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    and do watch your aim when canceling construction and or production. The little "x" is incredibly close to the GM speed up button. Mishaps happen alot

    On whisper, if I click the name, it automatically takes me to the whisper window. There is nothing else to am an Android user, however.

    When it comes to performance issues, I don't have to uninstall my game. I just make sure it is completely closed out. (No windows or whatever it's called on a phone)

    I reopen the game and typically that resolves most issues but this games absolutely HATES a shoddy internet connection. If you ever receive the red icon I dictation connection interruption or loss, you're best off to close the game and reopen it when the connection is back rather than leave it open and wait it out. It has gotten better with the latest updates but there is still a chance of making selections and issuing orders after a connection mishap. You will think you are good, but when you re open the game, non of the orders actually went through.

    Copy and paste was once impossible for chats but fortunately I found a way around that. You must utilize the clipboard on your keypad. If you do not have one, then you can download a different keypad app that does on the appstore