Lemming strategy

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    today a little bit more about ancient strategy of lemmings ( pic below)

    what is that- this is string of single units walking into one direction , utilizing effects of splash dmg and flower

    1. long time ago lemming attacks were used to lvl down forts by sending groups of single lemming sappers against forts. They were hitting fort and dying but before death they were able to apply dmg and somehow dmg was directed into buildings in more than 50% occasions

    to counter that Bytro introduced additional rounds, which you get after killing enemy troops. After 60 second unit that defeated enemy is able to strike back...

    needles to say there is a way to utilize on that

    what we do? well we place all sappers in a same spot and order them to attack fort giving them different destination point behind the fort which results in them moving in a flower group but not merging

    any range attacks dmg will be minimised while enemy defending fort will just get 1 battle round : and even after killing one of units it will have to wait 60 sec for another one while we strike with all units at the same time. Thing works against lvl 0 and inactive players. There are counters ofc but it is worth trying if you have a lot of infs and enemy has high lvl fort.

    2. There are also players who utilize lemming strategy to fight wars. they are sending countless waves of single units against opponents who use bigger stacks. splash dmg on lemmings together with dmg applied before death and Bytro hardcode giving smaller units bigger chance of survival results in lemming rush 9 zerg rush) being and effective means to win wars. I saw it couple of times and it worked. Ofc there are counters but you need a lot of activity and troops to stop all roads of approach. Lemming rush locks opponents units in a fight allowing other lemmings to bypass fighting armies on wings.

    There is a players specializing in it. If I may give link to his account it would be good for you to play against him and have a look how lemmings work.

    If you have a lot of food and no oil- why not to try lemmings? Cav , art or tank lemmings will be way effective if you can afford such a tests. But because we have a lot of food and oil is scares I would go for infs and cavs. Remember that you can produce 5 cavs from a single province per day. When I wanted to conquer Asia in a 500 Map coming from europe I had sent 15 000 000 cav lemmings supported by slower regular stacks and airforce to destroy bigger enemy bunkers cav lemmings have found. I guess I lost like half of them in my first lemming test but it proved to be very time saving as I moved from 10 h to just 2 per day.

    So have a read and good hunting

  • Remember that you can produce 5 cavs from a single province per day.


    I believe upgrading your Workshop and Factory increase production speed for all units besides infantry:

    There is also a benefit for partially built factories.

    For cavalry and armored cars specifically:

    Level 1 Workshop: 2 Days

    Level 2 Workshop: 1 Day

    Level 1 Factory: 1 Day

    Level 1.25 Factory: 19 Hours 12 Minutes

    Level 1.5 Factory: ?

    Level 1.75 Factory: ?

    Level 2 Factory: 12 Hours

    Level 2.25 Factory: ?

    Level 2.5 Factory: ?

    Level 2.75 Factory: 8 Hours 40 Minutes

    Level 3 Factory: 8 Hours

    Level 3.25 Factory: 7 Hours 20 Minutes

    Level 3.5 Factory: ?

    Level 3.75 Factory: ?

    Level 4 Factory: 6 hours

    There are 16 total health on a factory. Each quarter level AKA 12 hours of building speeds up unit production.

    So at best each province can produce 4 cavalry per day. Someone else feel free to fill in the gaps. That all I can remember off the top of my head and checking my active game.

  • make it 24 h and 1 sec

    What? If one cav needs 6hrs, then 4 need 24hrs. A day has 24hrs ... so this is simple math, isn't it? :/

    But, to be accurate. You'll probably not be able to produce 4 cav/day/province.

    00:00:00 start production of first cav.

    06:00:00 first cav ready.

    06:00:01 start of second cav.

    12:00:01 second cav ready.

    12:00:02 start of third cav.

    18:00:02 third cav ready.

    18:00:03 start of fourth cav.

    00:00:03 fourth cav ready.

    I bet this is even true for automatic builds with high command.

    To be accurate, one province will not produce 4 cav/day but 3.

  • it involves higher mathematics related to units upkeep and cost.

    1 bomber is worth 60 infs while it costs 60 times less

    advanced players do not spam infantry and cavs


    so their offices and barracks are closed