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    This happened today (for reference, I'm on the US west coast). The main S1914 website loads but whenever I click on one of the games I'm in, it just gets stuck on loading. I've tried on both Chrome and Edge but neither worked. My friend who is currently on the US east coast has the same issue.

    Is this a case of server issues or something else entirely?

    I understand that you take reports seriously and that analyzing reports on a 500 player map is no small task. That being said, I've reported this player like 3 or 4 different times, as I am sure others have as well, but I haven't really noticed any changes in game. Several players quit that particular game because this guy got out of control.

    This is a major problem in one of my games. I do not know what Bytro's policy is on this but it seems as though they like to turn a blind eye to it at best.

    I'm currently in a 500 player game where one country in particular has 828 provinces on day 40. The next biggest player, an ally of his, has 271. This guy had control of about half of South America before day 20, which shouldn't be possible without multi-accounts, much less the extremely generous use of goldmark. I know goldmark and high command (which the player in question is also a member of) helps bytro's revenue but this is out of hand. Several players (myself included) realized and have reported him but no action at all has been taken and it makes me think that the overall player experience is not a priority here, unless of course, you have ridiculous amounts of money to throw at the game.