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    I have to say that I'm pretty appalled by NarmerTheLion's dismissive comments regarding the people who actually play this game. In S14 the way to get the World's Mightiest Army isn't to ignore casualties and throw resources away on barracks but to lose as few men as possible while steadily recruiting from offices. Similarly, the way to increase the player base is not to drive away longstanding players in the hope of attracting new ones. That's just bad PR - and bad business. The revamp as it stands isn't going to attract new players anyway. It doesn't matter how pretty a game looks, if it's not playable - and the revamp is so not playable - people just aren't going to play it. Period.


    "I do remember a lot of people saying the same when we changed to HTML5 btw and in the end yes we lose some but a large number of the "I will certainly go away" stayed eventually."

    There's a crucial difference here. The game was still playable in HTML5. With the revamp it just isn't.


    "SO be it, it is a shame people leave due to this. But standing still was going backwards sadly enough"

    Sorry, but the revamp IS a step backwards. You've taken a great game and made it unplayable. How is that progress ?

    Three things are required by S14 players:

    1) To see exactly what forces they have, and where they are, at a glance. Not by having to click on each grouping individually - life's too short for that. Legacy delivers that. The revamp doesn't.

    2) To see exactly what forces their neighbours have, and where they are, at a glance. Not by having to click on each grouping individually. Legacy does that. The revamp doesn't.

    3) The ability to see exactly where units are, so you don't put artillery in front of the units supposed to protect them, for example, or send units meant to guard a coast into the sea by mistake. Legacy provides that. The revamp doesn't.

    Until the above fundamentals are addressed suggesting improvements to the revamp seems like a futile exercise in turd-polishing to me. Far better to admit that it's a turd and go back to the drawing board with this one I'm afraid, making playability the priority rather than pretty graphics. Who is this game for anyway, the players or the graphics guys (who I suspect have never actually played it) hired to pretty the game up ?

    I'd also like to highlight some crucial front-end problems:

    It's impossible to register for or log into this new forum on a square screen monitor. (I suspect that means that a lot of players have not been able to comment on the new interface - and a lot of those who haven't found the legacy option button on their own seem to have just left the games they were playing in).

    With game information/numbers etc. being in image rather than text form it's now impossible to copy and paste game numbers into PMs. This is crucial when trying to communicate with guys who are in multiple games.

    In conclusion, I can only hope that someone more concerned with the company's bottom line than pretty graphics rules that Legacy is maintained, at least until the above fundamentals are sorted out. Otherwise the player base will experience a complete carnage, I think. At the moment, as soon as Legacy goes, so do I - and it's pretty obvious from the comments on this thread that the vast majority of players feel the same way.

    It looks great - but it makes the game a lot harder to play. Harder to spot big threatening enemy stacks that need dealing with for example.

    Please don't disable the 'play in legacy mode' option. That mode is good for gamers - which is your customer base, right?

    Keep the new mode for those more interested in eye candy by all means...