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    Well, I would like to suggest to decrease the strength of convoy units. At moment convoy units have 33% strength of their original strength. That means 7 soldier convoys can destroy 1 light cruiser. How none noticed that? :D

    Make the strength of convoy units at least 10-15% so it becames closer to reality OR decrease convoys hitpoints from 1 to 0,2 or 0,1


    Anyway could you think out which terrain types you'd add, and how you'd make your army work, can you then assign an army additional training in a terrain type? like you always have normal units but when stationed in a city with a barrack you can train them to be mountain units, forest units, ...? Or how would it work?

    Well you could easily take the example from different Bytro Labs (your CEO) game - Call Of War.

    That game has a terrain modifiers. For ground you have 4 different types of terrain - Mountains, Plains, Hills, Urban (for cities, but it won't work in Supremacy as in this game here are no cities). If we watch this from Logic perspective, then obviously armored units would be better in flat surface (plains or hills) than in Mountain or Urban territories, so if that is a possibility, then armored units would have +25% strength bonus for flat surface (plains) and -25 or -50% for Mountains.

    I made an example of the Interface who shows what kind of terrain is in the region. For this example - Plains.