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    How does one get the Bug Brigade ones? And what qualifies as "bombardment" for the Golden Barrage Cross? I've definitely killed many units with railguns and artillery, but my progress is still 0 out of 1,000.

    Back in the days, I felt the updates were more frequent aswell.. The achievements are really fun to work towards, and as an achievement hunter (currently working on tanks) I’m sharing the frustration. I’m trying to keep the count myself.. thanks the awesome work of the volunteer team, I was able to get an update yesterday on my tank count.

    Yes, I definitely remember the updates being more frequent. I hope that's something that might be updated!

    Make sure that you take screen shot of the newspaper when it says how many battleships you have killed, if you have screen shot of newspaper as evidence you will not be denied , always any evidence you can save is going to be proof to help Bytro team to locate anything you claim is missing ;)

    Thanks! I'm actually going for the kills with battleships, not against battleships. As of 5/10 I had 477 of the 600 needed kills, but since it still hasn't updated since then, I hope that I remember the kills correctly and I think I got it. Currently today is Day 43 in that game.

    usually military stats update within a few days, you have an icon you can switch back and forth sometimes your kills might be registering under AI if you not fighting real players... there are Real player and also AI scores you can toggle back and forth....

    Yeah I def make sure I fight active players only. I'm close to getting the Elite Battleship Badge in a game that is in day 42, so I want to make sure my numbers count asap!