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    whatever the actually time is it so small unless you are watching 24/7 for all intents and purposes it is impossible to beat the tactic of splitting an army to avoid damage from planes. With this in mind I repeat my earlier statement that it should be possible to redirect planes.

    I understand Narmer's explanation regarding the limited abilities in WW1 however I doubt a WW1 pilot would have attacked a small target when a much larger one was close by.

    However as I also mentioned before allowing any redirection of planes over what they can already do would make them too powerful. As it is they are already bordering on being too powerful imo.. So without the addition of any kind of air defence no change should be made. It makes the use of planes fairly unrealistic but for the purposes of the game it is the best option.

    Maybe it's just me but if something is available to everyone then how can it be an exploit. just because some people do not know about it or have not learned some tactics doesn't mean other people should not be able to use it.

    If someone is actually hacking the game somehow to give themselves an advantage then that is completely different. But seriously I am sick of seeing people complain about something that the game allows and crying cheat.

    This includes, SnS, GM use, warping, splitting etc etc ....... learn how the game works, use it to your advantage and stop complaining .......

    OK rant over .......

    It is extremely unrealistic that we cannot redirect planes within their original range without first returning to their base to refuel.

    However to make this change would then make planes far too strong and bordering on impossible to defend against. We would also need some concept of anti aircraft weapons to counter them.

    Every weapon should have a counter available and right now planes really do not other than more planes.

    In reality ships would be able to shoot at them at sea. On land there would have been anti aircraft batteries. They may not have been very effective in WW1 but they did exist so are an obvious missing unit in S1914

    It would be nice to see recognition of victory in event maps - even if it was a general medal or ribbon for all event maps lumped together and not one for each individual one.

    These maps often need a different set of skills to play so worthy or some kind of award imo.

    It will be a sad day when they remove legacy, not so much for the players but for Bytro. I honestly believe they will lose many players. I have tried many times to come to terms with the new look but simply cannot play it.

    The phone app I am sorry to say is horrible, even for emergency use it is way too clunky and cluttered to do much at all, I usually end up opening a browser on my phone and going back to legacy.

    I will be among the mank players who leave the game with the end of legacy - in fact I have not yet spoken to anyone who is not leaving when that happens.

    I do hope Bytro reconsider the removal of legacy, they have many loyal customers who will simply walk away if they do not. I too would be happy to pay as part of HC to be able to use legacy.

    New players are only put into tutorial maps for this exact reason. If you do not wish to encounter new players with double infantry you can play other maps than the tutorial map.

    You find new players with double units in all maps except those with a minimum rank. You do not have to play a tutorial as your first map you can chose a different one and that is where the problem arises. If they were limited to only playing a tutorial map as their first one you would not be getting these complaints.

    The problem is new players are not 'quarantined' to the the tutorial map but instead can chose any map to start on. Usually this would only be those who know what they are doing (i.e. a player leveling up a new acct to use as a multi) They often use the bonus troops to help their main account in other maps.

    If every new player was forced to play the tutorial with their bonus troops and if they instead chose a different map they should then start with a normal set up.

    This does not disadvantage the new player, they can play the tutorial map with the bonus and learn the game and all other players who start one of these maps know that any first timers will have that advantage.

    It's no secret why it is the way is is. This is not a new request and unlikely to be the last. However as A LOT of money is raised through misclicks I doubt as a business Bytro want that to change.

    Remember it's look after your profit first, customers second in the business world.