how to create alliance type battle without alliances involved

  • Hello

    how to set up pass map Eruope10 where would be two coalitions fighting like in an alliance battle? We are starting Ytube event recorded by two opposing coalitions two show viewers how to fight alliance battles and win them before arts.

    We would like to make sure we will not be banned for push as everyone joining that map agrees to play it like an alliance map with unlimited trades within coalitions. . We come from many servers and alliances this is why we need to use regular map.

    I believe setting map closed with password where all places will be taken by members of only 2 fighting coalitions and everyone agrees to unlimited trades.

    I lately had problem with understanding logic of push rules on english server so I would be grateful if someone would explain me and 9 other players how to set up such a map according to rules. hopefully such a map doesnt break game rules.


    Dr. Leipreachán

    Would you be so kind and help us find a solution

    Thank you


  • Hi Golden Buddha,

    once you have all the details of which map you want to use and how you want the rules to be set up please request this in detail via ticket or pm. Please keep in mind that we can't create custom maps with rulesets that are not present within the game already.