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    I've been playing this game since February and thoroughly enjoying it. I also tried Supremacy 1 & Call of War, and prefer S1914 for the following reasons:

    - what you design is what you use

    - it's kept simple while still requiring effort to succeed

    While I know there's a big fanbase for the other two games, I prefer the S1914 gameplay compared to those as they require too much technology development which I've found impairs time spent preparing for wars (etc). You may have alternating opinions, but this is just my opinion and I know I'm not alone at least when it comes to the opinion of S1914 is the preferred of the 3.

    I've heard whispers that now that Supremacy 1 is live, 1914 will start to lose advertising & development priority. May I please ask that some programmers within bytro remain dedicated to this one?

    If those whispers are not true, I apologise for misunderstanding some of the top ranked S1914 players.

    If they are, and you are reading this and agree, please sign the post here so we can continue enjoying an enhancing game over here :)

    Thanks for reading

    FastFrosty :/b78//+

    There's a lot of people who prefer the playing style of S1914 compared to S1/CoW. I'm one of them and joined this year. I joined all 3 games and prefer this version and would be happy to contribute where I can if others don't want to. I know many others who would say the same.

    I made a few other suggestions for HC which were ignored by Bytro...

    Legacy Option for HC, premium currency for sale applied In Map purchased with Silver (3 kind of gold), I forget other suggestions I made but seems fun topic to discuss and nothing I suggested was applied... I am up for any changes that bytro will make to help the community

    I've heard that you used to be able to sell infantry and other units for silver, land, etc., and I would like to be able to do that again as it's realistic to wars especially WW1, where there were many trade deals across the world where soldiers would be traded for weapons. Your idea about GM being traded is great actually, and gives players who don't invest a good idea.

    Back to the topic, what's your thoughts on the building queue ideas?

    Do you think more can be suggested?

    Would be good to get your perspective being one of the top players :)

    Since I switched to desktop, I keep tabs open on my browser and just refresh them. Sometimes I barely click off the map until I need to check alliance-related stuff or profile check.

    Until I do, I don't know if I got a message. Would it be possible to display messages when received, at the bottom of the map similar to how chat shows the [!] marker? Perhaps a [1 mail] icon on top when there's a new unread email?


    Loving this game more every day! What a great strategy simulation. :)

    Our first alliance game will be played beginning next week.

    Opponent to be announced later.

    I am personally very excited to try this new element of the game.

    Can anyone explain to me the difference between alliance games & normal team up games if any?

    There's thousands of high command players isn't there?
    Just because new players might get confused reading this, doesn't make it an invalid suggestion.
    The feature of High Command is something that many decide is worth paying for & playing with, so of course it caters to a specific audience which happens to be the paying members of the community, which as far as I can see is growing and will grow more if these small features are added to the queue.

    You're talking about a few players who don't read the manual. There's lot of players who know how to use the queue (etc) and you can't say that hundreds of newbies represent the thousands of regular players that don't ask questions and instead find out by themselves.

    The building queue is good, but I had an idea that could make it better for us to make longer-term plans on each province.

    More complex building queue:

    Currently we can put 4 buildings & 4 mechanical units making a total limit of 8 on the queue.

    My suggestion is that we be given an option to create a more complex queue, based on other factors:
    queue 1: factory 1
    queue 2: factory 2

    queue 3: artillery (conditional until factory 2 is complete)


    queue 1: factory 1

    queue 2: railroad
    queue 3: fortress (if morale is lesser than x%)

    queue 4: factory 2 (if queue 3 invalid)

    First of all I would like to suggest that the kd/cl ratio for each map would be very useful if it was there.

    Now for my suggestion.

    I'd like to see more stuff on the profile statistics.


    when you click on a player's service record it would be nice if there were things like

    head2head - total history of maps played together, relation (and on which map(s) id(s)), k/d against that specific player, and overall score (placing of player a higher than player b on map 1234567 = 1:0 to player a)
    record history for each map - i know we can find a detailed history in the achievements section but if we could expand the games joined/solo/coalition victories to include first of all 2nds & 3rds (solo or coalition), and performance on each map, it will help paint a better picture for what kind of player you're facing

    Plenty more i hope this post gets the ball rolling for ideas

    Supernova (SUPV) is actively looking for a competitor for our first alliance match. I figured people putting their alliance out there would accept a direct callout, but no, I found out people are scared to take risks. I am quite confident in my guys ability, and would like to challenge anyone reading to a 5v5 or something similar kind of battle......

    Win Or Learn.
    Don't be scared, be brave.

    Message me if interested.