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    And considering you're retired veteran, I find very strange those words from you.

    What is this supposed to mean?

    I won't quote the rest because I think I had enough of the same old replies talking about nothing and justifying nothing without even reading the content you are replying to.

    As for the update, Bytro usually updates the game on Tuesday, so let's hope they reply tomorrow.

    The problems within the support team are complicated and I believe 2 things regarding this matter:

    1- The conversation would need its own thread.

    2- The users who haven't experienced being part of a support team don't know how things work inside. This doesn't mean they aren't allowed to speak and give their opinion but they don't have the info so they could just be a bit lost on where the things are at the moment.

    So my suggestion would be that if you want to speak about this things, let's make a different thread and I'll try, hopefully with the help of other ex-members or even actual members, share some light to all those non-speakable matters.

    simple way to make it - introduce updates in closed beta version games to see the reaction for full 4 weeks

    I belive Frontline Pioneers are not the best in testing whatever they are testing or in giving feedback- both ways it is clear that you need better test environment

    If only they'd make a real beta status for their games, with high quality beta testers in it.

    But as long as the system randomly selects you for beta testing and also as long as nobody writes any news about updates for beta servers, then it's like not having beta servers at all.

    Well, in some sense, we, as mods, are the bridge between users and developers. So we're the ones in charge of keeping communication with the users and inform the developers about users' reaction on the updates they implement.

    CM: "How's everything going?"
    Mods: "Oh, yeah, super cool, users loved last update"

    Those same users who allegedly loved last update: "What a bullshit update man"

    I can empathize with the feeling of seeing most ideas and suggestions user gives took a long time to be implemented or aren't implemented at all. However, those answers, in some way disheartened, are better than not giving an answer at all or to promise your ideas and suggestions will surely be implemented only to not fulfill that promise.

    The problem here is, Demonaire, that in fact, there's no answer at all, because the fact that only support team members are participating in those threads saying, "Added to the list", "Maybe", "This couldn't be done", it's just a bunch of words with no real weight on them because those support team members have no way to influence Bytro's decisions on what's the next step, specially if after adding it to the list, that is nice to gather all the ideas but doesn't have a way to see how good is an idea, it makes all the ideas equal, even if one of them it's the best(most amount of likes) and the next one is the worst(least amount of likes), you can't tell by just barely looking at the list. Also the fact that from the Support Teams there's no active pursue towards getting those suggestions reviewed by Bytro's game designer's or developers themselves and maybe even to try to add them in the game.

    Something most Support Members forget some weeks/months after they joined the team is that, you don't work for Bytro, you work for the community. As a volunteer, anywhere you'd be, you are dedicated to the cause, towards the community. You care for the company, because is the one giving the support to the game and community you love, but don't forget, it's the community who you have to commend to.

    After all, their work isn't to interact with players, but develop the game in the way they think better serves for Bytro and the community. Hence, Mods are here for that interaction, including the communication to them about players' concerns and worries.

    I'm sorry but that's not Mods work, that's CM's work, because no one below CM's works at Bytro and therefore no one could talk to the developers/other employees or have internal conversations. If a CM needs 200 volunteers to know if an update has good or bad reviews or to interact with its community, the one he's supposed being paid for, then I'm sorry to say this but that CM isn't doing his/her job right.

    The joke here is, you'll see developers, CM's and other employees be active in the forums of the games they are working in, you have plenty of examples, League of Legends, Fortnite, CS:GO, Starcraft, Europa Universalis and many many others, how comes that an INDIE company like Bytro can't do that, are they too busy to interact with its community or is it just the amount of interest in the game itself?

    PS: Sometimes even support members don't interact with users. Just the idea of being a volunteer in a game you say you love and that you don't even interact with the community, simply insane.

    Wasn't around at the time, but according to some old fucks of the rp community who where, a map editor was promised a few years back. We still waitin' lol.

