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    I have the same thoughts with you as gold spammers are very common in 100ps and 500ps; noob players either get inactive because of the situation they are facing start game or get defeated and finished very fast in early-game. Very unfair it is. Although there are sometimes 4x speed or 8xspeed 100ps or 500p maps, they are rare. I partly agree with Joe but if you are giving them arty on day 6, bytro needs to make it fair so the experienced players and gold spammers can have the arty also. And it may worsen the situation by even more noob or skill less players that being crushed on day 6. Remember that gold spammers have the money to spam arty and tanks and whatever on their hands.

    I would hate seeing this as it also would mean that the noob players, will get finished easily and they might stop this game as ' Too much players with skills and I get defeated always' Bytro can't give only noob players the arty on day 6, they don't know how to use it, maybe, this leads us to our second problem. The Noob players don't know how to use advanced units! It may seem very easy to you guys reading my post, but we have to know that noobs may don't know how to use arty, tanks, planes, ships, railguns etc. When I was a noob, I didn't know how planes and ships valued and only produced some, hoping that ' It would be devastating' However, I was wrong and was quickly mowed over by a more experienced noob with better skills and armies. I cried about it, but I couldn't change everything. After that, I studied the game manual carefully and I gained more knowledge playing game after game, winning after winning. My example is about that noobs don't know to read the game manual, so much noobs don't build recruting offices and they also, don't know how to produce AC and calvary or even build other buildings such as workshops and factories. If you don't teach them, giving them bonuses means nothing.

    And to the last point: Gold spammers. The gold spammers are bad in skills, but they use a lot of money to get happiness in the game. GMs bought can be used everywhere. They are nearly the strongest and, the types that newbies and noobs fear most. GM spammers are bad in anyway, with no skill, they rampage along the lines just because of ' Money power'. If the noobs get arty and then try to attack the GM spammers, they would just steamroll him with thousands of AC, calv or infantry, not kidding. Not a look on their arty, than what's the point giving them the bonus if noobs don't know how to use them or produce them. The skilled players can just charge a large army to their arty and destroy it in melee combat, not to be mentioned on GM spammers; they just build a lev 5 fort and then let the noobs attack. Which kindly is sad, and makes the offer useless.

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    Joe, I think that the arty unit is AT THE BACK OF THE FORT but you can't realize it since to the new UI your using, so, u mistaken attacked Melee armies with forts and cause your arty is bombarding the fort, the arty in the back gets to attack your arty stack (Man-controlled) so it dies 1 arty. And is the situation getting better now?

    Buddha, this would be great since attacking units one by one on Not moving targets, as you said, it has responsibility and performance improved, I support this one very much

    Ok, Ref, are you sure you opened that firing mode? If you opened that firing mode, was that the AI declared war on your in-game nation first? You can check on the news. Your message of that the AI was of Trade embargo to you also makes this war more easily to happen as AIs often embargo and then attack a certain nation whom they hate. I recommend you have a look at the news, the firing mode set up, if you confirm that is a certain bug, issue a bug report

    I strongly agree with Raman and like what he said, always be prepared for things that either you expect or might not expect to happen, such as a backstab, a ally destroyed etc. espeically in 100p and 500p maps which things may get worse every time. Hastings is right, bytro switched off that times ago, and there is only little chance of it returning as it might have many dispuses when it comes back. So Leny, you should produce subs and BSs in a times in maybe 2 ports, or work with your ally to destroy the enemy together.