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    this is known, devs are working on it

    I would also would like to be abe to write whispers to MODs if I have chat-ban as I need to ask question about game/bugs somewhere. With ban on chat and forum at the same time people will have huge problems.

    From webpage, you can send a PM even if you are banned, unless you have an account-ban, then you'll have to contact by answering the mail you got from support team.

    everyone playing this game should be 18 years or parents monitoring kids so according to bytro rules it should be safe to send banned players there.

    Acoording to Bytro policies, users must be over 16 to play without parent monitoring.

    As NarmerTheLion stated, if you want to discuss this type of things, you should open a new thread where we can discuss it properly, this thread is for the monetization of the game.

    if the group plays normally is not considered wolfpacking

    if the group joins to harm a user, is wolfpacking

    if the group joins with the purpose to assist 1 of the group and not to play by themselves, it's wolfpacking


    This is outrageous and proves even things that you paid for can be taken from you if some irresponsible kid-mods will decide they do not like you any more.

    those "irreponsible kid-mods" have a higher-rank support member to who you can text and check if their ban is correct

    in extension - such bans should not affect alliance chat as they force players to move away from supremacy communication channels in order to restore communication with chat-excluded members.

    i agree private channels shouldn't go away if banned from the chat, even i'd include whispers

    Is that game really a success? There seem to be 500,000 more register users yes but a much much larger percentage seem to be inactive. I last week tried to play it again and am now a private have joined but not finish 2 games. I'm already in the top 300K players. As a Lieutenant you'd be in the top 100 players! Not so on here.

    I don't think it's called a success only for the users registered, which taking in count the years in active is something noticeable too, but also because of the amount the money users spend in the game.

    i believe what's wrong is the info above and below, as military makes more sense to be as red instead of blue, just a guessing

    Correct, it is also indeed free choice and the HC build queue can help a lot to get stuff done without activity

    damn, what would i do without the queue's in 4x rounds, 100% agree on that

    i love those type of rounds, even tho you can lose everything after 8 hours of sleep

    as D3athAngel pointed, for college students this rounds are a great option as I want to play for a month or so and then just take a break so i can go back to read or study


    on the left, new version

    on the right, old version

    shouldn't the tab name have included the ID, maybe like, S1914 - Game 2.000.000 | or | S1914 - 2.000.000

    again, not much of a thing, but details are important

    Tbh I like it makes it easier to copy links however indeed harder to ge tthe user copied, but for link copying it doesnt accidently include the user anymore

    agree for the link tho, but when you want to send a conversation with more than 2/3 lines it gets impossible for the other person to tell who is who


    so here it is our new chat, as some users already stated. you should be able to change your notification settings in order to set if you want to see notifications for every message sent, if you want to get messages only from specific channel including one such as "private channels" or to not get any notification at all

    aside of that, when you click a username either to report him or to whisper him, this shows up: ae63c917ad2b613db33608653a241fe3.png

    problem with this is that if you click the username, the actions won't go as they did in the legacy version, not much of a thing but...

    other thing is, compared to legacy, you were allowed to copy the chat with ctrl+c and then send it to someone and it'd show the following:

    1. 14:25 Mr.Fleming: there's a patch being rolled out this afternoon that contains some fixes and also small improvements to the webGL memory/performance
    2. 14:25 Mr.Fleming: If you continue to have these problems tomorrow please file a report through 'support' on the homepage

    however with the new version if i try to copy the chat it'd show the following:

    1. there's a patch being rolled out this afternoon that contains some fixes and also small improvements to the webGL memory/performance
    2. If you continue to have these problems tomorrow please file a report through 'support' on the homepage

    hour/minutes and username of who is saying it are gone, it's a step back

    when reporting someone from chat it should show a pop-up instead of sending you back to the website, but this is more of a suggestion than an error

    that's all i found for now