    Not like bytro would implement such a good feature though lmao, if people don't get mad it ain't a bytro update I say

    I don't think Bytro ever considered implementing a map editor. Here since 2012, never saw any info about it on the news.

    sry Forgotten_Marshal - I thought all RPGs are GM free as you can prepare game without spending a single GM, but it takes time and some work.

    6 000 $ that would be around 100 000 000 GMs in my shop hmm

    but I am guessing al RPs were marked as extinctas noone checked how much they spent .

    Fight guys as I do not want to play on maps with lvl0 a and lvl1

    even if they were GM free and no-GM was invested, people buy HC, HC has a good reputation and nobody complains about it even if its also a paid option

    besides the direct money, it's the player value and the community input these players can provide, which impacts indirectly to the amount of money bytro makes, not only by playing RP rounds, but they probably also play normal games, which leads to having capable opponents so you can have fun playing

    those are things that you can't just relate them to a couple of bucks

    World of Tanks started out as a (mostly) free to play game. For a couple of years it was at the top of the world. WG (the developers of the game) then try to take advantage of their players by introducing thier pay to win/pay to progress option, to convince players that they can be better by paying for advantages. Result: World of Tanks pllayerbase (in NA) is steadily trickling to nothingness.

    Supremacy 1914 drops, and starts as a (mostly) free to play game. Updates are steady and in my games it remains at the top of the world. I get the distinct feeling that, with the elimination of the tumbola (which gave players with no money the opportunity to try and win premium time), along with the elite AI having been in all rounds (free and premium) for a long while now, coupled on with these literal trade restrictions, they are going to steer their game in the way of Pay to Enjoy. If S1914 continues going this way, id be more than happy to drop 4 years of playing (and almost everyday at that) because Bytro is becoming Wargaming. If this is true, then Result: S1914's playerbase tickles to nothingness

    Bytro needs to understand that 80% of its playerbase is not playing this game competitively, but to enjoy the aspects of it. Id even bet that at least 30-50% of the playerbase (myself included) have, or are actively roleplaying. This game has everything a roleplayer needs for a WWI setting. We can customise our portraits, leader name/title and even our flag. Premium members even get to enjoy placing their custom picture in their custom article on the newspaper. Killing the trade stuff really damages how rpers go about playing this game. I love this game, and i used to be proud to say i wowuld play it until one of us (the game or myself) reaches its expiration date. But the last few updates (Tumbola elimination, Elite Ai default in every game, restricting in game trade) have made me really wonder if this game is worth putting another 4 years of time into. In fact, if it keeps going like this, Bytro can be assured that i will no longer support this game, or the other ones for that matter.

    I'm not so sure they value your profile enough anymore.

    I mean, by looking at the updates, everyone would say that they dont value it enough, but who knows their real intentions...:/

    To keep it civilised- How to start user's initiative to withdraw some changes? In a civilised manner.

    I would be also interested in convincing Bytro to remove pre-last bug update. How to start such an operation? 30 completely new 'advanced tactics' in a new update- it is slightly to much. Especially for people who only use Hnr.

    Should we make some kind of pool on the forum or is it better to do it on discord (but then Bytro can argue they cannot verify people's identity)

    Last time I did that I made cross-server, in all languages, "spamming" chat for 4 weeks, sending private messages, making forum threads on announcements, etc. It was about maps for CoW. There was 1 first step of a public brainstorming for ideas, to which I think we got more than 60 different map ideas and then 3 eñiminatory rounds by voting to determina which map should go next. We got more than 400 unique votes and 800 total votes throughout the 3 rounds.

    After this happened, a few months later, Bytro released 2 maps that were indeed the 1st and 2nd map from the poll.

    I never asked Bytro for their commitment to the results, but from my POV, the popular movement was enough for them not only to get ideas but to also please the users.

    yeah- i have same war described 3 times with different scores, not sure which one o trust. maybe it is realism of different publishers during the war...

    same with spies- they always lie, remove their reports as they are edited, bribed and not trustworthy. double agents everywhere

    well i think S1 doesn't have spies, so there you go

    we could ask for the newspaper removal, too complex