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    Shelldrake, Steel Rain, & Shooting Stars are my typical RG names, BB names are usually Ironside, Starlight, & Aurora. Anything built beyond those names is after Greek/Roman gods, titans, or mythical creatures.

    Why not just add an option when creating a map, Requirement to join possessing one of the following Ribbons: "Good Conduct", "Meritorious Service", or "Valorous Unit". Then only people who have a tendency to see things through will join, you'll probably have better competition as well since they'll at least have some xp, rather than like a Lvl 1 vs a Lvl 19.

    Canadian Expeditionary Forces (CAN) Alliance

    CAN Alliances desires to develop your skills while providing the tools to make more complete commanders & leaders. On our Discord server there is a steadily an increasing number of articles pertaining to utilization of economic policies, diplomatic behaviors, & military doctrine to reference. This is NOT an alliance where a member will be judged based on “ratios” (such as kill/death numbers) as that is small minded & shallow, RATHER a persons character along with their reputation is what will be judged; its best know what it is to like to have failed or had a catastrophic defeat in pursuit of success, this is learning, adapting, & then growing. ;) (these sort of people probably have been in a real fight eh, not just picking on weaker & new players lol)

    CAN alliance encourages attempting new strategies, reaching for higher goals, making new friends while also aiming to provide some assistance & friendship along your journey. Don’t apply if merely seeking shortcuts, or to build some delusion of grandeur/illusions of honor as its not all about "winning" medals or ratios. Preference is for those who have the courage to risk trying new things as well as are willing to trusting new people on occasion in pursuit of lasting friendships. Overall, the alliance is a laid-back atmosphere, our members do train/play together on occasion as well as inactive players are removed periodically. Ideal members are easy going, understand discretion, integrity etc., & have a desire to train/play/fight together with allies. 8)

    Currently there in limited interest in alliance challenges, & CAN alliance is still transitioning fully Discord. It maybe a Canadian Alliance but International Players who desire to represent the Maple Leaf (Canada) are welcome to apply. Any experienced or new players will surely benefit from joining the Canadian Expeditionary Forces as there is much to gain whether it be allies, knowledge, or maybe just friends. ^^

    Have a great day. ;)

    Hey there, (been meaning to add to this for a while ^^)

    Canadian Expeditionary Forces (CAN)

    Recruiting: Yes

    Active: Yes

    Battle Team Ready? No

    Discord: Yes (but not all members use this)

    New & or Experienced Players are welcome. International Players, don't worry if not Canadian as this isn't an issue as we accept different nationalities into our ranks; looking for members who are laid-back, understand discretion, integrity etc., as well as the desire to train/play/fight together with allies. Refer Canadian Expeditionary Forces (CAN) alliance description for more info.

    Have a great day. 8)