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    Hey GF,

    Sorry for the delay.

    Thats not too bad an idea. I will have to get the go ahead from those above as they don't want us creating too many unnecessary games. However if you have HC you should be able to make all the above games yourself :)

    Hi erganjah,

    If you submit a ticket, we can see if your old account is active.

    If it is then we can delete your new one so you can focus on your old account.

    Kind regards,


    Hi GF,

    As we discussed yesterday, this is being investigated so we can work out what's happened and why.

    As soon as this has been looked into you will be informed.

    Kind regards,


    HI Guys,

    This is my fault.

    There seems to have been a glitch when removing a ghost unit (unit that has died but wasn't taken off the map) and now everyone has decided to join the Navy.

    I have reported this to the Devs, and fingers crossed it should be fixed soon.

    If you have this issue please submit a ticket with the reference of PWM-968390.

    Sorry about this guys!

    Kind regards,


    Dear General,

    As you have probably seen the mobile version of Supremacy 1914 has been made available in the Android Google App Store (should be available for iOS soon), and there are a few questions that keep being asked so we wanted to cover as many as we can for you :) There are more questions here [INDEX] Frequently Asked Questions.

    If you haven't downloaded it yet, here is the link ;)…bytro.supremacy1914&hl=en

    Q: How do I change my username (service record/User profile name)?

    A: You can do this by going to the main screen, click 'More' in the bottom right corner then 'account'. You should be met with a screen like below and you can change your name. If this doesn't work then please email three alternatives names (in order of priority) to

    Q. How do I change my profile picture?

    A: At the moment this cannot be do, however the app will be developed on in the future and this may become available. Alternatively you can change your picture on the desktop version. I would advise doing this on a laptop/desktop as it can be difficult to do this on the mobile browser version on desktop mode.

    Q. How do I change my in game leader name?

    A: At the moment this cannot be do, however the app will be developed on in the future and this may become available.

    Q: I have accidentally made a new account, how can I get my own account back?

    A: In the options, select to delete the account and after 72 hours this will be removed. You can then select the login detail from the main page.

    Q: Can I copy and paste text from chat?

    A: At the moment this cannot be do, however the app will be developed on in the future and this may become available.

    Q: How do I report a user?

    A: Best option to report a user at the moment, is to take a screenshot of the offending test and email the details to including the screenshot with game number and as much additional information as possible.

    If you have any other questions or queries then please let us know and we can do our best to answer your questions.

    Message received from ischmalud

    Ahoihoi and howsit

    Now first off I like that they try to spruce it up make it hip and what not since the game did look dated.

    But right now I encounter at least 2 bugs that seems problematic.

    1 rail cannons are invisible somehow in the new UI.

    I have a match where I know exactly where said cannon sits - since fat mike needs a lot of attention.

    2 seems everything NOT infantry has the same icon now and gets bunched - I am not sure if that's a bug or meant to be but its an issue.

    Having a stack of artily in a province is not the same as a stack of armoured cars.

    Some loon recommended memorising all your armies...I mean....come on I like to play several matches parallel since lets face it vast majority of time you just plot and scheme and that's it.

    But now not being able to see what i have where at any time - and more importantly what has my enemy got - assuming my spies didn't slack off....

    that seems like a step in the wrong directions. By all means keep the flash now textures they DO look better than the old crayons in kindergarten thingo. But not if it means I spent my time with stupid busy work rather than conquering the world - as is my rightful course as supreme Emperor Ischmalud of the anointed Spaghetti Bowl!

    Hi Guys,

    I know quite a few things you have mentioned above have already been raised to the Dev Team to be looked into.

    Over the next few days/weeks you will see the updates happening. It would be great if you can give some feedback as they happen.

    a roleplaying that happens in 323 BC the warships will become triremes, the tanks on elephants, heavy tanks on armored elephants, the railway cannon would become the siege tower and among many other possibilities.

    Hi Sandman,

    Bytro do have a similar game like this called New World Empires, based on the discovery of the New World. If you are interested you can check it out by visiting and using the same login details as you do on Supremacy 1914.

    Quote from Sandman

    "creating a virtual store that sells items related to the theme of World War I."

    Hi Sandman,

    That's quite a good idea as I know there are other types of games with a similar set up and they use it to make the Castle look different to others as an example. If they used this option for Forts and other units then it could be quiet successful. Once the re-vamp is completed we could look at seeing if something like this is an option.