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    I would really like to try out legacy, at least for a few days. From reading this read, I realised that the difference between legacy and the revamp is not just about appearance. It seems that there are some differences in functions that can affect gameplay. More specifically, from what some others have written, legacy mode can confer some advantages. As an example, someone said something about a green circle ["in legacy mode there was a circle around the cities (the green one)"].

    If new players like me can try out legacy for at least a short duration, then at least we can understand what we are up against when fighting players on legacy mode. For example, I will at least know that legacy player will see a mysterious green circle so I can try take that into consideration when making decisions. This can at least level the playing field to some extent..

    Hey SC you may have gotten the idea that Legacy still exists or has the potential of returning. It does not. It apparently stayed in existence a long time past it was profitable to maintain it. Regrettably you can't have infinite backwards compatibility.

    With that being said, as has been told to the people that keeping bring up legacy, if there are features it had that you heard about and interest you, they can be requested. The game has developers who continue to work on S1914 in an effort to continually improve and make it more fun for the vast majority of players. :)

    If you are referring to fire control, it's been working fine for me. I would suggest submitting a bug report so they can look into it.

    One thing I would like to suggest/request is having the buildings line up like they used to in Province Administration. It makes it easier to see which buildings of a particular type are missing or need to be upgraded.

    I want to thank Hastings TNT for taking time to explain things to me. For those who come after, the offensive flower is not a difficult concept.

    There are a few mechanics/rules you need to understand so you know what you are doing and why.

    1. Attacks happen once per hour
    2. There are a maximum number of units that can fire per unit type. As an example there is no difference in damage from a stack of 40 infantry and a stack of 4000 infantry. They do the same damage every hour because a stack of 40 is their max.
    3. Different unit types have different maximums. Artillery for example max out at 50. Here is a helpful link so that you can see the maximums of the different units:…L94-ZDG1NdPnCEic/pubhtml#
    4. When 2 stacks of the same unit type arrive to attack the same target, they merge into a single stack. This means if you have 2 stacks of 50 artillery arriving at different times, the second stack does no damage. This is because they are now considered one stack and the maximum artillery that can fire for that hour has already been reached.

      (as an aside - this is the part that was messing me up. I thought if stacks arrived at different times they would still be considered different stacks and would each do damage - apparently not).

    The point of the offensive flower is to keep the stacks separate - so each does damage. This is accomplished by sending the units to different spots past your target. When they run into the target they will automatically fight but because they are going to different destinations, they do not merge - they each remain as a separate stack.

    That's it.

    Except for ranged units. If you send ranged units past your target - they won't fight at range. They will come right up to the target and get caught in a melee battle. Not what you want for ranged units. To get around this in the most efficient way, you need high command so that you can change the fire control to offensive. This instructs a stack to ignore it's movement command and fire at anything that comes into range.

    If you don't have High command, you should be able to send your stacks to different points short of your target. If my understanding is correct, they will still all do damage since they are all separate stacks. I will edit this if someone says this is in error later.

    Golden Buddha - I have been playing the game for a short time compared to many others it is true. With that being said I am usually considered fairly technical and a fast learner. And while I in no way consider myself an expert, I am certainly not a novice. I am not "copy/pasting". I prefer to understand the mechanics of why and how things work. This is why I ask questions. The things you are talking about are not obvious - at least not to me, nor to many others I have spoken to online. And in my capacity as a mod, I have access to quite a few veteran players.

    So with all that being said, I would welcome any insight you care to shed. But telling me, using different words, I am simply too ignorant is neither helpful nor useful to increasing understanding.

    Thank you however for your initial post on the flower defense. It was very useful.

    A couple of questions.

    1) I've seen a few mentions of using flowers offensively - how does that work?

    2) Is there are counter to the flower defense other than ranged units?

    Thank you.

    PS just to confirm when Buddha says "bastion" he means fort, yes? Or is there some other tactic being referred to?

    Hey you're in luck! Mercator Mortalis is recruiting! We've got a solid mix of vets and newbies, but the most important thing is the drive to learn more about the game! I am on discord, but we have some members that are of the older crowd and weren't comfortable using it so we usually just talk using the alliance chat and make a discord/skype for individual alliance games. Send an application!

    Can't join - you guys are full up. Thanks for thinking of me though :D

    My sign is the 1000 lb gorilla - I do my best to live up to my sign. I love most animals. Cats are awesome - especially attack tigers. With lasers. yeah ... attack tigers with lasers on their heads. And my favorite drink is milk with Bosco in it. You have a problem with that?


    Relatively new player looking to join an active alliance that has at least some veteran players of the game. Major plus for me if you are on Discord.

    Looking over this ..... this reads like a personals ad!

    Anyways .... I am on a lot, enjoy the game, and am eager to learn and play as part of a team.

    As far as I know the newspaper doesn't tell you how things are destroyed. It won't even take you to the spot of the conflict. I find this last particularly annoying because I don't have every army letter/number designation memorized so I have no idea what was destroyed or where it was destroyed.

    With that being said I am going take a wild guess that your light cruisers were destroyed by ranged weapon fire. Most likely rail guns if they were near a coast. If the rail guns are not in visual range, the game doesn't seem to show you they are even under fire.