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    In my first tutorial video I actually show where you can find the HP numbers and also how you can choose to enter the percentage instead so have a look at it. I think that it will make it easier for you.

    It was posted in this thread on October 25th

    Lesson 2 of the tutorial is out now and we see how we add buildings, range weapons and multiple army stacks on each side. We also look at the function "Simulate variance" and see how important this can be, especially when the battle is close and contains buildings on the defense side.

    Now the first tutorial of this calculator tool is published on my channel! Many more will come with more complex fights and situations but better to split up in smaller videos I think since many viewers doesn´t bother to watch too long videos.

    Check it out!

    Yeah, totally agree. I am in private discussions now with DxC on the details for one or maybe more videos about it. I will post it in this thread when everything is official.

    I agree with you totally. Winning solo is just not an option anymore which is very sad. And last week in a coalition victory is often just a long wait. The map is won since many days, the enemy has given up and left and still you need to be building like hell to reach the 1500 points, especially if a couple of your allies don´t give a shit. In many maps my allies goes inactive before we win because they don´t have the patience to wait. I don´t like this at all.

    And I know what I´m talking about, I have 51 victories in 67 games played. 33 of these have been solo victories.

    I have to take side with Dmitryevich here. Being active and splitting armies to create diversions is not only tactics in this game, it´s also tactics in real wars and as such it´s for sure a valid part of a war game. Being active is not the same as being annoying and lifeless. Step up and learn the game or play something less advanced like Risk.

    Hello there,

    Thank you for creating this tool!! I have checked it a little bit and tried it on actual battles and so far it has been pretty accurate.

    I have a fairly new Youtube channel (started about a month ago) about Supremacy with tips and strategies along with daily video logg of my current campaign. Check this link for the channel:

    What about I made a video of me using this tool and I spread the word on youtube also? Of course with all credit to you and a link to the site in the video info. Let me know if you like that idea and we can plan the setup together. Send me a private message or reply and we can talk about the details.

    Playing the Ottoman Empire in a 100 player map!

    Follow my new campaign day by day thru my videos and see how a level 17 player tackles all obstacles from the start and throughout the game. I can´t tell you how it ends because I don´t know myself yet. This is an ongoing map, shown with one weeks delay. Not having any alliances or friends in the map, I´m all alone against 99 other players.


    See first video here

    Here is the link to it!

    I started it 2 weeks ago and have posted a bunch of videos with different tips. This weekend I will also start to post videos from a campaign I´m currently playing with multiple daily videos starting from day 1 on how you expand thru warfare, economics, strategy etc. It will be posted with at least one weeks delay so I don´t give away too much information. I´m currently in day 6.

    Hello and thanks for the interest.

    Yes, maybe I was a bit unclear but as you assumed I meant that the recruitment needs to be rebooted. The morale boost of 10 % you get instantly but the recruitment speedup doesn´t apply until daychange unless you actively reboot.

    As for buildings in construction or factory units in production the time left updates when you reach a new hitpoint. So, if you are building a fortress and takes a capital during this time the construction time will update when you reach a new hitpoint of that fortress. Both buildings and factory units reach new hitpoints fairly often, normally within the hour so you don´t have to do anything about them, they will soon update their remaining build/production time anyway.

    Check my Youtube channel for more tips and follow my coming campaigns day by day.

    I think many players doesn´t know about this trick. When you take a capital your morale goes up 10 % everywhere and with that recruitment becomes more frequent. This everybody knows. But this only updates at day change so if you take a capital you have to wait until new day before your recruitment speeds up. The trick is that there is a way to reboot your recruitment centers so that the speed-up happens right away and this act only take you 3 seconds to do for your whole country.

    Youtube video here

    It´s under 2 minutes long and well worth watching. You will learn how to recruit faster after taking a capital in the middle of a game day.