the regular game. However it may be too fast.

    5 minutes to build a facility and then 9 minutes to build a unit and this in a foreign country is a little much.

    Strongly suggest that if you want to have the speed in the home country building ok but in conquered territory add at least an hour to both the facility build and the unit builds.

    Air power is out of balance and you need efficiency factors. I had an airforce of 65 units at the end of the game and it vaporized just about everything it flew over.

    Same Artillery you need to make a slope like infantry on the stack size so it peaks maybe at 10 or so units instead of the infantry peaking at 20;.

    In Call of War (CoW) when the went to the similar design changes, there called CoW 1.5 there was a phase where convoys were invincible and were taking down substantial fleets ! Probably the same algorithmic bug.

    I would disagree on the implication that Fighter skill as seen in 1 vs 1 is superior to others, especially the Diplomat.

    It all depends on the make up of the players.

    A Diplomat can make up for their own lack of tactical skill by allying with a tactical player and listening to his advice.

    Likewise the Diplomat can sometimes make up for an economic deficiency by pooling and trading within an alliance or outside of it.

    Again it all depends on the make up of the players in the game.

    In a undeclared war/surprise attack your popularity with other AI countries drops significantly.

    A Declared War especially if first you go to an Embargo, reduces the amount of the negative drop but there is still a drop.

    Being a long time CoW player and having played CoW 1.5 I have now played S-1 and the original Supremecy 1914/

    S1 is superior to 1914 by a lot.


    the tone down in the fortresses is good, probably should change the name to Entrenchment to fit with the theme of WW1

    2. The graphics are great looking on the lowest scale which is needed many times because the summary labels block the positioning of the units,

    3. I get a lot of cases where going from one city to another the display at the bottom shows one on top of the other, this is a display bug.

    4. the constant popping of enemy forces behind your lines is not only annoying but it is also contrary to the theme of the game as it reflects more of the partisan activity of WW2 than that of WW1. Please end it.

    5. Terrain modifications needs to be spelled out

    6. Likewise the artillery, aircraft and ship Efficiency Damage factors to counter mass numbers of units needs to be applied to those categories. A force of 50 planes can be overwhelming more like carpet bombing in WW 2,.

    7. Not being able to use goldmarks on research is interesting in a limiting manner. Not sure of one at a time is the right way to go. I do like that you can queue them.

    8. Why are main cities none resource oriented. Makes no sense since cities is where the industry was located in the early 20th century,

    9. The propaganda buildings are way too long to make and not as effective for the cost or time.

    10. Aerodromes are too fast to build.

    I1. It appears that the major roads on the map are superior in speed to the railroads, which makes no sense.

    12. Time balance needs to be looked at, you can build a bunch of low level units very very fast and they can be very effective in the instant reaction to a situation where as the higher level unit may take 3 times as long and have the same bulk combat effectiveness though not the upkeep cost.

    13. Upgrade of units needs to be handled some way.

    14. I do not know if the introduction of manpower is a design plus here.

    15. in 1914 you had the matching of 2 or 3 resoures and you could balance off one in favor of another. That is gone in S-1,

    I think it is a cute function but again not very realistic.

    16. Many people have commented on the problem of the popularity triggering the AI to go nuts on you.

    a. you should not be able to get RoW and Shared Maps with AI countries period.

    b. They should rarely go to war against a superior country. In CoW had a silly case of Luxembourg declaring war on Germany just as it was about to close in on winning the game. This could happen here as well.

    c. Suggest you relook at the diplomatic interactions.

    17.The domination of torpedo boats, is not good, they did have destroyers in WW2.

    18. Planes are too powerful

    19. Would be nice if Railroads had some positive impact on resource production/availability.

    20. you might want to consider increasing the time of unit construction outside of the home land. this makes the core home more valuable as well as brings in the importance of railroad which was actually a major factor in the going to war in WW1 in the first place.

    There is some comments,.

    What does this mean> if there is a -4% or a minus 39% is it what you inflict or what is inflicted on you? Does it only apply to your attacks>

    There is a hint in the rules that the larger the stack the less efficient it is.

    There is a similar thing in Call of War (*CoW) and it is know what the optimal break points are, for example in Rocket planes and Battleships it is 3 in the group.

    What is it in 1914 and how many units are the optimal?:?:

    I find it very V E R Y discouraging that no one from the company or with better experience answers this thread