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    I will NEVER EVER BUY GOLD MARKS. EVER. until this is fixed. There is no reason to not have a confirmation when spend rl currency like this aside from either being too lazy to code it or just wanting to grift what ever extra cash they can.

    I think it's mainly "just wanting to grift what ever extra cash they can" but it also has some "being too lazy" powder in it.

    They say setting a confirmation button for GM use is a "bad idea from marketing perspective". However, we already came with different ideas on how to solve that issue, for example, a "Don't show this again" for those whales that want to spend 5.000.000 GM on a round. Even other ideas have been brought to the table, there's just no interest in solving players problems.

    That's why it's mainly "just wanting to grift what ever extra cash they can".

    Don't bother, they DON'T WANT to listen.

    Plain and simple.

    PS: The new design has set it's priorities, you can barely understand what's happening, but hey, if you want to use gold, the button is a quarter of your screen so they make sure you won't miss it.

    I do not play S1 (and am not team member for this game) However I can try to answer what I'd answer in S1914.

    WebGL is a requirement for the game. Most browser are capable of using it. And when installed well it speeds up and makes the game less laggy. (S1 Might still be in a beta stage where S1914 has been and then it lags regardless).

    However WebGL is used because most laptops have some sort of general processing unit (GPU). Either it's internal in your CPU that it does the calculation or it uses a true GPU. So it does try to use the calculation strength of those units. In most cases in S1914's early days the issues were linked to missing drivers on the users PC. But this is guesses I'm taking. You can best send in a support ticket to the team and they can help you further. The support ticket already gives the team more information and if they require even more they will ask you.

    He isn't complaning about poor performance, which is indeed a problem in S1914. He's saying the revamp views sucks due to its bad design, specially regarding units because it is harder to tell where exactly a unit is, what exactly is it doing and it's harder to click it.

    Having WebGL is not an excuse for the low-playability the "new" view has.

    From forum rules

    f) So-called spamming or hazing, creating postings containing only smilies or individual words is prohibited. Basically a post should contribute to the topic and be self-explanatory.

    While memes are ok in off-topic, however this is feedback thread one or two might not be bad but there is a line as where it will be viewed as spamming.

    So you'd consider memes about the threads topic as spamming.

    I can't laugh harder.

    Shame on you.


    Regarding the update, have Bytro considered other changes than the price limits(3 to 30 now being 1 to 30, which I believe they reverted because they didn't know how to fix the bug created afterwards, even if reverting it created another bug they didn't have before) or are we supposed to just wait in silence and expect nothing from them?

    There's no need to remove the legacy version. The big update scheduled for Supremacy1914 got changed for a new game due to the bad reviews to the new UI and probably due to their gameplay change too. So they'll just keep S1914 running until it isnt profitable anymore and then shut it down.

    User A fighting against user B.

    User B asks for peace between the countries.

    User A offers User B a peace treaty if he pays 50.000 oil.

    User B accepts and goes to diplomacy to send the oil for peace, but....



    Just wanted to give you a quick update from Bytro's policies regarding "game creation" in their other game, CoW.

    You were able to create 1 game each month if you didn't have High Command and 5 games per month if you had High Command. You also had 12 maps available.

    After an update on "game creation", you are now able to create 0 games each month if you don't have High Command and 1 game per month if you have High Command. You also have only 3 maps, because the other 9 got removed.

    This hasn't been applied to S1914 yet.


    Tip: Choose wisely where to send the planes, if you send them to a target and you want to change it afterwards, even if it's in their way or near by, they will turn around, go to the base and start again.

    it isn't a bug, it's intended, all games are Bytro's, if you are banned from 1, you are banned from all of them

    if you want to get unblocked, you should request it to the support team in private so they can review your case

    taking in count it's a chat ban, you should talk to NarmerTheLion

    try to trade with AI's

    you mean with the stock market?

    I just think that having a section about your "Popularity" and the effects of it, how to increase it would be good.

    Elite AI was introduced a few years ago since then to this day, no one ever knew the formula it used to calculate popularity.

    A low popularity will make AI embargo you and even attack you.

    A high popularity could make AI give RoW.

    How to increase it? Don't go to war.

    Declaring war will lower the impact it'll have on your popularity, but it'll still make your popularity lower.

    As an example:

    If popularity = 100

    If war non-declared = -50

    If war declared = -10

    If no war declared for 5 days = +10

    That's just an example of how it works, but again, the numbers might be tweaked as no one knows the formula.