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    A MDP sounds like an awful idea. I am sick of defending players who quite frankly are such bad players they deserve to be taken out.

    IMO once you get to shared map you are allied and it is expected you defend where possible but the idea of having the game automatically deciding who you are at war with based on your diplomacy with someone else I would not be happy with at all.

    Far too many times I have trudged across lands to back someone up only to have them give up and go AI leaving me with no more SM, possible stranded planes and a war with someone I have no quarrel with. I much prefer to make my own decision on who I fight and when.

    Not really sure what is wrong with the settings we have now. Personally I have learned not to trust anyone as sooner or later they all back stab and better to trust no-one.

    whatever the actually time is it so small unless you are watching 24/7 for all intents and purposes it is impossible to beat the tactic of splitting an army to avoid damage from planes. With this in mind I repeat my earlier statement that it should be possible to redirect planes.

    I understand Narmer's explanation regarding the limited abilities in WW1 however I doubt a WW1 pilot would have attacked a small target when a much larger one was close by.

    However as I also mentioned before allowing any redirection of planes over what they can already do would make them too powerful. As it is they are already bordering on being too powerful imo.. So without the addition of any kind of air defence no change should be made. It makes the use of planes fairly unrealistic but for the purposes of the game it is the best option.

    Maybe it's just me but if something is available to everyone then how can it be an exploit. just because some people do not know about it or have not learned some tactics doesn't mean other people should not be able to use it.

    If someone is actually hacking the game somehow to give themselves an advantage then that is completely different. But seriously I am sick of seeing people complain about something that the game allows and crying cheat.

    This includes, SnS, GM use, warping, splitting etc etc ....... learn how the game works, use it to your advantage and stop complaining .......

    OK rant over .......

    It is extremely unrealistic that we cannot redirect planes within their original range without first returning to their base to refuel.

    However to make this change would then make planes far too strong and bordering on impossible to defend against. We would also need some concept of anti aircraft weapons to counter them.

    Every weapon should have a counter available and right now planes really do not other than more planes.

    In reality ships would be able to shoot at them at sea. On land there would have been anti aircraft batteries. They may not have been very effective in WW1 but they did exist so are an obvious missing unit in S1914

    I do agree that there should be a way of giving planes multiple targets, for instance when one target has been destroyed a list that gives them their next target. This would be similar to aggressive mode for other units.

    However I would not like to see too many more advantaged gives to HC players. Right now I think it is very well balanced. HC gives people some nice features that are not an overwhelming advantage. There is already an element of play to win with GM spending, I'd hate to see HC become just another extension of that. I feel giving more attack options to ranged land units could be a step in the wrong direction for HC.

    (I'd much much rather see the option to play in legacy mode moved to HC as this would encourage a lot more to buy it and a win win for us stubborn player who just can't get on at all with the new look)

    Yes exactly. Sometimes you may not realise until the countdown to their win starts and by then unless you are close you have no way to challenge that win.

    So the addition of of that information on the diplomacy screen would help possible contenders plan better.

    I may not have explain properly. I was referring to the special cities that are required to win.

    For example in the colonial uprising you need to hold 13 of the special oil cities.

    Knowing how many cities a player owns is available as you showed but not the special territories. The requirement to win is to hold the required amount of special cities and nothing else so the ability to quickly check how many each player holds would be useful.

    I am only referring to the Dominion type maps.

    When the winning criteria for a map is to hold a certain amount of key territories it would be nice if there was an easy way to see how many individual players where holding.

    I am currently playing a Colonial Uprising map which needs 13 of these territories to win, it is quite hard to count how many everyone has and by the time the countdown starts when someone has all they need it is often too late to do anything. The smaller maps are not so hard but this particular one is too big to easily see them all.

    An extra column on the diplomacy screen showing territories held would be a great addition so everyone can easily see who has what.

    It would be nice to see recognition of victory in event maps - even if it was a general medal or ribbon for all event maps lumped together and not one for each individual one.

    These maps often need a different set of skills to play so worthy or some kind of award imo.

    dividing players into girls an boys is not discriminative unless you want it to be like that that - then you an assume only bad things and doing that is discriminative for accused person. More discriminative is backstabber or exploiter. I prefer to do diplomacy with girls as they are more reliable partners.

    Dividing players into any sub category is discriminative, male/female more so, as I know of many female players who have been bullied and harassed the moment it is know by their male counterpart who suddenly realise their usual bravado and chest beating isn't going to work.

    While I do not disagree a place to keep notes could be useful as Narmer says a drop down list would be too restrictive and free text would be limited. So paper and pen is actually the best solution.