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    Remember that you can produce 5 cavs from a single province per day.


    I believe upgrading your Workshop and Factory increase production speed for all units besides infantry:

    There is also a benefit for partially built factories.

    For cavalry and armored cars specifically:

    Level 1 Workshop: 2 Days

    Level 2 Workshop: 1 Day

    Level 1 Factory: 1 Day

    Level 1.25 Factory: 19 Hours 12 Minutes

    Level 1.5 Factory: ?

    Level 1.75 Factory: ?

    Level 2 Factory: 12 Hours

    Level 2.25 Factory: ?

    Level 2.5 Factory: ?

    Level 2.75 Factory: 8 Hours 40 Minutes

    Level 3 Factory: 8 Hours

    Level 3.25 Factory: 7 Hours 20 Minutes

    Level 3.5 Factory: ?

    Level 3.75 Factory: ?

    Level 4 Factory: 6 hours

    There are 16 total health on a factory. Each quarter level AKA 12 hours of building speeds up unit production.

    So at best each province can produce 4 cavalry per day. Someone else feel free to fill in the gaps. That all I can remember off the top of my head and checking my active game.

    Edit: Oops, thats for Supremacy 1914, Supremacy 1 should have a similar system but it won't be exactly the same.

    From petruz on discord. They are evenly distributed with 2000 total in every game.…296208031154216/score.png

    There are 2000 points available and distributed over the players from the start and the objective is get a certain amount of them; e.g. 1000 of these points as a solo player. The score you have displays a contrast between your provinces, the morale of those provinces, the upgrades that have been built there and all the provinces you do not have, their morale and available upgrades.The most dominant of the factors mentioned are the provinces you have and the morale each one of them has in relation to all the other provinces on the map and their particular morale. It is therefore an economic score (that can be considered to quantify military potency).

    Some reservations have to made in asserting that the score does reflect economic power however: the DE score makes no distinction between single resource provinces and double resource provinces, while the latter are economically very potent since they give double the resource output for only a single province upkeep cost; making them more than twice as valuable as single resource provinces.There is a bonus to 99+ morale provinces, but this extra score, giving a considerable extra 27% points to a 100% morale province, reflects no real economic power and are in that sense empty points that can distort the view on how economic power is actually distributed in the map.

    He did explain everything in the post above your reply. Whatelse should he explain?

    I'm still a little lost and believe some prior knowledge is required to understand the explanation and was not included.

    Flower which I understand was patched and is currently broken was splitting up one army into as many groups of 1 as possible by sending groups of 1 away different directions and immediately delaying their movement so they only moved a few seconds before stopping. I understand this worked because a single troop dealt more damage and took less damage than 1/10 of a stack of 10 troops.

    Golden Buddah said that a fort covers a 3 km radius while splash damage covers a 5 km radius. However, I do not see how the radius mechanic is relevant to increase defense via his bastion method. He also said "And as you have deducted... Bastion Def allow you to poor units into defended town without risk of attacking enemy units besieging it."

    First, I don't see how we would be able to deduct that from the information given. Second, exactly how is this relevant for for multiplying our defense? Does it just mean I should send defensive reinforcements to a city after someone else attacks it and a fight is still active?

    His picture shows sending defensive troops from all directions into an attacked town. Is sending 6 armies of 10 from different directions any different from sending 1 army of 60 from one direction? Is it any different from having 60 additional troops in the fortress to start in a single stack? What mechanic is bastion defense taking advantage of? Is it just using size and damage factors to increase unit's combat efficiency? Size Factors What specific numbers give an effective bastion defense? If I had 500 infantry, should I put 100 into the fort and send the remaining 400 in 80 groups of 5 back to the fort after the battle starts? Or is it just as effective to send them back to the fort in 40 groups of 10 or 4 groups of 100? Or should I start with 200/500 or 300/500 of those infantry in the for before the battle starts?