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    Fair WARNING, I am familiar with Hielke for a couple years (personally I think he is a fair person and good guy in general) all should know in advance that his server is tightly censored and you are not allowed FREE SPEECH, they will MUTE or BAN you if you speak against or fail to coddle and accommodate the current liberal 'Cancel Culture' of BLM and ANTIFA

    Sounds like a nice server, I'll join.

    For those of you that may not know it, in the oldest version of Supremacy, we had Medals, Badges and Ribbons. Not only that but also when you would achieve any medal, badge or ribbon, a pop-up would show up when you login the following day, that simple thing gave many of the users a purpose to keep playing in order to achieve as many of the medals, badges and ribbons as possible, however in the last years the pop-up was removed and not only that but many of the medals, badges and ribbons also got removed which means the achievements section falled behind in the priority list which is, truly, a pitty as I think it is something very important in order to keep people actively playing in a somehow competitive way.

    I have already seen that in this new Supremacy you re-used some of the old medals and badges, therefore what I would be asking you is to keep expanding the achievements section by re-using those old medals, badges and ribbons, therefore you won't have the need to create a new design and so on, just to give it a little space in the achievements space from the service record.

    You added the achievement of building the 3 special weapons, those being Railgun, Battleship and Giant Bomber, however I do not think and feel that merely building it is an achievement by itself, I'll show what I am talking about by comparing it to the old version:

    As you can see in the images, there is a clear progression and also a real challenge in order to achieve the "Elite - Artillery Badge", I would understand that building, for example, 1.000 Battleships in Supremacy 1 is too much, however making it like:

    Built: 1/50/150

    Defeated with Battleships: 2/200/1000

    (optional) Defeated Battleships: 1/10/30

    Something else that it isn't showed in the previous screenshots is the information regarding what game did you achieve your personal record, see below: *reached in game 2747966 (06/15/19)

    Personal records are also something that can be really interesting to have, like besides the badges and ribbons.

    Regarding ribbons they had different difficulties, although not directly showed it was clear which were just for the new guys to feel the excetiment of getting a reward and which were for the not only good players but also active players. Here are a few examples:

    The easy one, for begginers:

    The not so easy one, it just takes more time:

    The one for long-term users that have improved at the game:

    But there were also some specific ribbons that I think now should be added to Supremacy 1 which are the TOP 100 of the Week and TOP 100 of the Month, now that you brough back the Hall of Fame, these 2 are necessary:

    Further discussion can be done regarding this topic but I do think achievements are important and the feeling of progress and fullfilment they give are really needed in order to keep players longer in the game.

    2 things can be happening here, either the description is wrong or the code is wrong, it counts 5 defeated with a supposed level 5 Zeppelin, however I never researched a level 5 Zeppelin, actually, my max level Zeppelin is level 3.

    2 things can be happening here, either the description is wrong or the code is wrong, it counts 84 defeated with a supposed level 5 Dreadnought, however I never researched a level 5 dreadnought, actually, my max level Dreadnought is level 2.

    Thanks Nemuritor98. How can i find a superior to do this? I am still not 100% familiar with these procedures .

    In the message you received, reply to it asking for the SGO to check the case, once you do that you should receive a SGO, superior of GO's, reply to your case.

    Explain politely why you think the decision made is wrong and try to prove it wrong.

    You can also check the International (English) Server staff roster

    In the Fall of Empires 28p map I found this weird shadows the would appear in the bottom part of the screen, always where provinces are not on sea, I found it on the west side of Africa, more towards south and also on the east side of Africa, here some examples:



    I just mean that the penalties can be extremely severe. There's a reason propaganda offices give +200, and it's not because the morale penalties you'll face here are the same as the ones you'll face in the other titles.

    Having played a few days more, I think I understand why the arised although I'll have to say that for me the problem isn't the expansion penalty, for example in the round I'm playing I currently have a -50 expansion penalty, the problem of morale becomes a thing for me the moment provinces get damaged buildings after day change only because the province has a chance of uprising. The combination of both, but specially the damaged buildings, is what makes it harder.

    That can't be true!?

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