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    I started a 2 months and i love this game as a history nerd this right up my alley. These are few more suggestions I am sure you have thought of ..

    1. A buddy list or friend list esp for frequent and longterm players

    2. Rating list or reputation list

    3. Mid-game or end of game polls or awards : The most Machiavellian or The Schlieffen Award best strategic, players best villain, best ally, maybe a few fun awards displayed in the paper players get to vote . Players submit their own polls in the paper that could be fun.

    4. When you are being invaded a def army should be able to destroy an airfield or factory perhaps just damage it .

    5. As a spy gains exp the spy can perform more targeted attack this of course leads to greater danger of being would give the smaller country a shot.

    6. It would fun if a Sub can covertly attack troops ...

    Thanks just few ideas Thank you